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Top 4 fat burning juicing cleanse recipes

Juicer beginners sometimes have a hard time with the new diet. Therefore, we now have a guide for beginners to introduce home-squeezed juices into their diet. To start, a 7-day juice plan to introduce more vegetables and fruits into the diet.

However, the 7-day plan contains recipes for healthy fruit juices and vegetable juices and tips on all aspects of juicing. You will also learn how freshly squeezed juice can help you lose weight.

Before we get to the tips, though, seven recipes for healthy homemade juices, each of these juices contains about a quarter of the average recommended amount of fruits and vegetables per glass. So you can do a lot to get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet every day with just one glass of juice. Because although almost all of us have undoubtedly heard the recommendation to eat five portions of fruit and especially vegetables a day, only very few of us manage to do so. And this, although we know precisely how vital healthy fruits are for our mental health and our general well-being.

Besides freshly squeezed juices, smoothies are also an excellent way to get more vitamins, secondary plant compounds, trace elements, and minerals. Smoothies are very valuable from the content because they usually contain more fiber. This is because, in preparing a smoothie, just the whole fruit is taken. With juices, many healthy ingredients remain in the pomace.

How to juice: 6 steps & expert tips

  • Step 1: Wash ingredients. It is not necessary to dry them; some elements also need to be processed, for example, peeled, etc.
  • Step 2: Please read the instructions of each juicer carefully before juicing for the first time. Each juicer works a little differently. For example, some juicers require the ingredients to be heavily chopped, or it is not advisable to put in hard vegetables or beets. Other juicers handle whole apples, carrots, etc., effortlessly.
  • Step 3: First, delicate juice ingredients like herbs or even leafy greens, lettuce, or cabbage.
  • Step 4: Soft vegetables and fruits (tomatoes, berries) follow.
  • Step 5: At the end, hard vegetables and hard fruits (apple, carrot, celery, etc.) are put in and juiced.
  • Step 6: Freshly squeezed juices have the most vitamins. Drink immediately if possible or store in a cool, dark place and drink as soon as possible. Juices can also be frozen to make them more shelf-stable.

10 best fat burning juices

7-Day Juice Plan for Beginners

The 7-Day Juice Plan for Beginners has delicious recipes to help you eat more fruits and vegetables.

Day 1 Green juice

Made from pears, celery, parsley and ice cubes. With lots of vitamin K. Either as juice from the juicer or also as a green smoothie from the blender.

Green juice with lots of vitamin K

Ingredients green juice

  • A bunch of parsley.
  • Two handfuls of spinach.
  • Half a peeled lemon.
  • 2 medium pears, cut into eighths.
  • 6 large stalks of celery cut into pieces.

Optional: ice cubes or cold mineral water

Preparation Green Juice

  • Either put the ingredients through the juicer or put them through the blender along with ice cubes or cold water. Then you have a smoothie.
  • Top it up with some cold mineral water if the smoothie becomes too thick.

This juice contains lots of bone-supporting vitamin K. The celery and parsley in this juice also provide apigenin. This, researchers at Ohio State University have found, is thought to work well in fighting cancer. Vitamin K, like vitamins A, D, and E, is one of the fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting and bone formation. Especially green vegetables, besides spinach and cabbage, are suitable suppliers of this critical vitamin.

Apigenin is a light yellow plant pigment from the flavone group. It is found, among other things, in celery. Against malignant tumors, apigenin shows cytostatic activity by stopping the proliferation cell cycle in the G₂/M phase.
As a secondary plant compound, apigenin is found in many herbs.

Day 2 Tomato vegetable juice

Tomato juice only tastes good on a plane? Along with other healthy vegetables, tomato juice is also delicious at sea level.
Supposedly, tomato juice is so popular on airplanes because it simply tastes better at airy heights. What is true is that tomato juice pure at sea level does not taste quite as delicious to many. Reason enough to mix healthy tomatoes with one or more other vegetables to get a delightful and, above all, very healthy tomato vegetable juice.
Recipe tomato vegetable juice
This tomato-vegetable juice contains all the components of a healthy salad but in a drinkable form. It also includes lettuce, bell pepper, celery, and carrot, in addition to tomatoes.


  • 1 cup of romaine lettuce chopped
  • Half a bunch of fresh chives chopped
  • Two large tomatoes chopped
  • About a quarter jalapeño (without white membranes, style, and seeds)
  • One large red bell pepper cut into eighths
  • Two large stalks of celery
  • One medium carrot peeled or well scrubbed
  • Optional ice cubes or cold water


  • Place all ingredients in a blender and blend well. First, put lettuce, chives, and tomatoes in the blender. Then jalapeno, bell pepper, celery, and carrots.
  • Fill two glasses with ice cubes, pour the juice over, and serve immediately. Top it up with some cold mineral water if the liquid is too thick.

This juice already contains a lot of vitamin C because of the red bell pepper. On the other hand, the carrot provides a kick of vitamin A and plenty of folic acids. In addition, there is iron, calcium, and potassium.

Folic acid
Folic acid, also: vitamin B₉, vitamin M, vitamin B₁₁ or folate, is a heat- and light-sensitive vitamin from the B complex discovered in 1941. It is involved in growth processes, cell division, and blood formation. Pregnant women should make sure to consume enough folic acid. Folic acid is essential at the very beginning of pregnancy. It helps to prevent malformations in the baby.

Make your vegetable juices
You can undoubtedly buy tomato-vegetable juice, but you always know what’s in it when you mix it yourself. Ready-made juices contain healthy fruits and vegetables and often also salt. Jalapeño provides the spiciness.

Day 3 Strawberry-Cucumber Juice from the Juicer

Finally, a recipe made entirely in the juicer is more of a juice than the two juices or smoothies before it. Day 3 of this juice plan features strawberry cucumber juice. Ok, strawberries are delicious; cucumbers are an everyday vegetable. How about just blending the delightful red fruits and the cucumbers for a delicious and healthy juice?

Strawberries are the third-best food source of polyphenols; antioxidants thought to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.
Strawberry Cucumber Juice Recipe
This refreshing strawberry cucumber juice also contains apple and carrot and the two namesake ingredients.


  • Six fresh strawberries without stems
  • One large peeled cucumber, cut into pieces
  • One large red apple, cut into eighths
  • Two medium carrots, peeled or well-scrubbed, without end pieces.
  • Optional: ice or mineral water.


  • Coarsely chop all ingredients. Put cucumbers, strawberries, apples, and carrots together in the juicer. Fill two glasses with ice and serve the juice on top.

This juice contains a lot of vitamin A thanks to the carrots and a lot of vitamin C thanks to the strawberries. Except the amount of iron and potassium is quite high. Cucumbers contain mainly water, so this juice should be sufficiently liquid, even without ice or mineral water.

Day 4 Blueberry-Cauliflower Energy Juice

Red cabbage and blueberries pack this juice with anthocyanins, which boost memory. In addition to red cabbage and blueberries, cucumber and apple also come in this healthy fresh juice. Plus, this substance gives the juice that purple color. In addition, blueberries (which is also what blueberries are called) contain phytochemicals such as polyphenols, also known as free radical scavengers.
Recipe blueberry cabbage energy power juice
Blueberries are one of the best things a fruit stand has to offer. Not only do they taste delicious, but they are also full of valuable ingredients. The dark pulp also colors teeth and tongue blue.


  • About a quarter of red cabbage sliced.
  • One large cucumber, peeled and cut into pieces
  • 1 cup fresh blueberries or bilberries
  • One large apple, sliced
  • Optional ice cubes or ice water


  • Put cabbage, cucumber, blueberries, and apple through the juicer, then divide juice between two glasses with ice.

Day 5 Spinach Apple Juice

The spinach and celery in this juice provide a valuable dose of vitamin K. Good for our bones. Spinach Apple Juice Recipe. Overall, this juice is a green nutrient powerhouse for our bone health. That’s because, in addition to vitamin K, this juice also contains plenty of calcium. It was topped off with vitamins A and C and plenty of antioxidants.
Recipe spinach-apple juice
In addition to spinach and apple, this juice contains ginger and grapefruit.
Ingredients spinach-apple juice with ginger

  • Two handfuls of spinach
  • Half a peeled grapefruit (without white)
  • Two green apples cut into eighths
  • One piece of ginger
  • Two large stalks of celery
  • Ice or ice water


  • Press spinach, peeled grapefruit, apples, ginger, and celery through the juicer. Divide juice between two glasses with ice cubes and serve immediately.

Day 6 Beetroot juice with ginger

Drinking beetroot juice before a workout is said to increase endurance. This is because it improves blood circulation. This, in turn, ensures that the muscles have more energy and oxygen available. In addition, because of the beet, this juice also contains plenty of iron.

Recipe beetroot-ginger juice

Beetroot ginger juice is a very healthy juice. First, vegetables are mixed with kale and carrot, and sweetness is then given to this juice by apple and orange.


  • One medium peeled orange cut into quarters
  • Three leaves of kale
  • One medium apple cut into quarters
  • One medium carrot peeled or well-scrubbed, without the ends
  • One large beet, peeled and cut into pieces
  • A good piece of fresh ginger
  • Ice water or mineral water


  • Put the orange, kale, apple, carrot, beet, and ginger through the juicer and divide the fresh juice between two glasses with ice cubes.

Thanks to beetroot, this juice contains a lot of healthy iron and vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Attention: This juice should not be made with a too weak juicer because the beet does demand the motor’s power.

Day 7 Carrot Orange Juice

Juice recipes with the combination of carrot and orange are so many. Here is a variant as a delicious conclusion to the beginner juice week.
Recipe carrot-orange juice
This deliciously healthy juice recipe enhances orange and carrot with yellow tomato and an apple. This gives this juice plenty of vitamin A (carrot) and vitamin C.


  • One medium yellow tomato, cut into pieces
  • One medium orange, peeled and quartered
  • One medium apple cut into eighths
  • Four large carrots
  • Optional some ice


  • Place tomatoes, oranges, apples and carrots in juicer and process. Fill two glasses with ice and pour the juice and serve immediately.

Variation Carrot Orange Juice

  • The carrot-orange juice becomes a bit spicier with a piece of ginger, which is also put through the juicer.

In addition, this juice contains plenty of vitamin A. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin. For this reason, I also serve this juice with a few drops of linseed oil in it.

Lose weight by freshly squeezed juices?

Juice fasting but at all the drinking of fresh juices is practiced by many people, who see in it evenly also a possibility for losing weight. However, it would help if you did not rely solely on drinking juice and eating healthy and varied food (for example, having delicious Clean Eating recipes on the menu). In addition, drinking only juice for an extended period can lack essential nutrients such as protein and fat.

However, vegetables are one of the healthiest foods and ideal for losing weight. This is because vegetables are low in calories, fiber, and nutrients. However, it should not be concealed that juices produced by juicing in the juicer contain just hardly to no more dietary fiber; these are in the pomace.

Significantly vegetable juices can help us lose weight faster and healthy way. They can replace a snack. Especially when losing weight and keeping it off, it is essential to change your diet to whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, enriched with healthy proteins and fats or oils. If you rely on vegetable juices instead of fruit juices or see fruit only as an ingredient in a home-pressed juice, you also reduce the amount of fructose in your food.

By the way:

Drink more vegetables

If you want to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, you will succeed if you do so through juices. There is a study according to which people who drink a glass of vegetable juice every day eat twice as many vegetables as people who try to eat more vegetables.

Vegetable juices are healthy.

Vegetable juice can help reduce the effects of a high-fat meal. For example, vitamin-rich fruit juice has been shown to help keep blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels low, despite a previous high-fat meal.

Know what’s in it – Clean Eating with juices

You can undoubtedly buy vegetable juices, but you always know what’s in them when you mix them yourself. Especially ready-made juices contain healthy fruits and vegetables and very often also salt. You have to pay close attention to the ingredients when buying them mass-produced with fruit juices. Sometimes it is in the bag, just no juice, but only nectar. In this case, water and sugar are added to the liquid.

When extra pounds start packing on your body, approaching an efficient and adequately structured weight loss plan should be your number one priority. Although gaining weight happens to everyone, some people might face serious weight issues, affecting several other aspects of their lives, such as their health.

But what if dieting and exercising are not the keys to successfully losing weight and sculpting your body? According to several nutritionists, changing your eating habits can be an advantage, allowing you to burn more calories, accelerate your metabolic processes and flush out those harmful toxins from your body.

We have gathered a couple of efficient juicing cleanse recipes for weight loss that you can try as either snacks or part of your breakfast – check them out below.

Tomato and cucumber juice

For this particular recipe, you will need:


  • one stalk of celery
  • 3 1/2 tomatoes (chopped)
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 2 cups cucumber (diced)
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt


  • Add all vegetables to a blender or juicer, mix them thoroughly, then add the cayenne pepper, black pepper, and salt.

This particular juice will boost your metabolic processes precisely due to the capsaicin contained in cayenne pepper, which has been clinically tested and proven to be efficient at helping your body burn more calories every day. A quick tip: add 2-4 drops of stevia syrup to make this juice sweeter.


juicing cleanse recipes

Spinach and apple juice


  • 1/2 cup red lettuce leaves
  • 2-3 medium-sized apples (chopped)
  • 2 cups spinach (coarsely chopped)
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt and a little lemon juice.


  • Add all ingredients except the lemon juice to a blender and mix them thoroughly until smooth. Stir in the lemon juice and continue to mix well.

Drink this juice every morning, for a nutritional, energetic and metabolic boost.

powerful green smoothie recipe

Grapefruit pepper juice

For this juice recipe, you need the following ingredients:

  • One yellow pepper
  • One grapefruit
  • Three large carrots
  • One small beet
  • One small kiwi
  • 1/2 inch fresh ginger (peeled)
  • 5-7 drops stevia

Chop all fruits and vegetables, then add them to the blender and mix them well. You will need approximately 5-10 minutes to blend them well, so don’t rush in. For your juice to be sweeter, pour 3-4 drops stevia syrup once you finish blending everything.

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grapefruit pepper weight loss juice

Lychee and pomegranate juice

If you are in a hurry or you don’t have all necessary ingredients for making one of the above-mentioned juices, try this simple recipe.


  • 1/2 cup pomegranate
  • 1 cup lychee (peeled and deseeded)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence.


  • Blend all ingredients together until smooth, then add some crushed ice cubes and continue to mix until frothy.

Since summer is here already, this juice will be refreshing and packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals that will help you stay properly hydrated and lose weight. Juicing for weight loss has never been easier.

pomegranate weight loss juice recipe

These juices can be extremely powerful as a meal replacement. Try replacing one meal with one of these recipes and a serving of high fiber fruit for best results and to keep you feeling full. Cleansing juicing will not only help you detox your body but you will have the added benefit of the antioxidant content of these juices.

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