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November 1, 2018

The top 5 foods for building lean muscle fast and as easy as possible

Lean muscle can make the difference between looking reasonably fit and looking very healthy. Muscle is important to keep you looking and feeling good because it burns fat and allows you to move more efficiently. Whether it’s getting rid of stubborn belly fat or creating legs that will carry you through an entire marathon, ultimately, we all have the goal of creating a body we can be proud of. But what exactly should that body look like, or in other […]
October 13, 2018

The #1 most common food you should NEVER cut from your diet!

Ever since the 1970s, when folks like Jim Fix with his jogging book and, of course, fitness icon Richard Simmons began to get the world onto the fitness bandwagon, a lot of information has come through our TV’s about how to lose weight and get healthy. Unfortunately, much of it is inaccurate, misunderstood, or even dangerous over time. The weight loss industry generates over $70 billion in the U.S. alone… it’s big business, and these companies and personalities know how […]
March 3, 2018

The 5 best heart healthy recipe variations – low fat diet tips for results

You can enjoy fresh ingredients while avoiding all those high-fat, high-sugar, and high-sodium processed foods with the right know-how. Best of all, you can learn how to guard your heart with these simple changes to your favorite recipes. Check out the five best heart-healthy recipe variations below. 1) Substitute whole grains for refined white flour It’s hard to find a baked good recipe that doesn’t use all-purpose flour. But refined white flour is a poor ingredient if you’re looking for […]
The 5 best heart healthy recipe variations – low fat diet tips for results
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