The ultimate flat tummy guide — The 12 steps for losing belly fat fast

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June 18, 2015

The 12 steps to lose belly fat fast

So you want to lose belly fat fast, well I’m here to officially welcome you to the club. We all are looking to lose belly fat fast and this guide can help you in your journey to getting there. The following 12 steps for losing belly fat have been tried, tested and are as true as can be. Without further adieu I bring you the top 12 strategies for tackling belly fat in 12 easy steps, enjoy!

1) Water can help you lose belly fat fast

Hydration is very important. Be sure to keep hydrated because this is one of the simplest and most effective ways to lose belly fat. Inadequate hydration is a leading cause of obesity and because it’s such a simple factor in losing weight it can be oftentimes overlooked. Drink the recommended 8-10 8 oz glasses of water a day for overall health and to promote a health condition for weight loss. Why is water important for weight loss? Water is important for weight loss because it contains no extra calories and can help to fill you up, while leaving less room in your stomach for food. Try drinking two glasses of water with your meal and you will be shocked at how quickly you can cut your meal portions. Water can also help your body remove toxins and waste product from your digestive system. Of course the amount of water your body might require could change, for instance if you are exercising frequently; you will need to drink more water than the recommended 8 glasses, so keep this in mind!

how to lose belly fat keeping hydrated

Keeping hydrated should be the number one priority in any successful diet/weight loss plan.

2) Target the entire body to help you lose belly fat fast

You may just be looking to target specifically to lose belly fat but it is important to aim for the entire body. It can be easy to get all concentrated on a certain part of our body that we want to target and this can contribute to us not effectively losing weight in general. Focus on workouts or cardio that target the entire body for well rounded weight loss. Once you start working your entire body, you will be amazed at how fast you start losing belly fat. Stop thinking that you just need to do sit ups or crunches, start thinking about exercises that can get your heart working. This is because the more you get your heart working and the more you sweat the faster you will ultimately lose belly fat. A win-win situation. Just be sure to do stretches before you workout so you do not hurt yourself and give yourself plenty of rest after tough workouts.

target the entire body to lose weight 12 steps

For the best way to approach weight loss. Target the entire body and you will have the best results.

3) High quality sleep matters for losing belly fat quickly

Another oftentimes overlooked aspect in weight loss; sleep has a major role in the fight against weight loss. Unfortunately, due to our busy lives it sometimes may be difficult to get that quality sleep.

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My advice is to plan your sleep habits; go to bed earlier and ensure that you are getting enough sleep because this can sabotage your goals. Plan for at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep to keep on track to lose that belly fat. Even 8-9 hours of sleep is not unheard of, the point is to find what best works for you. You may feel more rested after 9 hours and you should really aim for what makes you feel the most rested. If you are doing enough exercise you should really not have any issues sleeping, so if you are having issues sleeping, try to exercise harder to balance things out and get a more restful sleep.

sleeping and weight loss

Are you getting enough sleep? The average adult requires between 7 and 9 hours of sleep. Being tired can result in poor exercise and eating habits.

4) Vitamins can help you to lose belly fat

Science has shown us that lack of certain vitamins may be working against our fight to lose belly fat. Vitamin D is critical to overall health and well-being and is said to be the “feel good” vitamin. Why this is important to losing belly fat? Well to be motivated and feeling good is crucial to the “state of mind” that promotes healthy weight loss.

Without it you may find it difficult to concentrate as well as being motivated enough to lose belly fat. Other Vitamins such as Vitamin C and E are best absorbed by the body from food; so be sure to choose foods that are high in those Vitamins. This raises an important point and that is: If you are eating a healthy diet, you may not even need vitamins. The best vitamin cannot even touch the nutritional benefits the vitamins that our bodies absorb from a proper diet, so for sure keep that in mind.

Lose belly fat with vitamins and vegetables

Most vitamins are naturally occurring and you can easily get them by eating foods high in vitamins.

5) Avoid processed foods to blast away belly fat fast

So in a perfect world we would all have access to affordable organic fruits and veggies; but unfortunately this is just not so. Just try to minimize the amount of processed foods in your diet and that will help you to lose that stubborn belly fat. Once and for all. The benefits of cutting out processed foods are immense; not only can you lose belly fat faster, but you skin might start clearing up, you will likely notice you have much more energy and even your nails can become stronger. The problem with processed foods is that they may contain certain fillers including sugar, salt and preservatives. They are also typically devoid of the good nutrients like fiber and because of this your body may crave more food quicker, to try and make up for that lack of nutrients. If you want to really lose belly fat, get rid of those empty processed foods.

avoid processed foods to lose weight

Stick with natural foods and always stay away from any type of processed foods. Avoid fast food at all costs.

6) Bad fat and good fat: Learn the differences avoid the bad and embrace the good

The common misconception when dieting is that all fats are bad news and should be cut out in their entirety. The truth is; we need those good fats like mono and polyunsaturated for our bodies to have the ideal condition for weight loss. Focus on minimizing saturated and trans fats while eating more foods high in the “good” fats. Fat is actually essential for energy, but it’s the good fat that matters here. Some examples of good fats are: Nuts, fish, avocado and oils like olive oil. Think natural and odds are it contains the good mono and polyunsaturated fats. The latter has been well known to reduce the bad cholesterol where the bad fats like saturated fat have been known to increase that unhealthy cholesterol.

Another great source of polyunsaturated fat that is loader with both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is fish that is fatty. Mackerel, salmon, sardines and flax seeds are loaded with these super healthy fats so be sure to add them to your diet and remove the saturated fat for the best chances of reducing your belly fat.

replace bad fats with good fats to lose weight

Replace the bad fats with good fats and lose weight faster. With all the super-healthy alternatives out there, why not?

7) To really lose belly fat you have to get out there and make it happen…

Taking that time to get out of the house and into the environment can seem like a daunting task with our ever increasingly busy lives; but ultimately we should take that time to get active. It can be as simple as a walk or a quick bike ride and the important thing to take in here is that we must make the time to do this. Not only is it physically rewarding it also helps to clear our minds and keep ourselves motivated towards our ultimate goals that include losing that belly fat quickly.

Swimming is not only low impact but it is also a great way to start becoming active again especially if you are just getting back into exercise. Keep in mind however that swimming is not the best exercise for weight loss and that while it may be good for just getting back into the habit of exercising frequently; you would do better (with respect to you waistline) by going for a brisk walk or a short bike ride. In order for reaching our goals and losing belly fat effectively; getting outside and moving around is going to be the best bet for losing belly fat faster.

In principle, I regularly get on my bike and I aim for the most punishing hill that I can. I know that riding a bike uphill has helped me lose weight faster then just about any exercise that I’ve personally set out to do. Running can also be a great option but the problem that I have with running is that for me personally it’s too much of a high impact form of exercise. I’d much rather hit the hills with a bike then run and remember that the more you are gasping for air, the more you’re working towards your goals of getting rid of the belly fat for good. Forget any kind of shortcut that is hyped up; rather save your money that you would spend on some diet fad and instead buy a bike. You will then have a tool that will help you achieve your goals proactively.

lose fat quickly 12 steps

Making the time for a more active lifestyle will help you kick weight loss into overdrive. It doesn’t matter what you do but get out there and get active.

8) Reduce your belly fat through eliminating your vices

Alcohol or other bad habits like smoking can have a detrimental effect on weight loss. Alcohol usually in any form is simply loaded with sugars and as such leads to more belly fat or weight gain in general. You can’t work this hard and have all the positives you’ve achieved up to this point to be fruitless. Kick out those nasty habits and keep focused to have the greatest success.

Are you a smoker? Well, the time to quit this outright nasty habit is now. Why work so hard at getting rid of your belly fat to still have the senseless habit of smoking. You can empower yourself like never before by conquering your bad habits and leaving them as a part of who you once were, not who you’ve worked hard to become. I smoked for 15 years and quitting has motivated me like never before to truly chase after what I want. Become empowered leave those nasty habits behind and you will become the strongest version of yourself as possible.

The trouble is that almost anything could be a vice for you; you will have to look deeply into your habits and find what you may be using as a coping mechanism and eliminate that. Bad habits can become good habits but the point is that you need to recognize them first. Some people might use food as a vice or coping mechanism, so be sure to change what got you here in the first place and replace it with habits that will ultimately get you where you want to be.

drinking alcohol not good for weight loss

Alcohol usually carries with it tonnes of calories. If you must drink alcohol, consider drinking it straight, to avoid excessive calories.

9) Create a list in order to lose belly fat faster

As mentioned before it is very important to get active and to make that time for it. Do whatever works for you; make a schedule and place it somewhere that you will have to look at it every day. A great place for this is right by the mirror in the bathroom. Make a list of simple goals to accomplish every day and make it a point to follow through.

You can start small here and as the goals become easier to achieve challenge yourself to more and rewrite this list with more difficult goals. You will start to notice as time goes on how it becomes like second nature in its simplicity. Did you set the bar too high? Don’t quit following your list, adjust the list and follow through the next time. We aren’t perfect and sometimes we might just have bit off more than we are able to chew, no worries just keep working at it and you will soon develop those healthy habits that will help you lose belly fat and best of all it will become second nature.

list is a good way to plan for fat loss

Studies have shown that when people create lists, they have a better chance of following through. So go ahead and create a list!

10) Losing belly fat might mean that you need to stay away from negative influences

There may be a point where we need to separate ourselves from an environment that is not beneficial to our own health and well-being. Call it what you will but self-preservation is what comes to my mind. So often we are so caught up in our lives that we lose touch with what a healthy lifestyle is. Maybe those we surround ourselves with are not actually helping us or are holding us back and we should distance ourselves to be able to live up to our goals.

Is someone sabotaging your efforts; maybe it’s time to cut them out of your life. If they are not willing to support you then why put yourself through that? It may simply be time to cut ties and move yourself into finding those that support your best interests. Don’t settle for less, it’s your life and you are worth it, aren’t you?

Confidence and self worth are important and if you want to benefit from losing your belly fat and getting into great shape; don’t hesitate any longer, be honest with them and more importantly be honest with yourself. Cut the negative and embrace the positive, soon you’ll be happy you did.

stress bad for weight loss

Negativity and stress can actually be bad for your weight loss goals. Try to eliminate as much stress as possible from your life to be really successful with losing weight.

11) Support networks can help you lose more belly fat

There are many communities out there that offer great support networks for like-minded people. Support is an essential part of any effective battle to lose belly fat and as such should be taken just as seriously as any other step. Sharing your goals and progress with others can be mutually rewarding and can help keep you on track. Luckily but unfortunate at the same time; it’s easy to find people in similar circumstances and we can help better each other. Go ahead reach out odds are there’s someone out there that can help you in your journey to a healthier self.

Don’t just talk though, make sure that these support networks are really helping you to get out there and achieve your goals. It far to easy to have a negative reinforcement echo chamber of a so called support network, so don’t fall for it. Rather, surround yourself with the winners and not the, no easy way to say this… Losers. No kind of change is easy, but it can be rewarding in knowing that you have worked hard to reach your goals and you aren’t going to settle for anything other than winning. Your attitude is everything so find positive reinforcement in a support group that really is there to offer support and encouragement.

support key to weight loss 12 steps

A proper support network can increase your chances of losing weight especially through the long-term.

12) Keep it up and don’t give up if you really want it

Now that you’ve taken all the proactive steps towards that ultimate goal of getting rid of belly fat, keep focused and do not get off track. Think of all that you’ve achieved up to this point and use it as motivation to keep on the right track. Become a role model and find great rewards in helping others to keep their goals in check. If you fall; get up again. You have the power to change an unhealthy lifestyle and all you have to do is believe in yourself and keep working at it one step at a time.

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Remember, someone could look at a broken clock twice a day and say it’s right and actually be correct in their assertion. Just because it appears they are right, a short minute later, they are incorrect. Don’t think there are shortcuts and don’t convince yourself that there’s an easier way. The bottom line is that to really reduce your belly fat, you are going to have to change. Not embracing positive and healthy change, is likely what got you here in the first place, you need to change and now is the time. I sincerely hope that my words have helped you see what is really important and now is your time to act.

lose belly fat success 12 step

The worst thing you could possibly do is give up. Be dedicated, focussed, persistent and you will succeed.

Hope you enjoyed and that this guide helped you in some way, I managed to personally lose 25 pounds easily with these tips and combined them with this super easy fat decimator plan. Click here to watch the free presentation.


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