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Baby psoriasis – What you should know

There are many kinds of psoriasis which can occur in babies and adults alike. But among these, two types of psoriasis are generally seen in the children; however, this is not a very common disease in the babies. Parents from time to time face with the problem of identifying these things, since they are confused if it is eczema or psoriasis. That is why, to make you get an accurate diagnosis, you must take your child to the pediatrician.

The two psoriasis that can be seen in the babies are plaque psoriasis and guttate psoriasis. The first one appears in the form of raised lesion and is reddish in color having a silvery whitish peeling scale around it. They normally appear on the scalp, elbows, the knees as well as the lower portion of the back. On the other hand, the latter is occurred as the little tiny dots on the limbs or the torso. This guttate psoriasis is very itchy and painful, that is why it is extremely uncomfortable for the babies.

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While the causes of psoriasis in adults aren’t clear, the question of how these patches of skin are formed is a bit easier to answer. These are appeared when your baby shows the enhanced rate of maturity of the skin cells. This psoriasis can be the result of heredity as well. They grow as well as get rid of the scales after three or four days. The scales on the baby’s skin are occurred because of the building up of skin.

While there are some over-the-counter treatments for psoriasis, it’s imperative that these are made with adults in mind and that can be potentially harmful to an infant. So don’t use these psoriasis treatments on babies – only treatments that have been prescribed and confirmed to be safe for babies by your doctor. The treatment of the psoriasis varies from one baby to the other based on the place of occurrence of the psoriasis. The doctor, in case of mild psoriasis, gives a topical medication; however, if the itching does not stop, or the psoriasis is severe, then the pediatrician may prescribe light therapy or any oral medicine for the baby.

What to do if your baby has psoriasis

Is your baby suffering from psoriasis? It’s important that you take your baby to see a doctor if he/she has a rash, firstly to ensure it isn’t anything requiring immediate treatment and secondly to get the right advice. He is the one who can tell what type of psoriasis has developed in your baby’s body. Yes it is true that this is not a very common problem among the children and from time to time it is treated as cradle cap or diaper rash; however, you must be very careful and take care of the baby as per the prescription and guidance of the doctor.

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When you take your baby to the doctor, the first thing he does is examining the lesions and he wants to learn about the diseases that your family has suffered from. He also does a skin biopsy that is to examine the affected skin beneath the microscope. If your baby has psoriasis, then the parents should have to be very careful because psoriasis follows an infection, especially the strep throat.

There are no particular treatments of the psoriasis; however, the mother can take certain steps in order to give her child the much needed care and comfort. Most of the parents follow these natural treatments since they have no harmful effects. You can apply cool compress to the affected area and this is really very comfortable for your baby. After this, you must apply any good moisturizer without any aroma, which will keep your skin soft.

The most important thing is to bathe your baby every day, as this will protect your baby’s skin from drying out. You can give the baby oatmeal baths as well as aloe Vera gel in order to give him or her relief from itching and the pain. Dress them in light cotton dress. While there is not out-right cure for an autoimmune disease like psoriasis, these things can help keep symptoms to a minimum.

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