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Stretch marks: Remedies and treatments

Stomach stretch marks can make you feel too embarrassed to wear a bikini, to change clothes in front of others at the gym, or even to undress in front of your loved one. Stretch marks that appear on the stomach occur as a result of extreme weight gain and loss, usually due to pregnancy. Pregnancy stretch marks can leave unattractive, reddish purple marks all over your hips and breasts, but are particularly inclined to mark your belly.

If a woman has only given birth for the past few months to a year, she is not advised to undergo any clinical procedures to eliminate stretch marks. Her body is still in the process of healing after giving birth, and immediately subjecting it to clinical procedures, might create health problems for her. Also, breastfeeding women cannot use neither topical nor surgical methods to eliminate stretch marks. Those who aren’t breastfeeding may use creams to eliminate their stomach stretch marks, but nursing moms can’t because the products may seep into the breast milk and cause health problems to their babies.

Pregnancy stretch marks, also called striae gravidarum, are often by two things – the hormonal disruption of pregnancy and rapid growth of their abdomen. Some women tend to deposit fat into their hips, thighs and buttocks during their pregnancy contributing to the development of stretch marks in these areas as well.

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Almost everybody knows what stretch marks are. Most people just want to know how to treat stomach stretch marks. Tummy tucks can remove these marks from your stomach – the actual skin is surgically removed, along with the offending stretch marks. You will have a scar, but it’s usually low enough to be hidden under a bikini bottom. This is major surgery, but it may be the most effective solution to remove stomach stretch marks, along with saggy and flabby skin that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise.

There are numerous skin creams and ointments which may help stretch marks, yet these ointments and creams don’t generally work unless they’re specially designed to heal stretch marks such as Striafade, Zenmed and Revitol stretch mark removal cream. Maintaining a balanced diet and an active lifestyle may also help reduce stretch marks.  Crash dieting or fad diet plans increase the likelihood of building stretch marks.

In terms of the protection of cosmetic surgery for stretch mark elimination, a surgical treatment not just helps you to eliminate the stretch marks but additionally to get rid of the extra fat along with skin.

Overweight individuals who have dropped numerous pounds will realize that there are stretch marks as well as extra skin left out. The outcome of the process is actually tightening of the skin through getting rid of extra skin as well as taking out the inactive skin cells.

Anti-aging expert says you should mix a bit of whole milk and a bit of water, and mist it onto your face.

Leave it for 15 minutes, and it’ll exfoliate, moisturize and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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