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Be optimistic and live longer

Have you wanted to live healthier and have a fuller more rewarding life? Welcome to the club. I think we all do deep down inside us all is this want for more. So how do we going from want to reality?

Bear with me and come along for this ride where we will explore how this is possible.

The most amazing thing is that we all have this within us, as we can really make a difference in how we relate to this crazy reality that we call life. We really do hold the power to produce real, lasting change.

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You see we really are super powerful, each and every one of us. It’s not some pill, or fancy new drug that will lead us to the most awesome place that we can be.

optimism leads to healthy life

This is where I believe so many of us go wrong, we unknowingly fall into the negative, we get there sometimes without even knowing we are on the path of negativity.

Stop comparing yourself to others and rather, start looking into yourself. You see we do really hold that power to effect real positive change, but we must take the steps to get there.

It’s not easy and you may actually find it’s incredibly difficult, but when we start to question why we are the way we are, is the only way that we can get to being the best version of ourselves that we possibly can.

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Nobody else is going to do this for you, no amount of visits to the doctor to get the newest magic pill is going to do it for us either.

Let me tell you, I smoked for many years, in the range of 15 years and I one day, asked myself, why am I doing this? What makes me want this?

It wasn’t until I started asking myself those questions that I was able to quit, this is what it took, I had to look deep into why I kept doing this horribly bad addiction and only once I did that was I able to quit.

The same with losing weight, why am I gaining weight? What behaviour am I partaking in that’s making me gain weight? It’s all decisions and I tie optimism intimately into “winning” so to speak.

You can be much more powerful of a person but you have to ask yourself these questions.

how being optimistic can change your life

Change your behaviour… literally

People don’t just magically gain weight, it’s what you are doing, it’s your behaviour, it’s what you are doing to make yourself fat.

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Many of the lies or better yet the excuses we are given pertain to us not questioning our own behaviour that is making us continue into the bad behaviours leading us to not only gain weight but to become negative.

Why is this? Because we are not winning, you see we need to win, it’s what gives us optimism and pushes us to be better.

If you are here right now reading this, then I’m sorry to tell you, that what you are doing now is not working for you, why else would you be seeking change?

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Ask yourself, what am I doing, where do I want to be and how am I going to get there. There is no magical solution, it doesn’t exist. What you are doing is not working and you need to find out why and the only way it can happen is if you seriously question why it isn’t working for you.

Every single doctor, every single person out there would rather try to sell you something than actually tell you that you need to figure out what’s going on with you. Once you do this, then you can start on the path to really winning.

So how to get to where you want to be? Question what it is that got you where you are now, it’s the only way to really dig deep into yourself and remember, winning creates optimism which in turn helps you to live a better life.

You have the power and no matter what anyone else is doing you stick to you.

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