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Here’s 3 reasons why you should swim

The smell of chlorine, a flowery bathing cap, and, in between, a toned muscleman splashing and splashing his way around – do you also have such preconceptions in your head when you hear the word “swimming”? Please get rid of them! Get yourself together and start the summer fit.

Fish generally have no problem with diseases of civilization – neither cardiovascular problems nor obesity and diabetes. I wonder if this is because they permanently live one of the most famous endurance sports and thus enjoy many health benefits?

Even if you aren’t severely overweight, swimming is the perfect way to speed up weight loss without damaging your body with weights and running. Lifting too much will cause your muscles, and running is incredibly hard on your joints.

Swimming is a much better option than hitting the gym every other day, especially if you’re getting older. You’ll see results much faster, and you’ll be able to have fun while you do it. So, break out your swimsuit and use your community center for something other than the weight room because you are about to lose weight like crazy.

1) Low impact weight distribution

The best thing about being in the water is that it makes you virtually weightless, making working out easy. If you’re overweight, it can be challenging to run on a treadmill or elliptical because of the strain that it puts on your body.

Prevent pregnancy discomfort in the water
Many pregnant women find movement in the water pleasant. The buoyancy makes the body feel light. Joints that have to bear the heavier weight in everyday life are relieved. Typical pregnancy complaints, such as water retention and varicose veins, can also be reduced. The water pressure acts on the legs like a natural compression stocking. Finally, and very importantly, the risk of injury is very low when swimming!

Swimming strengthens the heart
Sporty swimming gets the cardiovascular system going and trains the heart. The water pressure causes the blood vessels on the skin’s surface to constrict. As a result, blood is forced back into the chest cavity, and the heart works harder. As a result, the heart adapts to the long term and becomes more efficient.

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Relieve back pain and joint problems through water sports

Do you often suffer from joint and back pain? Then swimming is just the thing for you! Because in the water, the joints and intervertebral discs are relieved. In addition, you can strengthen your trunk and back muscles with backstroke. In addition, osteoarthritis patients in particular benefit from water sports. For them, the recommendation is: move a lot but put slight strain on yourself. That’s exactly what swimming can do. Therefore, it is vital for those affected to pay attention to how their body feels. Swimming will displace your weight so that you aren’t holding yourself up during your workout, keeping you from getting exhausted too quickly. It also supports all the pressure off your joints, so this is perfect if you’re older or have arthritis.

man swimming fast

2) Lower effort full body workout

You might not consider it, but you can quickly build up your muscles just by practicing your strokes. Swimming works every muscle in your body, and you’re guaranteed to see fast results.

The weight of the water creates a tremendous force to push against to gain muscle mass while safely burning fat, and you can use a variety of strokes to work different muscles more. For example, a butterfly stroke will build up your triceps and pectorals faster than a bench press ever could. Freestyle is great for your legs, arms, and buttocks, not to mention it is the most effortless stroke to perfect.

Lose weight healthily by swimming
Swimming also scores in calorie consumption – one more reason to replace the gym with the swimming pool: An 160-pound person consumes about 344 calories per hour in slow breaststroke and about 768 in fast breaststroke. With a quick crawl, you can even melt up to 900 calories. Calorie consumption is so high in the water because the body needs the energy to compensate for the temperature difference with the water.

However, if you want to lose weight by swimming, exercise regularly. The European College of Sport Science (ECSS) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM) recommends 250 minutes of moderate exercise per week to lose weight. That’s about four hours of exercise per week. However, to ensure that swimming remains healthy and doesn’t lead to injuries, for example, you should not overload yourself at the beginning and slowly increase your training workload.

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If you aren’t familiar with swimming, do a Google search for different strokes to work on. Most are very easy to learn and will give you the results you have always dreamed of. Also, almost all pools have lanes designated explicitly for doing laps to work out, so use those instead of the central area of the pool.

You’ll encounter fewer obstacles and are much less likely to be bothered. To increase your speed, invest in a swim cap. Not only does it look official, it also makes moving much more effortless. Also, be sure to have goggles so that you can see while you’re working out – it’s no good to be bumping into the walls and hurting yourself.

Swimming as a whole body workout.

Swimming strengthens all muscle groups significantly if you vary your swimming styles: Breaststroke trains, especially the chest, shoulder, arm, and leg muscles. The strength comes mainly from the components and training the shoulders and torso in a crawl. In backstroke, the torso and back muscles benefit the most.

swimming good exercise

3) Less propensity of overheating

If you have overheated while working out, then swimming will take care of that issue for you right away. Staying in the water keeps you cool and helps your muscles to remain relaxed even while you’re working out, so it isn’t as hard on you as working out at the gym.

Most pools are heated, but not to the extent that you’ll get too hot to go on. It also saves you from being embarrassingly red while working out. Having your hair up in a swim cap also helps you keep cool.

Swimming as a natural help for asthma

Swimming makes the respiratory muscles more resilient and supports the transport of mucus from the lungs – all of which benefit asthmatics. However, beginners should take care to get used to the exertion slowly and include a warm-up phase and regular recovery periods. Also important: asthmatics should consult their doctor before exercising and be well medicated.

The best sport for overweight people? Swimming!

The buoyancy of water has several advantages for overweight people. They can exercise gently in the pool without overexerting themselves and improve their body image over time. In addition, since overweight people often have pre-existing circulatory problems, bones, and joints, swimming is an ideal gentle introduction to regular exercise. And especially for untrained people, the low risk of injury is also a plus.

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