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Top 10 best exercises for weight loss

So you want to lose weight quickly and with the least amount of effort. Well you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at some of these great exercises that you can easily add to your routine with very little effort that will help maximize your weight loss efforts. How often one exercises will directly impact how much weight is lost. With these exercises you can target fat loss, promote cardiovascular health and best of all feel great afterwards. So get motivated and get going with these great exercises. See my write-up on High Intensity Interval Training here to find out how to get the most out of these exercises.

Jump rope exercises

Adding jump rope to your routine can have a huge impact on weight loss. With just 30 minutes of jump rope you can burn over 600 calories while enhancing your endurance, flexibility and coordination. Another added benefit is that jump rope can help to strengthen your ankles and reduce foot related injuries. You can do this anywhere; jump rope is portable and you can use it in the comfort of your own home or take it with you to work. Some of the best exercise to lose weight can also be the most simple. 60 minutes of skipping can burn anywhere from 700 to 1000 calories depending on your weight.

skipping great weight loss exercise

Sit-ups or crunches

One of my favorite belly fat exercises. Start with only a few a day and slowly work yourself up to more. Soon you’ll be able to do 20-30 a day and best of all it takes very little to integrate this into your routine. Sit-ups are a great way to target belly fat and lower back fat while getting your blood pumping. This will also help your metabolism. So be sure to set realistic goals just starting out, and work yourself up slowly as to not burn yourself out.

crunches fat burning exercise


The beauty of this is that it targets arm, back and chest fat. Another great example of something that can easily be added to your routine and will take very little time to do. Again start with just a few until you build yourself up. If you’re finding the conventional push-up to difficult; try doing some wall push-ups in the beginning until you are able to do a conventional push-up. Set small realistic goals and slowly adjust as you gain more strength and are able to do more. Push ups are a great way to burn calories. In 10 minutes you could burn anywhere from 50 to 100 calories depending on your weight and the intensity.

push ups great for fitness


A great low impact addition to any routine. Not only can it burn calories; swimming can also help build endurance and is a great way to tone muscles. Because the body uses so many muscles it’s a great, well rounded and full body workout. One things for sure; a great example of an exercise to lose weight. Swimming is not only a great full-body, low impact exercise. the average person can also burn some serious calories. You can expect to burn from 400 to 500 calories an hour.

swimming low impact weight loss

Squatting exercises

Squats are exercises that are a great addition to any successful routine. They will target legs, thighs, butt and ankles. Another great example of a targeted exercise that can be easily integrated into any routine. You can burn close to 400 calories in a 30 minute squat session but it will greatly depend on your pace. You can incorporate weights (pictured) to maximize the exercise and maximize the results. Squats are a good exercise especially to build muscle in the thighs legs and back. You can expect to burn up to 250 calories in only 15 minutes.

squatting for weight loss


Setting out on a cycling adventure can be a great part of anyone’s weight loss routine. Great way to challenge yourself by going a little further each week and also good for building endurance. You can roughly expect to burn 200 to over 300 calories in a 30 minute period depending on pace and terrain. So not only is is a great way to get around; it is also an excuse to take the bike instead of the car! Cycling is a great way to challenge yourself to burn more calories. Best of all, you can expect to burn upwards of 500 to 700 calories per hour.

cycling stellar exercise

Walking or jogging

Simply put one of the best all around methods to losing up to a pound a week. Start with a 30 minute walk and work yourself up to a jog and before you know it you’re literally on the path to sustained weight loss. Not only is it a very low impact form of exercise; it is also excellent for your cardiovascular health and will leave you feeling great. Remember the more you challenge yourself the better, and the more you get your heart beating the better it’s going to be for your body’s metabolism. You can expect to burn around 100 calories per mile or 1.6 kilometers, of course this depends on your weight and intensity.

jogging is easy exercise

Cardiovascular exercises

 Getting your heart going is a huge part of developing the metabolism and keeping your cardiovascular system healthy and in shape. The heart is also a muscle that must be exercised just like any other part of your physical appearance you are specifically targeting. The more you get that organ pumping; the more success you will have with weight loss. Intense cardio exercise also releases “feel good” hormones that stave off depression and have great anti-stress benefits. Cardiovascular focussed exercises are going to have the greatest impact on calories burned. It is great to exercise the arguably most important organ in your body.

cardio is extreme weight loss exercise

Skiing exercises

Fresh air and being in the environment can sometimes be a very rewarding and motivating experience. Rewarding because you can burn anywhere from 250 to 800 calories in 30 minutes depending on weight and your pace. Like swimming, another great example of one of those exercises that encompasses the whole body and is excellent for building endurance.  Cross country skiing is beyond a doubt, a great winter activity and the benefits are hopefully now easy to see. Cross country skiing is a great wintertime activity that can burn an astounding 500 to 1000 calories depending of course on your weight, intensity and whether is uphill, or not.

cross country skiing is great outdoor exercise

Resistance training

There’s a reason this is last on the list and that’s because I would only recommend using weights or resistance training once you’ve mastered all the other exercises and have become strong enough for it. Again it’s all about not placing too much pressure on yourself until you have become comfortable with you routine. Once you have built yourself up and find regular exercises just aren’t providing the same challenges or results as before you can now incorporate weights and maximize your fat burning potential. Resistance training can be used to either maximize the intensity of a workout, or to strengthen muscle while burning fat. You could expect to lose around 250 calories per hour.

resistance band exercises

Start small, set realistic goals and don’t bite off more than you can chew to early on. Otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for failure. Stay motivated through creating a routine and really challenging yourself later on when you are able to handle it. So what is the best exercise to lose weight ? That decision is up to you. I personally enjoy biking and cross country skiing; it gets me out into the environment and that motivates me. The truth is there are exercises that work great for me and other exercises that I am not a huge fan of. You need to find the right balance of exercises that suit you and just go with it.

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