June 27, 2017
health benefits of lentils

The Health Benefits of Lentils – Powerful Health Benefits But Beware

What Are The Health Benefits of Lentils you ask? Lentils are a staple of many diets. They are one of humankind’s earliest foods. Evidence of lentil-eating has been discovered in archaeological sites in the Middle East that are over eight thousand years old. To this day, Middle Eastern and Central Asian cooking includes lentils in many of its dishes. Lentils have also been a staple of Lent diets in Catholic countries. If one walks into a health food market today, one can find over 20 varieties of lentils. There are split versions (for ease of cooking), miniature sizes no bigger […]
May 2, 2017
top 10 foods for weight reduction

The Top 10 Foods You Should Add To Your Diet Today

The Top 10 Diet Foods In our fast paced world where we need to often time be many things to many people it is easy to become stressed, frazzled and exhausted.  The food we eat can either add to the problem or help to de-stress us by virtue of what it contains or even the texture.  Munching crunchy foods and working out frustration is more favorable than clenching your jaw and holding onto stress and frustration. Foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids (such as salmon and tuna) as well as other foods with unsaturated fat (avocados and almonds) help […]
April 27, 2017
foods to fight menopause

Powerful Foods That Can Help Fight Menopause Symptoms

  The menopause fighting foods here may not only help you lose weight but they can provide some nutrients that help your body combat the onset of the aging process. You goal is to attain as many nutrients to help alleviate the symptoms of menopause, including hot flushes, bloating, irritability and tiredness as well being packed with calcium to help prevent osteoporosis. Foods For Fighting Menopause Oily fish, nuts and seeds for essential omega oils; good for general body and brain condition. Whole grains, lean red meat, pulses-rich in B vitamins. Nuts, seeds, white fish, leafy greens, white cabbage, low-fat […]