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March 1, 2020
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Today we will talk about the five top superfoods for making your hair grow thicker and stronger naturally. Pay attention till the end of this article because I will also give you one home care tip for the ultimate way to make your hair thicker and stronger, easily… Right here from the comfort of home so stay tuned… Hair is the crowning glory for all of us but it becomes a massive source of worry when we have hair thinning and hair for hair tailing and hair fall which we used to see in our parents in mid 30s or early 40s have now started appearing in our generation at early 20s and it has become a enormous source of worry not just amongst the younger generation but also amongst their parents.

There are so many mothers who come to me worried about their children they have immense quantity of hair thinning at a very young age well this is because of excessive stress and excessive competition from an early age of life because of intake of excessive junk food which adds no nutrition to your body due,to excessive dieting and when you diet a lot and when there is intake of zero fat in your body then it can cause decreased absorption of fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, B, E and K, hence resulting in deficiency of these vitamins and a major reason for hair loss so diet definitely plays a very crucial role in providing basic nutrition to your hair and making it grow thicker and stronger naturally.

So,what are these five superfoods for thicker and stronger hair?

Number one, eggs. Eggs are among the most important source of nutrition for hair growth they are extremely full of proteins and very rich in biotin biotin also called vitamin b7 and biotin proteins are found in the kind of keratin in each and every strand of hair which are the building blocks of your hair and biotin also help in further hair growth and making your hair stronger.

Proteins are also present in tofu products, cheese and yogurt other readily available sources of biotin are nuts like walnuts and almonds. Other great natural sources of biotin include avocados, cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and basically all green leafy vegetables. They’re not only a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C but, they’re also a crucial source of iron. Iron helps the body produce hemoglobin and hemoglobin when it isn’t present in adequate quantity in your blood then the quantity of oxygen supply to your hair it reduces and hence it alters your hair growth. Hence iron is essential for supply of the adequate quantity of oxygen for adequate hair growth.

Other rich sources of iron are beans:

Soya beans, flax seeds,nuts and also broccoli. Cabbage and other green leafy vegetables. This food rich in both vitamin b12 and vitamin B, is extremely common especially in vegetarians because most of the sources of vitamin b12 which are non-vegetarian, leads to an deficiency in vegetarians and causes hair loss. Now the various rich source ,of vitamin b12 are usually present in fish. Salmon eggs, a few common dairy products and also fortified cereals; are another rich source of vitamin b12.  Vitamin b12 helps in respect to formation of new hair cells and, as such assists hair growth. Thus it’s necessary to have a supplement of b12 if you are suffering from deficiency.

The fourth food that can benefit the hair is that which contains full of vitamin E,vitamin C and vitamin E now wittman e,helps in production of sebum which helps,in nourishing your hair and keeps your,scalp healthy food full of vitamin E,include pumpkin carrot and sweet,potatoes vitamin C and vitamin E on the,other hand they’re powerful,antioxidants which assists in prevention,against the free radical damage by the,harmful UV rays and the pollutants,foods rich in vitamin C are gone,blackberries strawberries and lemon. Foods full of vitamin E are almonds, avocados and spinach.

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The fifth powerful superfood is zinc. There are a variety of studies which have said that zinc deficiency has a major role to play in a condition called alopecia areata where you can have bald patches. Hair loss on your beard or even on your scalp and in theologian effluvium. This is a condition in which a patient experiences excessive hair fall, post pregnancy especially, but also post any stressful situation, even post surgery or an accident.

If you want to prevent any of the conditions, mentioned above or if you would like to prevent excessive hair loss, once and for all, then you,must consume food full of zinc. So what are some of those many foods full of zinc? First off, shellfish, the Allan beans sprouts… Specifically because they increase the bioavailability of this mineral. Even higher in your bloodstream…

Some super helpful seeds that can provide you with zinc: Cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds and even plain old sesame seeds. From generation to generation, we have been told by our grandmothers’ that simply applying oil on your scalp will help stimulate your hair growth. Hair will grow stronger and super straight. Definitely both the application of oil and massaging your scalp makes your hair grow stronger… But, then again, it is not absolutely essential to apply oil and massage your scalp to make your hair stronger,  you can even replace it with the abundance of vitamins and minerals which we have now touched on in this post. Before you know it, your hair has become stronger and thicker. Within as little as a month!  Moral of the story,  there are so, so many superfoods which you could very simply add to your diet, to have both healthy and strong hair.

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