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The best way to freeze strawberries

Fresh fruit all year round

The best way to freeze very fresh strawberries. They should not have any bruises. To remove individual fruits later, you should freeze them in two steps. This way, they won’t stick together and will be less mushy after thawing.

Wash the strawberries carefully in standing water and pat them dry with kitchen paper. Remove leaves and stems.

2. For the fruits to not stick together later, they are first pre-frozen. To do this, place the strawberries individually on a plate or tray and freeze them in the freezer for about two hours.

Afterward, you can transfer them into a freezer bag or a can and freeze them. These fine fruits will keep for up to eight months in the freezer.

Extra tip: Refreshing strawberry ice cubes

Freeze strawberries differently: ice cubes made from pureed strawberries are totally delicious and super refreshing! To make them, remove the stems and leaves from the fruit after washing, puree finely with a hand blender, and press through a sieve. If you like, you can sweeten the puree with powdered sugar. Then pour into an ice cube container and freeze. The cubes make a tremendous fruity addition to mineral water or sparkling wine.

the best tips for dining out

The 3 steps for freezing strawberries

1. Wash as you proceed. Wash strawberries-only right before eating them. This is essential for two reasons. Strawberries are like sponges; therefore, they soak up every little bit of moisture once moist, making them more inclined to become mushy and spoil quicker. Additionally, wet strawberries are more inclined to become moldy.

2. Leave the stalks as long as you can. Maintaining the stalks until you eat the berries will help extend their shelf life.

3. Do not let one strawberry spoil the entire group. If you see any moldy strawberries at all in the container, then remove them immediately. Mold spreads readily, so it is ideal for getting rid of any spoiled strawberries so they do not ruin the remainder of the bunch.

If you are getting the strawberries from the clamshell in the supermarket, flip them over to get a good look at all the strawberries. Should you spot a mold on any of the strawberries, then keep searching for a better choice.

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Are you serving strawberries right away? Shop on the countertop. If you’re planning to use strawberries when you bring them home, there is no need to place them in the refrigerator.

Are you serving strawberries tomorrow or the next couple of days? In the fridge. If you do not intend to eat your strawberries the day that you bring them home, the ideal place for these is at the fridge’s crisper drawer.

Are you stocking up on strawberries to use at a later time? Time to freeze some strawberries! If you do not have plans to use the strawberries inside of a couple of days of bringing them home, your very best option is to freeze the strawberries. Watch this video below for more.

Please make the most of strawberry season or extend it. With this quick strawberry compote recipe, you’ll only need five ingredients and 15 minutes! This strawberry compote with frozen strawberries goes excellent with pancakes, yogurt, ice cream, and more.

Strawberry compote with frozen strawberries
This is how easy this dessert is. Instead of strawberries, you can make an apple compote, blackberry compote, raspberry compote, or blueberry compote.

Frozen strawberries are taken with lemon juice, some sugar, apple juice, and cornstarch for this delicious strawberry compote recipe. This makes a great topping cooked quickly and easily.

Serve it on waffles, cottage cheese, cereal, ice cream, yogurt, rice pudding, oatmeal, or even your favorite dessert!

Even if the strawberry season is long gone, we’re always excited to use these juicy summer gems in a recipe.

For dessert, we always make a few things with strawberries, whether it’s strawberry jam, strawberry compote, strawberry syrup, or strawberry puree.

Strawberry compote with frozen strawberries – 3 good reasons:

Make strawberry compote in 15 minutes with only five ingredients you probably already have at home.
Control of ingredients: There is nothing artificial, no preservatives, prepared from real strawberries.
Super-versatile: it goes great on ice cream, waffles, cottage cheese, yogurt, and more desserts! Pour it into a pretty sealable jar and give it a gift to friends or family.

Boil down strawberry compote
Today we have “strawberry compote with frozen strawberries.” For this “strawberry compote recipe,” you only need five ingredients: Strawberries, sugar, lemon juice, apple juice, and cornstarch.

It takes about 15 minutes to prepare.


Wash your hands.
Weigh, measure, and prepare all ingredients.
Put the pot on the stove.
Preparing this strawberry compote recipe is very easy.

STEP 1: If you have fresh strawberries, you should first wash them, clean them, and cut them in half or quarters if necessary.

Notice. Before removing the stalk, the strawberries should be washed first. This way, the fruit retains its vitamins, doesn’t juice out as quickly, and retains its flavor.

Allow frozen strawberries to thaw.

Apple juice
STEP 2: Mix 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and 75 ml of apple juice together.

Notice. Cornstarch is always mixed with a cold liquid without lumps. It can then be added to a hot liquid. The starch only becomes effective when it is brought to a boil and thickens dishes such as stewed fruit or sauces.

STEP 3: Place 300 g strawberries, four tablespoons sugar, one tablespoon lemon juice, and the stirred cornstarch in a medium saucepan. Turn the stove on to medium heat and place the pot on the stovetop.

Lightly mash the strawberries a bit with a wooden spoon or wooden spoon. This will help release the juice from the fruit to thicken it.

Once the mixture boils, then turn down the heat to low-medium. Stir occasionally and let it simmer for 6 to 10 minutes until the strawberry compote thickened.

STEP 4: Remove the pot from the heat and let the strawberry compote cool completely. Don’t worry; it will still thicken a bit.

We like the strawberry compote with whole fruit. If you don’t like chunks, you can use a hand blender to puree for a few seconds. Then, blend until you reach the consistency you like.

STEP 5: Pour the strawberry compote into a bowl to serve.

Or …

Pour the strawberry compote into clean lidded jars and place them in the refrigerator. It will keep in the fridge for about five days.

This compote is not thick like jam. Instead, it is spoonable, pourable, and perfect for spooning on all kinds of sweet treats. For example, on rice pudding, waffles, pancakes, ice cream, pudding or pancakes.

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