October 24, 2017

Best methods for healing the skin damage caused from stretch marks

What exactly are stretch marks? Tears in the dermis can occur when the skin is stretched past a particular point, and micro bleedings will likely show up in the dermis. Furthermore, the layer of skin becomes quite thin, which enables these bleeds to be visible via your skin and appear as pink or reddish marks. Therefore when the body regenerates new cells, these new cells are poor collagen creation of this same type, and discoloration can occur as a result […]
June 22, 2017

The best cellulite treatment options for both reduction and prevention

Cellulite reduction and treatment Cellulite is persistent. There is no permanent cure for cellulite; it is a condition that will recur just as soon as treatments stop or old habits and lifestyles are lapsed back into. Once a battle is started against cellulite it must persist otherwise the ‘enemy forces’ will quickly overcome the ‘good guys’ and re-establish themselves under the skin of the hips, thighs and buttocks. All women have a degree of cellulite. It is worse for some […]
May 6, 2017

Eliminate cellulite today – The best health strategies for cellulite

Cure cellulite with these strategies Cellulite is an accumulation of metabolic waste products in the connective tissue. Metabolic waste is everything the body can no longer process and eliminate – the so-called body waste. This includes drug residues, dental toxins, other toxins, environmental toxins in general, and foods that the body is exposed to in excess. In this context, animal proteins (including meat, sausage, fish, eggs, milk, and dairy products) and sugar (especially refined white sugar) are the most important. […]
Eliminate cellulite today – The best health strategies for cellulite
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