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4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution review – My own journey

I decided to start looking into 4 cycle fat loss solution when I learned about a close friends weight loss journey. She told me how she lost weight and continues with the diet because of its health benefits. The way I looked at it I had nothing to lose because the plan is guaranteed for a full 60 days.

So I purchased the plan and began my journey. Upon looking closer at the 4 cycle fat loss solution plan, I found the carb-cycling diet method to be very unique and worth having a closer look at. Here is what I found: I was impressed that the entire plan was available in a ebook that I could use with my computer or smartphone.

I had heard how carbohydrates were connected to weight gain and generally to stay away from carbs, but had never considered using them to lose weight. The main idea behind the 4 cycle fat loss solution is to train your body to burn fat for energy rather than carbs.

It’s based on scientific research into the high carb diets of the Japanese and their astounding long life expectancy. The findings suggest that it’s their high carb-cycling diet method that helps to remain healthy into old age with a low body mass index (lower incidence of obesity).

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I started with the 7 day “carb depletion” stage and found it a really easy fit, it took some getting used to but overall it was easy to adjust to. After that I started the second “macro-patterning” and would add certain carbs back into my diet to start the carb-cycling process, then I added some basic exercises from the “carb depletion exercise guide” they provide.

For the next two weeks I followed along with their meal plan and kept up with some of their exercise recommendations. That’s when I really started to see a huge difference, I went along and weighed myself and was literally in shock… I lost 18 pounds! See more results, just click here for more information or keep reading my 4 cycle fat loss review to find out what it’s all about below!

Carb-cycling the key?

The 4 cycle fat loss solution fat burning diet consists of a four segment complete fat loss solution. Each segment or cycle is formulated to provide maximum results while being in sequence with the next cycle. Instead of all the focus on eliminating carbohydrates, the 4 cycle fat loss program actually promotes them as a diet solution (after the first 7 days). Based on a vigorous study of Japanese diet and the secrets which could explain their distinct longevity and their low body mass.

Does 4 Cycle Fat Loss work?

So carb cycling sounds great but the truth is not every single plan out there is right for everybody. I personally gave it six weeks and it showed me great results. Through the whole program there is so much information about every detail and best of all it was simple to follow. Very well laid out and from a dietitian perspective there are plenty of healthy choices.

Carb cycling can work wonders to boost up your tired metabolism and you will find that is really the key to healthy and fast weight loss. So in my experience carb cycling not only works, but it works very well. With carb cycling, there is no plateau like many of the other diets I’ve tried in the past. The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution stages, if followed correctly will set you up to be a fat burning machine. Here they are explained in a bit more detail.

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Cycle one “Repair stage”

The first cycle lasts a total of 7 days and focuses on a diet that targets carb depletion. By the end of cycle one you are expected to lose around 10-15 pounds according to the program specifics. Cycle one is said to “prime the metabolism” in order to allow for the coming influx of carbs and prepare for long-term fat loss.  This is said to stop the body from depending on burning sugars for energy and in turn, jump-starts the metabolism for the second stage.

Cycle two “macro-patterning”

Cycle two is where the carbs come into play and that’s through a process known as macro-patterning. Macro-patterning is a process we’ve now created through denying ourselves carbs. This condition will now allow our bodies to burn carbs and no longer store them as fat.  Also offered at this stage are some simple exercises which can benefit in maximizing the metabolism.

Now carbs are the focus and are added to the diet and thanks to the first stage body has been reprogrammed to accept burning these new carbs as energy rather than storing them as fat like it did before. I was amazed there was no more yo-yo weight loss; I was consistently losing fat with no sign of a plateau in sight! The beauty of this part of the program is that there is no deprivation of the foods you love or any worry that you will gain weight. None whatsoever.

Cycle three “accelerated fat loss”

At this stage with the help of 4 cycle fat loss the program was really showing great results. My metabolism was working overtime and I had no signs of metabolic adaptation or any kind of plateau. What this means is YOUR fat burning will NOT slow down; you will continue to lose fat quicker as time goes on. Most programs I have tried in the past I was quick to lose at the beginning but then my body adapted and my metabolism slowed to a halt.

I was so excited to have a plan that didn’t show any signs of this typical diet issue, I kept losing consistently with this carb cycling diet. This stage consists of a two week eating plan that re-trains the body to control hormones and use fat deposits as energy; the ultimate in fat burning diets.

Cycle four “the diet break”

I really had fun with this stage. This is where you intentionally have a “break” and eat lots of carbs and calories to create a new metabolic set point. This setpoint allows for us to in effect eat more to burn more fat. I was so surprised to see results at this point, I had thought that a break would mean I’d be back to gaining weight again but surprisingly enough I was losing more.

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Carb cycling positives

4 Cycle Fat Loss Makes Use of Fat as Energy Stores Find out how to efficiently use every bit of your excess fat and the food you always eat MUCH more effectively as IMMEDIATE energy, rather than storing it as fat. Macro-Patterning™ allows you to use the fat and stored energy in your liver and muscles (ex. glycogen), which means FAST and more effective fat loss and stronger metabolism. When you first get going with carb cycling, you’ll take at least a couple days  to lower glycogen levels just enough for your body to adjust and burn fat.

Stabilize Blood Sugar and CONTROL Insulin The third adaptive response that you need to overcome is managing insulin and controlling blood sugar levels. Chronically increased insulin levels and elevated blood sugar promote fat storage, ages you at an accelerated rate, while stable blood sugar and insulin levels make it much EASIER for your body to use stored fat as fuel. You may think this is accomplished by just using LOW carb foods, but quite the contrary.

You can still eat many of your favorite HIGH carb foods, while keeping blood sugar and insulin at bay. It’s all about managing 3 simple things: Portion Sizes, Timing, and Combinations. Besides, most of us just abandon these low carb types of plans anyway. They’re not realistic for our way of life. Don’t worry; they leave NOTHING to chance. Once you learn how easy it is to carb cycle, it truly takes all the guesswork out of blood sugar and insulin.

The fourth adaptive dieting response to overcome is the body’s needs for consistent energy. To use fat more consistently as fuel, you’ll need to naturally “heat up” the body. This is done by using carb cycling to balance your calorie intake and regulating your thyroid and leptin levels (fat burning hormones).

When you heat up your body by Macro-Patterning™, more energy is used, and your body fat becomes a DIRECT SOURCE OF FUEL! Create a “Fat Burning” Energy Deficit The fifth and final step to MAXIMIZE your fat burning efficiency and give you optimal health is creating a “fat burning energy deficit”, which sends a powerful “signal” for your body to use excess fat you have stored.


4 cycle fat loss solution review read this before buying

carb cycling has never been easier. Click the picture to get the best price and start today

Get your copy today. Best of all, try it for 60 days risk free. Click here to get started today and download a PDF version that you can use on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


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  1. David Burger says:

    Carb cycling for weight loss is amazingly effective. Who would have thought that you could control weight loss through paying so close attention to carbs, like this diet did? I lost 8lbs and am keeping going it’s been about two weeks so I guess I’m doing very good, so far. Seem to be losing more and more everyday.

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks David. My advice is keep it up! By the end of the first month is when I really started to notice a huge difference. I had no idea the power of carb-cycling either… A friend recommended this plan to me and I had such good results that I wrote this review. Some diets out there just don’t produce the results, this one is nothing like those “other” diets. Please keep us updated on your progress, good or bad, we would appreciate it. Thanks!

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