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June 11, 2017
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On the go? That’s not a good excuse…

We all know that processed and fast foods are not the healthiest choices. But in this rush-rush society, are there choices we can make while on the go? Are there healthy meals yet easy to make for those nights you are too tired to think straight? The answer is ‘Yes.’ You can eat a balanced and healthy meal even when you’re on the go, but only if you are willing to make your health a priority. Making healthy choices is a compromise between our busy lifestyles and our health.

It is possible to do as long as we are willing to change the foods we choose. We will make a difference in our health with very little change to the cost and time involved. Although it may not be difficult, it will take some dedication and retraining of your taste buds. What does that mean? Here’s an example that will clarify the confusion. When choosing bread, many tend to choose white bread.

That is the unhealthiest choice because of the way it is processed and because all the nutrients have been removed to make it white in the first place. The best option is whole-wheat bread, where all the vitamins and nutrients are included without any chemical changes. Your body will love you for this choice. Another example is simply choosing fruits or nuts instead of processed snacks. Still, confused and not sure what to do? Here are some tips to help you make healthy choices when you’re in a hurry:

While in the supermarket, check for a salad bar. If you are running in for a frozen pizza, add a salad to make the meal more nutritious. If the salad bar is too expensive or non-existent, choose a bag of pre-washed spinach for a simple yet healthy salad. Try frozen yogurt or sorbet instead if you have a sweet tooth and must have ice cream. The frozen yogurt or the sorbet will have fewer calories and less sugar.

making healthy choices on the go

If you must go to a drive-thru, stay away from the value meals. Instead of the fries, you can add carrot sticks or fresh fruit. Choose water instead of the soft drink; it won’t only save your calories but also save you money. It is important to remember that you will not be tempted to eat the junk food if it is not available. The next time you are shopping, remember these tips:

  • Purchase pre-cut fruit or vegetables for lunch or snack time.
  • Purchase fruit in bulk when on sale and freeze for smoothies or for your cereal.
  • Skip the salty chips and purchase a variety of nuts instead. A great trick is to slice some cucumbers and add some sea-salt to satisfy that salt craving you may have.
  • Avoid ice-cream and purchase frozen yogurt, sorbet or a fruit smoothie as a treat.
  • Avoid high-fructose corn syrup which is normally found in soft-drinks, juice drinks and many other processed foods.

Eating healthy is not always easy. Healthy options are not always readily available, and some may be too costly. What’s important to remember is that every little bit helps. If you can’t avoid convenient foods, make healthier choices in the food you eat, such as baked instead of fried.

Consider changing your diet altogether

The Atkins Diet is based on a low carbohydrate approach, and it was developed by Dr. Robert Atkins, who used it to improve his weight. The carbohydrates are eaten in limited quantities to help your body metabolize glucose instead of storing it as fat. The diet is controversial as specialists disagree that it is beneficial. It is also considered to be an expensive diet. It is important to note that Atkins has revised the diet since he developed it- if you wish to follow it, you should consult a medical professional and use a modern revision.

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Bodybuilders and athletes often follow a high protein diet to increase muscle while losing fat. However, if it is not carefully balanced with other food groups, it can result in severe metabolic imbalances. These diets should only be followed by individuals taking a lot of exercises and in consultation with a professional. Make gradual changes to your diet, and in time your taste buds will change, and your body will love you for it.

woman being healthy at work

At the opposite end of the spectrum is a vegan diet. The problem with this diet is that it can be challenging to adjust to. Cutting protein out of your diet altogether can seem like a daunting task, but the benefits are immense. You can lose weight quickly, and after time passes, you lose some of the cravings.

Perhaps you’d instead take the happy medium and go for a raw foods paleo diet. Whatever you choose, changing your diet or even adjusting it can have a huge impact, especially if you’re forced to cheat every once in and while in a situation where unhealthy is the only choice; you’ve earned it, and you’re in the clear.

Healthy weight loss for working people: 7 questions, seven answers

But how can losing weight for working people succeed in practice?

1. How do you lose weight?
Everyone needs to consume a certain amount of calories every day. Energy is required to maintain essential breathing, heartbeat, and the immune system. How many calories are consumed depending on weight, height, age, and gender.

On average, an adult burns between 1,700 and 2,500 calories without having to move a single bit. Everyone can calculate the so-called basal metabolic rate themselves. However, since hardly anyone lies motionless for 24 hours a day, the daily energy requirement is even higher. After all, activity burns even more calories.

The daily total metabolic rate forms the limit. Who takes in more calories loads up additional pounds. Those who take in fewer lose weight. In this case, the body helps itself to the reserves, which have been accumulated on the belly or hips, among other places.

In summary, working people must not take in more calories than they burn for working people to lose weight successfully. This can be achieved either through a low-calorie diet or through more exercise.

working people weight loss

One does not have to starve; therefore, however. Theoretically, the daily requirement can also be distributed among vegetables. “And no one is hungry after eating a bag of carrots,” she jokes. However, she also points out that such a diet would be too one-sided. “Ultimately, a sensible mix has to be found that provides the body with all the important nutrients,” says the nutrition expert.

2 What does the body need?
Balanced nutrition – what does that mean? To maintain the immune system, a person must consume vitamins, minerals, proteins, and insufficient fiber. If he does not, he harms his health. For example, people are more susceptible to stress and colds if they do not take enough vitamins. If the deficiency persists over a long period, cancer risk can also increase dramatically. On the other hand, a balanced diet prevents diseases such as allergies, arteriosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease.

Which foods contain the crucial nutrients?

Vitamins are found primarily in fresh fruit and vegetables. But be careful: If food is stored or cooked for too long. Better: light cooking or steaming.

  • Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron are found, for example, in whole grain products, milk, legumes, fish, and green vegetables.
  • Protein in vegetable form is found primarily in soy products, potatoes, and legumes. Animal proteins are found in milk, cheese, meat, and fish.
  • Dietary fiber is found in most fruits and vegetables. Cereals, whole grain products, and dried legumes such as nuts and seeds are particularly rich in fiber.

If you arrange your diet in such a way that these substances regularly find their way onto your plate in an insufficient form, you will pump your body full of energy and protect it from disease. Those who don’t like specific sources of nutrients or who avoid certain foods for ethical or health reasons need to look for alternatives.

“The more I limit my diet, the more I have to make sure I get everything in each meal, too,” explains the nutrition expert. Dietary supplements are not usually necessary for this. There would be, however, also exceptions. For example, vegans should take vitamin B12 since it is only found in animal foods.

woman making healthy choices while shopping

3. how do I stop the minor sins?
Everyday working life is often hectic. And if you’re under stress, you’re more likely to succumb to the temptation of curry sausage and French fries at lunchtime, even though you’d planned to eat a salad. In the 2017 nutrition survey, 56 percent of respondents said they lack the time and peace of mind to implement a balanced diet into their daily work routine. As a result, 59 percent of all working people don’t even try to eat healthy on the go.

As a result, they tend to choose high-calorie meals for lunch, and many small sins creep in during the day. Almost every fifth man regularly reaches for burgers, kebabs, or French fries while away from home. The small snacks in between as a further problem. Many working people don’t take enough time for their lunch break and eat on the side instead. Or they eat out of frustration or boredom.

“Often, you don’t even keep track of the small and large meals you’ve eaten throughout the day,”. The best tip for losing weight for working people is to be aware, especially when eating on the side, whether you’re eating out of hunger or just boredom.

If the grumbling stomach moves to the Snacks, one should consider whether the chocolate bar cannot be replaced by something else. Nuts as an alternative: “Better for the energy balance and more effective against hunger,”. And for those who find themselves snacking without actual energy needs? “Why not just put the bar back in the drawer and better have a sip?”

4. How do I put together a balanced eating plan?
When it comes to choosing the suitable meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, everyone has to figure out for themselves what works, he said. There are many ways people can eat a balanced diet, he said. But, to make losing weight work for working people, he said, people first have to get to grips with the issue. “It’s a pain in the butt, but it makes perfect sense.”

Here, too, there are various avenues open. So-called e-coaches can be a good help. After the electronic helper has been fed information about what people like to eat or what they don’t like to eat, it develops a plan with recipes and shopping lists. Now, he says, you have to test what suits you well and satisfies you sufficiently.

“Sometimes it’s enough just consciously to walk through the supermarket” for putting together a suitable diet plan for yourself.

5. How do I find the proper diet?
“Especially in the middle years between 35 and 45, many struggles with real weight problems for the first time”. Job, children, building a house – factors like these that cause this age group to neglect a healthy diet and sufficient exercise in everyday life. But also the metabolism, which changes at this age. “We are seeing more and more men in their mid-40s suffering from cardiovascular problems,”. In the past, these problems tended to occur between 50 and 60.

healthy diet food in a bowl

Still, it’s primarily women who are more critical of themselves. Half of all women have been on a diet. Among men, the figure is only 30 percent. The sexes also differ in their motives for dieting. “Women want to fit back into their favorite jeans, while men are more likely to be driven by health or performance considerations.”

But how do working people find the proper diet? Those who want to lose weight can draw from various diet tips and slimming diets. And it is felt that there is more every day. However, most of them don’t seem to be goal-oriented. “Time-limited diets around brisk promises lead in the vast majority of cases to the fact that the pounds are soon again on the ribs.” Experts estimate the relapse rate with appropriate parliamentary allowance on 95 percent. Also, one-sided or complex nourishing conversions have lousy chances to be transferred into everyday life. “If I need 20 ingredients per dish, the fun of cooking quickly decreases.”

What’s needed, then, are strategies that work in everyday life over the long term. “There is no patent remedy that is scientifically proven,”. Instead, you have to try things out a bit to find the right thing for yourself. Three things are essential here for healthy weight loss for working people to succeed: The nutrition must cover all essential nutrients in sufficient form, saturate, and convert. First, however, a good start is getting out of the bad habits.

Six nutrition tips for losing weight for working people

  • Do not eat on the side
  • Do not overeat meat, but also rely on satiating side dishes
  • Avoid dessert more often
  • Avoid hidden calorie bombs (e.g., fried food, croutons in the salad, heavy dressing)
  • Drinking too little or the wrong things
  • Take time for meals, otherwise too much is eaten (satiety occurs only after 20 minutes)

Also good: determine when and how often you eat during the day. “Often, you don’t even notice that you’re eating a few hundred calories more on the side,”. A fixed rhythm without snacks in between helps to keep track.

Another good idea is determining when and how often you eat during the day. “You often don’t notice that you’re eating a few hundred calories more on the side.” But, again, a fixed rhythm without snacks in between helps to keep track.

Diet concepts for working people

If you want to stick to a fixed diet plan instead,  you can also stick to one of the following concepts:

One provides for five small meals a day. The advantages: Hot hunger attacks stay away, the blood sugar level is constant, and the body regularly has something to burn. Another positive side effect is that the body is supplied with a wide range of nutrients, preventing deficiency symptoms.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to integrate five breaks into their daily work routine and prepare good meals. In this case, the concept of “Intermittent Fasting” might be a better option. Meals are eaten three times a day, each five hours apart. Protein- and carbohydrate-rich foods must be combined appropriately – with breakfast being the most important meal and no more carbohydrates being eaten in the evening. Since a lot of time passes between meals, the body empties itself once. “So the body has to go to the fat reserves and burn them.”

whole grain carbohydrates

He adds that those who don’t want to give up Italian food in the evening don’t have to. “Then I just choose a concept that suits me better,” says the nutrition expert. “For others, systems work better where people count points and keep food diaries.”

Ultimately, she says, it’s not necessary to give up everything either, as long as the overall balance is right in the end. Meaning: if you promise your kids a pizza in the evening, you’ll have to cut back again the next day or squeeze in a sports session. This is the only way for working people to lose weight.

What can I drink?

A healthy adult should drink about two to three liters of fluid daily. A good guideline is 35 milliliters per kilogram of body weight. Don’t worry: not all of it has to be drunk. The body produces around 300 milliliters during its metabolic processes, and it gets approximately one liter of water from solid foods such as apples, vegetables, or potatoes. That leaves about one to 1.5 liters that must be taken in through drinks.

The best choice here is classic mineral water. “With other drinks, it only helps to look at the list of ingredients,”. Those willing to lose weight should pay particular attention to the sugar content, listed as sugar, glucose, fructose, or sucrose.

In general, spritzers as a healthy alternative to water. “Especially craftsmen in jobs with high physical stress should make sure that the body is not hypoglycemic,” she says. That’s where an apple spritzer can be just the thing. Also healthy and not wholly tasteless: unsweetened tea.

By the way, beer and wine are real calorie bombs. A good alternative here would be non-alcoholic wheat beer. “This is lower in calories and has an isotonic effect,”. This means that the body digests it more quickly, and the drink provides energy.

What should I get at the bakery?
Like the supermarket shelves, there are healthy and less healthy items at the bakery. So what should you reach for? A whole-grain roll with cheese instead of a white flour roll. “Whether spelt or rye is more a matter of taste or compatibility,”. Additional frills like tartar sauce or mayonnaise should be refrained from. If you choose, you should also seek out more classic bakeries or organic stores. “Supermarket chain bakeries usually sell quick-fermenting bread,”.

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