July 31, 2017
anxiety causes and treatments

Anxiety Attacks — Causes And Treatment Options

Anxiety problems: Anxiety could be said to be part of human nature. That said, it’s obvious that anxiety levels differ by individuals. Some people get more anxious than others when something happened to them, in a situation or moment in life. It could be at the moment of uncertainty, expectation, trying something new or difficulty.   Such anxiety is generally acceptable, and happens to everybody at one time or the other. But it becomes a problem, when one is in constant fear and worries, almost in every situation he or she encounters in life. In such circumstance, anxiety disorder might […]
January 19, 2017
anxiety and stress danger to overall health and wellbeing

Coping With Anxiety & Stress — Dealing With The Pressure

How to Cope With Anxiety & Stress Here is the fact. Anxiety & Stress is not just something which is “all in the mind”. It can seriously damage the body and one’s complete well-being as well. Perhaps you are taking nicely of your body by eating healthy and working out but you are depriving yourself of sleep that is enough then you are not doing all the right things that your body needs and deserves. Stress is the body’s manner to react to situations. Our body produces stress hormones to help us in the fight or flee reaction. This is […]
January 1, 2017
tips to stop being stressed out

How To Cope With Stress and Anxiety – What You Should Know

Don’t Let The Stress Get to You There are two types of stress that most people face. One is the positive stress known as eustress, a rush of excitement and fun that we experience, for example, when cycling downhill, feeling the wind on your face or the sense of urgency when we know there’s a deadline drawing near and we can beat it. The other is chronic stress which has negative effects on our health, especially if we are stressed over a long period. What happens when we are under stress? How does our body react? It senses a perceived […]