October 30, 2017

Simply Slow Cooked Clean Eating Beef Machaca Recipe

Beef Slow Cooker Recipes – Beef Machaca Machaca traditionally had been a dish created from cowboys and ranchers involving dried beef, a few chili peppers, also has been consumed with whatever was in season or available. Occasionally it had been wrapped in flour tortillas, several instances it had been wrapped up with eggs, and at times it was grilled into crispy small taquitos. This model skips the dried beef but uses all of the standard tastes and may be consumed […]
October 27, 2017

Gluten-Free Clean Eating Korean Beef with Vegetables Recipe

Korean Beef With Vegetables Recipe Gluten-free healthy Korean Ground Beef with Vegetables made with lean ground beef, a sweet and spicy Korean sauce, and plenty of vegetables makes for a quick and easy healthy dinner. This meal was our impromptu dinner last week when I stared aimlessly into the fridge after deciding I wasn’t in the mood for what I initially planned. You know those nights, when everything is planned for dinner but then 5 o’clock rolls around and that’s […]