Get Rid Of Muffin Top And Cure Unsightly Stretch Marks

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Eliminate Muffin Top Workout

We’ve all heard the weight loss experts extol the virtues and benefits of exercise. But exercising is work and who needs another job that lasts a lifetime and doesn’t pay at all? “Maybe I’ll lose weight faster if I exercise,” you say, “but I can still lose weight even if I don’t exercise and quite frankly I don’t have the energy or time to exercise.”

Well it is true that exercise doesn’t pay a regular paycheck unless you happen to be a fitness instructor, but the benefits are fantastic! First of all, though, let’s think about the benefits of losing weight. What do you want? Why do you want to lose that muffin top? Almost any benefit that you are hoping to achieve will be enhanced with exercise. For instance…

  • More energy It is a fact. People who exercise regularly have more stamina and can be active longer. If one of the benefits of losing weight for you is having more energy and being able to do more, then regular exercise is a must.
  • Be more attractive Physical fitness is attractive. Nothing is more attractive than a healthy glow and well toned muscles.
  • Lose weight more rapidly Once again, exercising is the way to go. You will burn more calories when you exercise and also build muscles. The more muscle mass you have the more calories you will burn, even when you aren’t working out! Why? Because muscles burn fat and fat doesn’t.

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Choosing the best exercise 

There is no one exercise or exercise program or workout that is right for everyone. Each person has their own needs and limitations. The best way to choose an exercise program is to start with realistic and practical goals and expectations. First of all, do not overdo it. Remember the old adage, “Slow but steady wins the race.” A good place to start is with a consultation with your doctor or a fitness instructor. They can suggest reasonable exercises that will raise your heartbeat to a safe level without putting too much strain on your body. The best workouts for fitness and good health are aerobic exercises that raise the heartbeat without taxing the heart too much.

Walking “Safe” Exercise

One of the safest exercises for most people, and the easiest to stick with, is walking. It takes no special equipment, other than a comfortable and sturdy pair of walking shoes, requires no special training (though you might want to learn a few stretching exercises) and can be done almost anywhere. Studies have shown that walking is one of the most beneficial exercises and the one that most people are likely to stick with for the long haul.

Speaking from personal experience, I have walked about 4 miles a day for years and the last stress test showed my cardiovascular system was in excellent shape. That is why I recommend that you consider walking as your long term weight loss exercise.

Banish Those Unsightly Stretch Marks Forever

Do you suffer from stretch marks? Do you have the unsightly red or white lines and puckering of stretch marks on your stomach or hips or thighs?  Maybe even on your butt!

Well, you are not alone.  Between 75 and 90% of women will suffer from stretch marks during their lifetime, especially during times of growth such as pregnancy. Anything that causes rapid weight gain or excessive weight loss can cause stretch marks to appear, making sufferers unwilling to wear shorts or a bikini due to the appearance of these embarrassing marks.

So what can you do?  Is there any hope of your skin or will you have to cover up with layers of clothing for the rest of your life?

Stretch marks appear when the deeper levels of your skin get thin and tear.  This is usually down to hormones within your body called glucocorticoids being produced, which prevent your lower layers of skin from protecting themselves.  This mostly happens at times of high hormone production such as during pregnancy or in puberty.  To start with, stretch marks are purple or red; as the skin underneath heals, the marks turn white but are still visible as they are literally layers of scar tissue.

Why spend the rest of your life covered up? Click on this link NOW and see those ugly stretch marks melt away with the Ageless Skin System!

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