animal free diet

An Vegan animal free diet is actually a very good way to maintain health and if you play your cards right you can actually lose weight. Going vegan can seem difficult at the beginning to adjust to. After all, you are radically changing your diet and although this may be hard, stick with it and you will thank me later.

Keep in mind that vegan is completely animal free, so be prepared for the initial shock of this, the best way may be for you to slowly give up animal products, spread out over time, as to not overwhelm yourself.

Another issue you may run into adopting an animal free vegan diet is that you are going to have to take time to plan out your meals. Don’t let meals get boring, there are many choices you are just going to have to put the effort into being more creative with your meal preparation. This is why it’s important to formulate a plan that you can easily follow. Vegan dieting is more of an art than a science. Do the best you can and I wish the best success to you.

March 28, 2017

The vegan dieting guide – 3 common questions and how to get started

Can you lose weight by going vegan? Among the simplest yet most challenging (in the beginning) methods to lose weight and gain excellent health, would be to change to a vegan diet. Simply because they don’t eat any animal products vegans are distinct from vegetarians. That means no milk, no eggs, no cheese, etc. The sole reason this is among the harder methods to slim down is the fact that it’s a whole diet change for most people, but keep […]