Did you know some fats are good: You actually need them to be healthy

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What are those good fats?

As usual, we tend to consider all types of fat to be bad. While saturated fats and trans fats are unhealthy and pose a risk to health, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are good for us. These good fats are necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system, the absorption of vitamins, cell maintenance and proper functioning of the immune system. They even help lower high cholesterol levels and decrease the chances of getting a heart attack. In general, most foods contain bad fats and good fats as well, and therefore, choosing the right type of food is extremely important. It is recommended to consume foods that have monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

incorporate the good fats

  • Cold water fish (salmon, haddock, tuna and trout) are rich in omega-3 essential acids, which are “good” fats. Even eating oysters and clams you get a certain amount of healthy fats. If you do not like eating fish, fish oil supplements have all the benefits of healthy fats, so you can take them regularly.
  • Oils extracted from plants and vegetables are also a source of good fats. Olive oil contains the highest amount of fats in the form of polyunsaturated fats. Flaxseed oils are a source of omega-3 essential fatty acids.
  • Nuts and seeds have always been known for their nutritional value and health benefits. However, a person who seeks to consume healthy fats can eat nuts and seeds. Hazelnuts, cashews, peanuts and almonds are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. Oils extracted from these nuts also contain good fats themselves.

It is crucial to include “good” fats in your healthy diet because they have many important functions in the body. But it is also important to know the difference between healthy fats and fatty fats, because excess consumption of fatty foods can lead to heart and blood pressure-related diseases, weight gain and other health disorders.

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