Warning: There’s a switch in your body that is set to store fat by default

how to lose weight without dieting
How to lose weight without dieting – It is possible and I will show you how
December 5, 2018
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Is a 1 week diet really more effective than a 6 month program?
December 6, 2018

The excellent news – this switch can be flipped to burn mode if you know how

Not all weight loss tips are sustainable.
Before you start to feel full of spring fever and throw on the excess kilos, we have a simple question for you: Which partner would you rather have – one who promises you the moon but then disappears after a few weeks – or one who comes along more quietly, but is honest and stays honest? If you’re into castle-in-the-air architects: good luck! If you appreciate sustainability: welcome! Seriously, the fitness and weight loss market has long since become the playground of swindlers and shouters. Not to mention the bizarre diet excesses and weight loss tips of celebrities who trick themselves with pregnancy hormones or seriously believe that they can only live on light. But because many people long so much for butterflies in their (hopefully someday beautifully flat and well-toned!) bellies, the weight loss machinery works.

Lose pounds promise without yoyo effect
Experts estimate that it turns over a hundred billion euros a year in Europe alone – and the trend is rising. Okay, we promise you something too. After all, promises are nice, but only if they are honest. And “five pounds in one month” is genuine. Of course, you can also lose more weight in the same period. Everything is possible. But then, after another month, you’re most likely standing alone in the rain again, the butterflies have fluttered out, and everything is just yo-yo. “five pounds a month is what I can lose healthily without falling into a hole physically and mentally afterward,”

Our truth is: five pounds per month is a great goal! Permanent, sustainable, honest. “The secret to successful weight loss lies in changing the metabolism”. I have to gradually change from a Trabi-engine to a Ferrari engine so that I burn more energy permanently. And to do that, I have to work with my body, not against it.” How often and how long we exercise and the type of training is secondary importance. However, the fact that we regularly do something for our fitness is important – because this is how new mitochondria are created and we increase our muscle mass. And because mitochondria are considered the body’s energy power plants and muscles burn more energy than fat even at rest, this means more horsepower for our body higher fuel consumption! We don’t have to follow a disciplined hardcore program to achieve this. Moderate training is sufficient. Instead of always going one step further in terms of workouts, we should focus on our everyday activities.

The best weight loss tips come from everyday life.
Froböse and his team are currently conducting a study to determine what minimum activity is required, for example, in a typical office job, to optimally stimulate the metabolism and keep it permanently in combustion mode. The first result: among numerous exercise interventions (including squats), walking five floors every sixty minutes proves to be the best. A good aid for sharpening attention to everyday activities can be “activity tracking devices”: tiny technical helpers that record movement data via sensors and process it visually to know precisely how many steps we are still short of our daily goal. The devices, mostly wristbands, are still full of teething problems, but they are improving at a record pace. And the market for them is likely to explode soon (in the U.S., sales are already at $330 million a year). Technology giant Apple has just secured a patent for in-ear headphones with a tracking function and is working flat out on a new, revolutionary fitness and health app, the Healthbook.

These tracking tools have the potential to be more than just lovely gimmicks. They can help replace the learned formula of “less food plus more exercise equals less weight,” They can promote a more holistic, differentiated approach to weight loss. In addition to physical activity, we should also look at nutrition in a new light. “I must always give the body at least what it needs. Otherwise, it will help itself to valuable reserves such as muscle mass”. The basic energy metabolism should always be covered. If I suddenly eat only half of everything, that can bring short-term successes, but in the medium term, they’re gone again – and I’m probably even worse off than before.” The metabolism expert stresses that above all the quality of the food is essential: carbohydrate-poor and protein-rich in the evening, with a balanced relationship of carbohydrates, proteins and fats over the day and without intermediate meals with four to five hours distance between the meals – and sweet beverages also only to these, if at all.

Lose 5 pounds: Say yes!
It doesn’t sound particularly groundbreaking, but this is precisely an important insight: losing weight is simple. Simple, but not easy. Understanding that we don’t necessarily need complicated, sophisticated programs is the first step to making losing weight easier – to implement it in everyday life with motivation. A good weight loss strategy doesn’t think about days or weeks but aims for a lasting lifestyle change. That’s why a U.S. jury of experts also chose the DASH diet, which was originally developed for hypertension patients, as the best diet of the year. It includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, protein-rich foods. Meat in the form of lean chicken is more of a side dish. The calorie intake ranges between 1500 and 2000 calories. Two kilos in four weeks – you can do well. You only have to say one thing: Yes, I want!

The No-Thanks Diets
There are weight loss concepts that promise a lot and deliver little. And there are the downright wacky ones. Here are four lousy trends:

Air Diet
Madonna allegedly swore for a while that she would only mentally eat the food on the plate in front of her – and relied on the fact that this already addresses the satiety center in the brain. Likewise, Michelle Pfeiffer was once a member of a quirky group that followed the “Breatharian Diet” as a young woman. The fact that air and light supply durably enough energy, maybe, however (carefully formulated) very strongly doubted.

HCG diet
Known for a long time, but just back in vogue: fool the body into thinking it is pregnant. HCG is a hormone increasingly produced during pregnancy to tolerate a caloric deficiency for a specific time. From this (scientifically unproven) effect, HCG disciples hope to better cope with the lousy maximum of 500 calories per day that this diet prescribes. Although HCG is not approved, actress Jessica Schwarz found a doctor under whose supervision she gave herself a daily hormone injection.

It sounds like a gaga strategy, but it is being seriously pursued more and more often, especially by the young party-society: “bunker down” a calorie deficit during the week to be allowed to “make up” for it with alcohol on the weekend without a guilty conscience. Lindsay Lohan is said to be a candidate who likes to save up to 10,000 calories so that she can have a blast on the weekend. It’s a shame that our bodies are a bit more complex than that.

Icecube Diet
Always a hot topic when summer arrives: ice cubes with an extract of the Hoodia plant, which South African bushmen use to suppress the feeling of hunger during the hunt. One ice cube a day is enough to influence eating behavior. The problem: Nobody knows exactly whether the products (capsules, drops, etc.) contain Hoodia, whether the cultivated plants are effective or even dangerous. In Europe, the ice cubes are therefore not approved at all.

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Warning: There’s a switch in your body that is set to store fat by default
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