Diabetic Care

May 10, 2017

Risk factors for diabetes – Watch out for the signs of metabolic syndrome

Warning sign #1 Metabolic syndrome Today, an increasingly common state in developed nations is now known as the Metabolic Syndrome (formerly called Syndrome X). This state is related to insulin resistance, where your body produces insulin, but the cells don’t react correctly. Metabolic syndrome has many health hazards connected with that. It can lead straight to type II diabetes, a disorder that takes a whole host of really adverse health hazards and is now a national outbreak. If you’re heavy, […]
May 6, 2017

Stomach fat and diabetes – How stomach fat contributes to diabetes

Abdominal fat is correlated to diabetes – Lessen risk factors by losing weight Obesity is an epidemic in the world today.  Diabetes is also on the rise.  Is there a correlation between the two?  The experts say that there is and that you need to know about it. There are two types of diabetes:  Type 1 and Type 2.  Diabetes is a condition of the body where insulin production is affected in some way.  Insulin production may be non-existent or […]
January 12, 2017

Diabetes and low carb dieting – Is this the best diet for diabetics?

Is low carb the best choice for dieting with diabetes? Is the diabetes low carb dieting approach the best diet for people with diabetes, and what are the benefits? Are you seeking a proper diabetes diet? There are lots of good ones out there. Your diabetes diet program should always be as customized as possible to your individual needs. No doubt your doctor has already handed you a piece of paper with a diabetes diet on it, a Xeroxed copy of […]
Diabetes and low carb dieting – Is this the best diet for diabetics?
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