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Lose weight without dieting?

So you’re like so many others out there and you are looking to lose belly fat without dieting, right? Well, it’s not easy but it is possible… Really, you’re going to have to give it an extreme effort but yes, entirely possible. So how to lose weight without dieting? Read more and we’ll cover it in detail.

If you don’t want to change your diet, I totally understand, so what you need to do is extreme exercise. You should plan this out in advance and find out what kind of calories you are eating and we’re going to look at how much exercise you’ll need to do, in order to push your body into a calorie deficit.

This is the key to losing weight without dieting, it’s totally possible so let’s get started!

The best exercise is whatever gets your heart pumping fastest and the more your gasping for air the more calories you are ultimately burning; this is what it will take to lose weight without changing your diet, one bit. There’s a word for this kind of exercise and it’s commonly referred to as high intensity interval training or (HITT) for short.

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Basically, if you are running, or biking, you aim to go all out. This means pushing yourself to your physical limit, and then going even harder, its right when you think that you can’t do it anymore that you’re going to need to push yourself harder. The rule of thumb is attempt to push yourself another 30 seconds past your limit and then you can slowly ramp down, then you want to do it again but this time even longer. High intensity is not for everyone, you must be healthy enough to do it, so talk to a doctor and make sure your body can handle extreme exercise like this, before you get started.

The beauty of high intensity interval training is that you enter into a cycle in the body where you essentially trick your body into burning calories, long after you finish your exercise session. Extreme athletes are amongst those who can eat whatever they want because their bodies burn the excess calories with ease. You may find yourself eating more calories, because your body will crave them.

Another way to lose weight without changing your diet, but technically you will be starving yourself, is intermittent fasting for weight loss. So you eat what you want when you’re not fasting, then you fast for a predetermined amount of time, usually 16-24 hours twice per week. With intermittent fasting you are not concerned with your diet per say, but when you are eating. So, you really can lose weight without changing your diet, technically, but you will have to delay when you’re eating.

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So, as you can see there are methods for how to lose weight without changing your diet, it’s up to you. Personally, I enjoy biking and aim for uphill areas so that I can max out my cardio and remember the harder you work the more calories you will burn long after the exercise is over.

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