Post pregnancy weight loss how to get started: What you should know

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How to lose weight after giving birth

Some women go into their pregnancies being very fit, and others lose weight before they start using an ovulation calendar and hoping for a baby. Others are overweight when they get pregnant or not in excellent shape. But, of course, all these groups have in common is weight gain during pregnancy.

No matter how fit and healthy you were before getting pregnant, after giving birth, you will have some pounds to shed and probably a postpartum belly you’d rather see the back of.

Just a few weeks after the birth of her fourth child, Heidi Klum pranced down the catwalks looking as slim as a whip – so it’s clear that new moms get the wrong idea about how quickly they can lose weight after pregnancy.

The fact is, the 13 kilos or more gained during pregnancy don’t disappear independently. Nor should they; the body needs a small fat cushion so that mom and baby are well supplied with all the nutrients. This is especially true when breastfeeding.

So dieting is out of the question in the first few weeks after birth. Nevertheless, there are ways and means to slowly but surely get rid of the excess pounds: Diet, exercise, and the proper organization. We tell you here how you can lose weight healthily after pregnancy.

Weight loss after birth: these tips will help you succeed
One piece of positive news in advance: shortly after giving birth, the new mom is a good twelve pounds lighter. This weight loss results from the child’s weight, together with amniotic fluid, placenta, and blood. Unfortunately, the remaining pounds do not disappear quite as quickly.

This is largely because the body has already built up emergency reserves for the breastfeeding period. In addition, breastfeeding is quite an energy-sapping affair for a mom so that she and the child are supplied with all the essential nutrients.

Breastfeeding makes baby pounds fall off.
Breastfeeding is an absolute miracle aid in losing weight after pregnancy. Every day, moms have an additional calorie requirement of about 400 to 500 cal. This means you can eat normally and gradually lose weight all by yourself. But: If you are breastfeeding, you should never go on crash diets or starve yourself.

Otherwise, you and the baby will not be supplied with all the nutrients. In addition, the body attacks the fat reserves. Perfect in itself, but harmful substances are bound in the fat cells. These are released when the body goes to the fat reserves and enters the baby’s body through the breast milk.

How quickly you lose weight after pregnancy varies significantly from woman to woman. But, on average, you should reckon with a good nine months until you have your old weight back. And even then, it may well be that your belly is not quite as firm as it was before pregnancy.

Perhaps, like many women, the famous stretch marks appeared on your belly during pregnancy. But, here too, don’t panic. There are various methods to remove unwanted stretch marks.

1. do not stress
No one expects a new mom to be rid of all the baby pounds a few weeks or months after birth. During the nine months of pregnancy, the mother-to-be’s body has gone through many significant changes. So it’s only natural that you don’t find your way back to your body “from before” immediately in the first weeks after delivery. So don’t stress! Don’t set your sights too high, but rather be happy about your new baby and enjoy the first months with them.

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2. pay attention to regular meals
A baby turns your life upside down. It’s hard to establish a routine. Many moms eat very irregularly, especially things that go fast and fill you up. This often means a lot of extra calories. In addition, this not exactly healthy diet does not necessarily help the young mother to be prepared for the strenuous everyday life with baby.

If you want to speed up your weight loss after pregnancy, you should first structure your meals better. For example, you are less likely to suffer from cravings if you eat three large meals and two small ones.

3. cook for yourself as often as possible
Ready meals, sweets, cakes, or sandwiches: All of these are quick, and that’s why many moms like to eat them. However, these foods contain a few extra calories. Make it easier for you to lose weight after pregnancy and cook for yourself as often as possible.

It’s hard because most lack time and energy. Still, take your time, harness your partner, and then pre-cook quick, easy meals in more significant portions that you need to freeze. Here are a few ideas for easy, quick recipes.

4. don’t snack constantly between meals
If you’re breastfeeding, you can eat 500 cal more a day: So many moms like to reach for chocolate bars and the like as a snack between meals. But don’t do that if you want to lose those baby pounds. The calorie content of small bars is often underestimated. Take a look at the nutritional information! Instead, eat healthy snacks such as natural yogurt with fruit, vegetable sticks, or a sandwich.

5. exercise regularly
Very few moms have time to go to the gym. You don’t have to run to the gym at all if you want to accelerate weight loss after pregnancy. Start with a postnatal exercise class around six weeks after giving birth. This is important to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Ask your doctor or midwife whether you are ready for exercise. Otherwise, make sure you get enough exercise in your daily routine.

Take longer walks every day. If the baby is a little older and you feel like exercising, you and your partner should find times when you can go jogging or to the gym. DVDs or workouts from the Internet are also great, which you can do in front of the TV or PC in the living room at any time when the baby is asleep.

Or you can integrate your little one directly into your exercises: Here, you can find some great exercises to train your abdominal muscles.

6. create space to relax
The child is finally asleep: now it’s time to clean, wash, tidy up. But, of course, you want to use this time, just sit on the sofa. Stress is poison if you’re going to lose weight. If there are stress hormones in your body all the time, more fat will be stored on your stomach – and that’s exactly what you want to get rid of.

Therefore, take regular relaxation breaks and time just for you. Come down, relax. Then the pounds will disappear all by themselves.

Sports, nutrition, relaxation. Is this taking too long for you? Then in the meantime, a few cool styling tricks can help you conceal your belly! You will see: It will make you feel so much better!

7. try to get as much sleep as possible
Sweets provide quick energy: that’s why they’re trendy when you’re tired. Unfortunately, many new moms eat a lot of sweets – and have a hard time losing weight after pregnancy. So it’s best not to have large stocks at home; that helps.

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More importantly, try to get as much sleep as possible. It’s hard with a baby – no question about that. But try to sleep together with the baby as often as possible. It doesn’t matter if the housework stops for it.

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The question is, how do you go about losing weight after having a baby healthily and responsibly, especially if you are a breastfeeding mother? There are lots of things that contribute to weight loss! Here are some tips for you.

  • Breastfeeding burns calories and nursing your baby on demand certainly contributes to weight loss. Nursing mothers also have an additional reason to eat healthily, so breastfeeding contributes to weight loss in several ways. There is no need to consume additional calories when nursing, but it is important to focus on eating high-quality foods.
  • You can safely go on a weight loss diet about two months after birth if you are breastfeeding (that’s when your milk supply is safely established), and as soon as you have recovered from the birth, if you formula feed. It is best to stick at losing no more than 1.5 lbs a week.
  • Why not enjoy bonding with your baby while you work on getting fit? A vigorous walk with your baby in a stroller or a baby carrier contributes to your overall health. You can do this anywhere around your neighborhood, at the mall, or in the woods.
  • Mother and baby yoga or pilates classes are another wonderful options for postpartum moms. Again, new mothers get to have fun with their babies while also working on losing that post-pregnancy flab.

It can be tough to find time to exercise alone when you have a newborn. But remember that three ten-minute sessions make a full half hour! You can find good exercise videos online, and you can work out at home without any equipment when your baby naps or your partner is holding her.

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