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best way to freeze strawberries

What’s The Best Way To Freeze Strawberries?

If you intend to consume the entire package from your hands (that I can not blame you!) , or you’ve got a pile of recipes in the ready to put them to utilize, the actual secret to enjoying those berries longer is being able to preserve them correctly. Here’s the best way to freeze those delicious strawberries.

The very best method to store berries is dependent upon if you intend to utilize them. Bear in mind, berries are a tender, delicate fruit and ought to be treated with caution. The very last thing you need is that a basket of moldy berries shortly after bringing them home.

The 3 steps for freezing Strawberries

1. Wash as you proceed.
Wash strawberries only before ingesting them. This is essential for 2 reasons. Strawberries are like sponges, therefore once moist, they soak up every little moisture, which makes them more inclined to become mushy and spoil quicker. Additionally, wet berries are more inclined to become moldy.

2. Leave the stalks as long as you can.
Maintaining the stalks on till you are going to eat the berries will extend their shelf life.

3. Do not let one berry spoil the entire group.
If you observe any moldy berries at the container, then remove them immediately. Mold spreads readily, so it is ideal to eliminate any spoiled berries until they destroy the remainder of the bunch. If you are purchasing berries from the clamshell in the supermarket, flip them over to scrutinize the crowd. Should you spot a mould berry, then keep searching for a better choice.

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Right away? Shop on the counter top. If you’re planning to use strawberries daily that you bring them home, there is no need to set them in the refrigerator.

Tomorrow? In the fridge. If you do not intend to eat your berries daily that you bring them home, the ideal place for these is at the crisper drawer of the fridge.

Later in the past year? Time to freeze some strawberries! If you do not have plans to utilize berries inside a couple of days of bringing them home, your very best option is to suspend them. Watch this video for more.

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