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Why you should drink coconut water

Coconut water is among these drinks my health-conscious friends constantly try to convince me to consume more. Although I know that it’s vital to remain hydrated so that my organs do not shut down and do not have a pounding headache, I have never been evident on the specific wellness advantages of drinking coconut water and why coconut water is indeed hydrating. It turns out that there are two or three great reasons to drink coconut water if you’d like to remain hydrated, based on science, and it all begins with potassium.

Your body requires electrolytes, such as potassium to help maintain your pulse regularly, eliminate waste products from tissues, and typically function well. However, as Arthur Gallego, international manager of corporate communications in Vita Coco, notes, “Potassium stays a nutrient shortfall for many individuals,” although it is “the electrolyte which will help accelerate hydration within the body.”

This is where coconut water comes in since coconut oil packs a great deal of potassium per oz. To place that in specific circumstances, a whole, big banana–the food that is probably most associated with elevated levels of potassium–contains less than 500 mg of potassium.

The hydrating advantages of potassium, subsequently, coconut oil, are why many men and women turn to coconut water following a night of drinking. Additionally, the makeup of coconut water is roughly 95 percent water, according to the USDA, and that means you are kickstarting your everyday consumption of H2O.

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There is no reason not to drink coconut oil in the daytime, even when you’re not searching for a hangover treatment; however, there are different advantages to drinking coconut water apart from hydration. Chris Cuvelier, CEO and creator of Zola, a business that creates both coconut organic and water hydrating energy beverages, clarifies, “Plant driven hydration from superfruits such as coconuts help you keep mental focus, balance your pH levels, stabilize your core temperature, also deliver important nutrients that your body requires.”

And you do not need to be concerned about drinking coconut oil on an empty stomach because this drink has very low acidity. “The drinks that upset our tummies in the daytime would be those which are more acidic,” clarifies Gallego, “such as citrus juices followed by java.” Though mixing coconut oil and java does look like it may be a winning mix, mainly because the hydrating properties of coconut oil can counter the unwanted effects of caffeine. Cuvelier notes that he begins daily with a can of Zola Coconut Water with Espresso, “that is equal to 2 shots of espresso also contains potassium to moisturize.”

When it’s right from the coconut, mixed into a smoothie, or blended with a taste of espresso, there is no excellent reason not to consume coconut water in the afternoon–unless you are a coconut water hater who does not enjoy the flavor of the substance, in the case I can not assist you. Creating delicious snacks hasn’t ever been this fast.

The health benefits of coconut and its incredible versatility make it the ideal addition to any diet. With 200 ml – 1000 ml of coconut water, an unripe coconut, they are harvested mainly for drinking. However, as they ripen, the edible portion on the inner wall of the coconut increases in mass and consistency, and coconut oil and coconut milk can be extracted at this stage. Coconuts, often used for cooking, are also used to manufacture many health and beauty products, including cosmetics.

Make the most of a coconut
Here you’ll learn how to incorporate coconuts into your daily routine and make the most of their incredible health benefits.

The benefits of coconut water

Inside young, tender coconuts are clear, naturally sweet coconut water, rich in vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. As a result, coconut water is low in calories and carbohydrates and offers a variety of benefits.

For example, it is an excellent source of B vitamins and thus can keep your energy up while supporting the normal metabolism of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Consequently, it is believed that coconut water can be effective in supporting weight control.
The composition of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc in coconut water is better than fruit juice, making it effective in supporting normal body functions and bone health.

With a natural content of bioactive enzymes, coconut water is an effective aid to support healthy digestion.
However, there are many differences in the quality of coconut water. So try to stick with natural coconut water when possible, and don’t forget to check the nutritional values before you buy – you’ll be surprised how much sugar can be in some of the tetra packs and bottles!

Use of coconut oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the edible flesh inside the seed. As one of the richest sources of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is a source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).

MCTs are transported directly to the liver during digestion, provide a quick energy source, and are not stored like other fats.
Coconut oil can increase energy metabolism and help burn more fat. Even though coconuts are a rich source of saturated fats like MCTs, this fatty acid increases energy expenditure by up to 5%, potentially leading to significant weight loss with coconut oil.
Coconut oil may also help reduce hunger pangs. MCTs, promote ketone body metabolism, which reduces appetite.
Not only does coconut oil offer benefits for your weight goals, but it also holds many beauty benefits. For this reason, coconut oil is a popular ingredient in many cosmetic products. For example, it is used as follows:

The use of coconut oil has shown improvement in the moisture and lipid content of the skin, towards an improved complexion with healthier, firmer skin.

Coconut oil provides a protective function against hair damage from the sun and is an effective protector against the sun’s ultraviolet light.
Coconut oil is also used in what is known as “oil pulling” – a technique in dentistry where you rinse a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for about 20 minutes. This is said to help kill harmful bacteria and improve dental health.

Baking with coconut flour

A great gluten-free alternative for baking, coconut flour is a healthy addition or choice for baked goods with the bonus of containing a natural sweetness. But what are the benefits of coconut flour?

With 5g of fiber per 12g, coconut flour provides a healthy dose of fiber to support digestion and satiety.
Coconut flour has a low glycemic index. So adding this diabetes-friendly ingredient to baked goods reduces the impact on blood sugar levels and may even prevent cravings.
In addition, coconut flour contains 19g of protein per 100g.
It’s safe to say that coconut is indeed a true “superfood,” and it gets even better: you’ll find this superfood in some of our products!

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