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July 26, 2018
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Does life really go downhill after 40?

You’ve probably hear it before. “It’s all downhill after 40” these words have probably hit you like a train travelling uncontrollably down the tracks. Your whole life has been building up to the thought that life after 40 is just the end of the line and there’s no going back, but should you believe it?

On the other side of this argument you’ve probably also heard the saying “age is only a number”. Sure but is this what old people say to convince others that they are not yet past expiry, is it all in the mind?Perhaps it is, the thing is, that you can’t change and nobody else can when you get to that age and really what’s important is that you don’t take the first saying to heart and give up, it is never time to let yourself go… What you can expect once you are around the hill and how to prevent yourself from “going downhill”

over the hill all in your mind

Look we all age and everyone, if they are lucky enough to make it to this age will undoubtedly not look forward to it, but that doesn’t mean there are ways to approach 40 optimistically. Even if it’s 50, 60, or even 80, it’s no excuse to give up.

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Break the chains, set yourself free from the pressures we all face and don’t let into the “over-the-hill” mantra, find things that make you happy, smile often and don’t fall for this age-old trap. Pun intended.

We all age, we all die and god granted we’ll all be forty at some point. The time to live is now and the time to dwell on pointless crap is done and gone so get out there and become the best version of you possible. Embrace 40, embrace 50, embrace 60, and if you are lucky enough, embrace 100. The most important thing is to get active, join clubs, go dancing and eat healthy. Various studies have shown that staying active is what helps keep our minds sharp and our bodies functioning optimally.

Gosh, do I need to tell you what to do? I don’t think I do, you know… It’s that thing you always wished you could do, but you never did, get out there and go do it, do it now.. Don’t be that person with regrets, don’t be the one droning on about “if I was your age I do x differently, the time is now, so go!

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