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September 16, 2016
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The real “secrets” to weight loss after 30

Women tend to gain fat in their lower bodies. As opposed to men who tend to gain fat in their upper body. This means that the best and healthiest way for women to lose weight is to concentrate on losing fat in their lower bodies. It becomes a healthy and important foundation for the rest of your body.

The plan is to build a healthy foundation by toning your lower body. And the best way to do this and lose weight at the same time is to run consistently. Run at least 20 to 30 minutes a day, 5 to 7 days a week. Don’t just run 3 days a week. Run 5 to 7 days a week. Even if it’s a slow jog, you will burn fat where it counts and will lose weight.

Join a health club and commit yourself to get on the treadmill every day. If you don’t feel like driving to the gym, then jog around your neighborhood or at the nearest park. Seize every opportunity to exercise. If you can walk or cycle to work, do it. If you can get out for a walk during your lunch break at work, you should.

“It’s harder to get rid of excess weight in old age,” is how many people justify the excess pounds. But is that true?

With increasing age, it becomes more difficult. You have to reduce calories more than younger people do.

Losing weight becomes more complex as early as 30
There are several reasons for this: Those who overeat at a young age do not gain weight immediately. Instead, the body tries to give off the excess energy as heat. After several years of extra calories, however, the body adapts. Usually, in your mid-to-late-30s, the body adjusts a set point for body fat percentage, and you gain weight. Getting rid of the pounds after the setpoint adjustment takes time.

Tips for eating right without starving yourself

In addition to jogging or running every day, your healthy lifestyle should also include eating healthy. You do not have to follow any fancy diets. Just use common sense and follow the list of foods you shouldn’t eat posted on this page. Stay away from junk food and foods with a high amount of sugar and calories. Instead, fill up on fruits since they’re mostly water and have no fat. Fruits also have a good source of carbohydrates that includes fiber.

Along with regular exercise, healthy eating is considered an essential factor in preventing weight gain as we age. It’s not about drastically cutting calories, but instead learning to exercise moderation. At 20, the body can usually cope well with lavish parties and constant snacking. However, at the latest age of 40, such sins become noticeable.

At forty, it becomes imperative to avoid fat traps. Simple tricks are often enough here: replace spreadable fats on bread with lean cream cheese, mustard, or tomato paste.

So from 40, many women notice that they suddenly gain weight, although they have not changed anything in their habits. And those who previously paid close attention to their figure find that it becomes more challenging to maintain the weight.

Why is this so? From the age of 30, we lose muscle mass, and fat takes its place. The less muscle we have, the more our basal metabolic rate drops. From the age of 45, metabolism also slows down considerably. As a result, the decomposition processes, which have already been underway for a long time, pick up speed again. As a result, a 50-year-old woman has almost twice as much fatty tissue at the same weight as a 30-year-old.

Low basal metabolic rate. While younger women burn more than 2,000 calories a day even without exercise, women in and after menopause often burn only a little over 1,200. That’s very little. It is difficult to stay slim with such a low basal metabolic rate. Most women gain ten or more pounds from 45 to 55. This is because appetite usually remains the same.

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In addition to fruits, add other foods that contain fiber to your diet. It fills you up so you won’t feel like overeating. And it’s especially beneficial for you when you eat fiber for breakfast. You can get fiber from eating nuts, beans, whole grains, and fruits. Fiber also slows down the digestion of food in your stomach, so it will prevent you from getting hungry.

weight loss for women after 30

Forget about shortcuts – You have to put in the legwork

There are no real shortcuts to losing weight and keeping it off. You have to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many young women choose to go on fad diets, starve themselves, or take diet pills because they are promised quick and easy results. There is nothing worse than advertisements that promise easy and “natural” ways to lose weight fast. And women get bombarded with them every day.

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Follow the workout plan listed above and use common sense when eating, and you will develop a very healthy body and lifestyle. Weight loss for women doesn’t have to be that difficult. Stop reading articles from Cosmo, WebMD, CNN, and other major websites who try to sell you on:

  • “Top 10 diet ”, or
  • magical diet pills that burn fat, or
  • miracle foods that will make you lose weight, or
  • brand new scientific studies, or
  • other highly-paid advertisements

Those are designed to make your brain spin. Do the plan listed above, and that’s it. Start right now. Don’t read another article until you start the workouts.

However, you have to work up a sweat to lose a few pounds. If you haven’t done any sports so far, you should first have your doctor check you out. If the doctor gives you the green light, you have to overcome your stubbornness. Look for a type of sport that you enjoy, and you’ll be more likely to stick it out.

Power metabolism decreases: But that’s not all. The power metabolism also usually decreases in women in midlife. This is the energy that a person uses for physical activities. Over the years, sluggishness often creeps into everyday life. Exercise comes up short. Few women of this age exercise. They are the least physically active population group in the world.

In addition, because of the drop in estrogen levels and the increasing influence of male sex hormones from the adrenal glands, fat deposits shift from the thighs and hips to the abdomen. Thus, women involuntarily adopt the fat male pattern. Instead of a feminine waist, they now suddenly have an unsightly belly.

Here’s how it works:

  • From 40 at the latest, there is a significant drop in energy consumption. However, if you continue to eat exactly as much as before, you will inevitably gain weight.
  • Hormone replacement therapy has hardly any effect on weight gain or weight loss.
  • Those who struggle with weight gain during menopause should not rely on diets that promise quick success. The kilos are guaranteed to come back!
  • Only a permanent change of diet helps avoid weight gain or lose weight.
  • You can lose weight during menopause, but it is slower.
  • Also, the fat shift to the belly is not mandatory. The stomach only develops when you gain weight.
  • Even regular extensive walking makes three to four kilos disappear over three months.
  • Extend the training of the musculature. About half of the accumulated fat mass disappears again when the muscles grow.
  • The large muscle groups on the thighs, shoulders, and back, in particular, should be strengthened in a targeted manner and with high intensity.
  • Those who have done many sports over the years and want to maintain their weight must now optimize their diet.
  • As never before, a low insulin level in the blood is crucial at this age. It inevitably comes to fat storage if one drives it up by frequent, carbohydrate-rich meals.
  • In concrete terms: only two high-protein, low-carbohydrate meals a day, with long periods of fasting if possible.
  • Lots of vegetables and salad, plenty of berries, fruits only at meals.
  • Eat foods with a high energy density, such as pizza, hamburgers, rice, pasta, white bread, etc., only with extreme restraint.

Weight gain is not a fate that inevitably befalls women in midlife. However, the prerequisite is that she outwits the natural breakdown processes—key point: fewer meals, more muscle training.

The best diuretic drinks to get started losing weight

If you are one of those people who have severe problems due to liquid retention or want to lose weight quickly, in this article, we will give you the recipes of some drinks which will help you eliminate these evils. However, suppose your goal is a healthy and desirable body. In that case, it is more than necessary that you check if what you eat daily is correct because the meals or junk drinks do not help at all, and we must eliminate them as much as possible from our eating habits.

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You do not have to concentrate on what you eat and drink; there is no point in eating healthy if you only accompany these meals with sodas or flavored waters. Next, we will tell you how to prepare the best shakes or diuretic drinks so that you can help your kidneys to expel those retained liquids and finally shine that enviable abdomen that you so desire.

Some of the best diuretic drinks to lose weight

  • Green tea: This tea can be obtained at any naturist store in the city. You can drink it cold or hot, and besides being a diuretic drink that helps you eliminate body fat, it also helps prevent heart disease or cancer.
  • Pineapple juice: Excellent drink for breakfast. It will give you all the energy and good sugars you need for the rest of the day.
  • Lemon juice: Recommended for those people who need to clean the liver naturally. We recommend adding a small amount of sugar before taking it, as it tends to be very acidic.
  • Watermelon juice: It contains many antioxidants, excellent for body care. We recommend you always take it in the morning because of its large amount of natural sugar.
  • If you are a daring one who loves to try new and unique things, you can also make smoothies by combining fruits with fruits or vegetables. For example:
  • Milky milkshake or papaya with pineapple : Both fruits contain antioxidants and cicatrices, making them a complete and recommended drink for the organism.
  • Green smoothie: This smoothie is made with lemon, parsley, cucumber, green apple, and banana. The portions of their ingredients are to your liking, and you just have to mix them all in the blender with a bit of water and a good appetite!
  • Green tea smoothie with melon: Both ingredients contain diuretics, creating a refreshing drink.
  • Smoothie of kiwi, strawberry, pineapple, and green tea: Besides being a diuretic drink, it also serves as a depurative to help eliminate toxins intestinal pathway.
  • Lemon, strawberry, and pineapple smoothie: This shake contains large amounts of antioxidants and also helps against aging.

And just like these, there are so many different combinations that you can make in your home with your favorite fruits and vegetables. You should always remember not to abuse diuretics and maintain a healthy diet full of potassium (You can get potassium in other foods, such as banana, orange, or mango). If you combine these drinks with an active lifestyle and healthy diet in a short time, you will be able to have that goal weight and body that you so desire, so get to it!

Losing weight is simple, and the only thing required to achieve it is discipline. There are no magical shortcuts to it. These are all the tips for weight loss for women over 30 you need. If you are interested in a weight loss plan that is specifically designed for women over 30, take a look at the Beta Switch here.

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