How To Still Make Healthy Choices When You’re On The Go

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Healthy Choices

How To Make Those Healthier Decisions

We all know that processed and fast foods are not the healthiest choices. But in this rush-rush society are there choices we can make while on the go? Are there meals that are healthy, yet easy to make for those nights you are too tired to think straight? The answer is ‘Yes’. You can definitely eat a balanced and healthy meal even when you’re on the go, but only if you are willing to make your health a priority. Making healthy choices is a compromise between our busy lifestyles and our health.

It is possible to do as long as we are willing to make some changes to the foods we choose. The changes we make will make a difference in our health with very little change to the cost and time involved. Although it may not be difficult, it will take some dedication and retraining of your taste buds. What does that mean? Here’s an example that will clarify the confusion. When choosing bread, many tend to choose white bread.

make healthy choices on the run

That is the unhealthiest choice, because of the way it is processed and because all the nutrients have been removed in order to make it white in the first place. The best choice is whole-wheat bread where all the vitamins and nutrients are included and without any chemical changes. Your body will love you for this choice. Another example is simply choosing fruits or nuts instead of processed snacks. Still confused and not sure what to do? Here are some tips to help you make healthy choices when you’re in a hurry:

While in the supermarket check for a salad bar. If you are running in for a frozen pizza, add a salad to make the meal more nutritious. If the salad bar is too expensive or non-existent, choose a bag of pre-washed spinach for a simple, yet healthy salad. If you have a sweet tooth and must have ice-cream, try frozen yogurt or sorbet instead. The frozen yogurt or the sorbet will have less calories and less sugar too.

making healthy choices on the go

If you must go to a drive-thru, stay away from the value meals. Instead of the fries, you can add carrot sticks or fresh fruit. Choose water instead of the soft-drink; it won’t only save your calories but it will save you money too. It is important to remember that you will not be tempted to eat the junk food if it is not available. The next time you are shopping remember these tips:

  • Purchase pre-cut fruit or vegetables for lunch or snack time.
  • Purchase fruit in bulk when on sale and freeze for smoothies or for your cereal.
  • Skip the salty chips and purchase a variety of nuts instead. A great trick is to slice some cucumbers and add some sea-salt to satisfy that salt craving you may have.
  • Avoid ice-cream and purchase frozen yogurt, sorbet or a fruit smoothie as a treat.
  • Avoid high-fructose corn syrup which is normally found in soft-drinks, juice drinks and many other processed foods.

Eating healthy is not always easy. Healthy options are not always easily available and some may be too costly. What’s important to remember is that every little bit helps. If you can’t avoid convenient foods, make healthier choices in the food you eat such as baked instead of fried.


Consider Adjusting your diet

The Atkins Diet is based on a low carbohydrate approach, it was developed by Dr. Robert Atkins who used it to improve his own weight. The carbohydrates are eaten in limited quantities to help your body to metabolise glucose instead of storing it as fat. The diet is controversial as specialists do not agree that it is beneficial. It is also considered to be an expensive diet. It is important to note that Atkins revise the diet since he developed it- if you wish to follow this diet you should consult a medical professional and use a modern revision.

A high protein diet is often followed by bodybuilders and athletes to increase muscle while losing fat. If it is not carefully balanced with other food groups it can result in serious metabolic imbalances. These diets should only be followed by individuals taking a lot of exercise and in consultation with a professional. Make gradual changes to your diet and in time your taste buds will change and your body will love you for it.

best weight loss protein sources

At the opposite end of the spectrum is a vegan diet. The problem with this diet is that it can be very difficult to adjust to. Cutting protein out of your diet all together can seem like a daunting task; but the benefits are immense. You can lose weight quickly and after time passes you lose some of the cravings.

Perhaps you’d rather take the happy medium and go for a raw foods paleo diet. Whatever you choose, changing your diet or even adjusting it can have a huge impact especially if you’re forced to cheat every once and awhile in a situation where unhealthy is the only choice; you’ve earned it and you’re in the  clear.

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