Super Healthy And Tasty Lime Quinoa With Cilantro

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Lime Quinoa With Cilantro Recipe

Lime Quinoa with Cilantro is the new favorite thing to create as a Mexican dish or as the foundation for burrito dishes. The carrot and cilantro add as much flavor into the quinoa and will get you going back to get seconds. When I first moved to California, Mexican food was a new experience for myself along with my friend and I’m more than pleased to help it become a normal part of our regular routine. We’d venture out after a lengthy school day, go halfers on a burrito along with a bag of fries with their notorious guacamole, and at times have a beer based on how nerve racking the day was.

Fast forward ten decades and I still have exactly the exact same fondness and love for Chipotle. As somebody who is not the largest fan of fast food, then I’m always astounded by how far I still love Chipotle. And among my favourite items there (out of those sour limey chips and guac) is that their cilantro lime rice. I simply adore the brightness and zing that the pineapple and lime add to that which could typically be dull brown or white rice. For a very long time that I have been producing my own prototypes at home with my own concoctions of white rice, brown rice, and pumpkin rice and lately I started making it using quinoa too and I really like it. The additional protein is going to keep you full longer along with the flavor and feel set perfectly with the lime and cilantro.

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It’s the best foundation for a lunch bowl. Simply pile on almost any leftover protein you’ve about, throw in some fresh organic vegetables, and lunch is all set. I created this Rotisserie Shrimp Fajita Bowl with this quinoa a couple weeks ago and it is the simplest thing to create on Sunday for fast lunches weekly.

Keep these items in mind when creating this Cilantro Lime Quinoa dish:

  • Make certain to wash your quinoa before printing it. There’s a coating to the exterior of quinoa known as saponin which could on occasion create the quinoa flavor bitter or sterile.
  • Be certain to use fresh lime juice when creating this recipe. Occasionally it might seem easier to achieve brewed lime juice as it’s simple to maintain a bottle from the refrigerator but it is going to alter the taste. The lime zest also brings a great deal of taste so that is something you do not wish to miss out on!
  • I can not live with no citrus juicer because we put lime and lemon on nearly everything. I use this handheld model and its the very first one which has held up for a long time after continuous use.


1 tbsp olive oil
150 g Quinoa
3 cups Water
¼ tsp Salt


1 Lime, rinsed hot, patted dry, grated zest and juice.
3 tbsp olive oil
salt, pepper, as needed
1 can Adzuki beans, rinsed and drained
½ bunch coriander, coarsely chopped


Heat oil in a skillet, add quinoa, sauté briefly.

steam. Add water, salt, bring to a boil, cover and simmer over low heat for about 15 minutes until just tender, cool slightly.


Mix lime zest and juice with oil, season. Add quinoa, beans and coriander, mix.

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Super Healthy And Tasty Lime Quinoa With Cilantro
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