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October 25, 2017

5 foods pretending to be healthy when they’re really not good for you

The top 5 fake health foods Do you understand how some sneakers are specifically engineered for others, and workouts, it turns out, are appropriate for nothing more than making fashion statements? Well, foods are like that also. Many are dressed up to appear as they’re good for you when in fact, they’re anything but. When you are trying to eat well, it can be bothersome when unhealthful impostors–full of sugar, fat, and sodium–undo your great work. Here’s how to spot […]
May 26, 2017

The Mediterranean diet – You won’t starve yourself on this diet!

The Mediterranean diet – Stop starving Dieting is a way to lose weight and attain the body one has always dreamt of. It is also one way of avoiding diseases in the long run. But some individuals think that starving during a diet will further help them lose weight. That is undoubtedly not the case; in fact, such a thing will only lead one to get a skinny body. It is enough to eat right, exercise, and stay active during […]
February 10, 2016

8 foods that you should not eat – Make diet a priority and cut the filler

Foods to ditch – If serious about dieting Summer is just about here, but your skirts from last year no longer fit? Then it’s time to lose a few pounds again. We’ll tell you which foods tend to get in the way of losing weight and take a look at healthy foods that will help your diet along. Five foods you should avoid 1. CEREALS AND DRIED FRUIT Oatmeal is an excellent choice if you want to get your day […]
8 foods that you should not eat – Make diet a priority and cut the filler
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