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May 15, 2017
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The Mediterranean diet – Stop starving

Dieting in itself is a way to lose weight and attain the body that one always dreamt of. It is also one way of avoiding diseases in the long run. But there are some individual who think that starving during a diet will further help them in losing weight. That is surely not the case; in fact such a thing will only lead one to get a malnourished body. It is enough to eat right, exercise and stay active during a diet. In other words, we can say that starving while dieting is completely unhealthy for an individual.

starving not good for dieting

Starving while dieting not only affects the body but the brain as well leading to emotional stress and irritability. Not only that a person’s concentration gets hindered and disturbed too and not to mention the lack of nutrients that a body needs. One can eat less amounts of food at different times of the day. These food items can include fruits, vegetables and high fiber items that does not make on gain weight.

This will help the body’s metabolism as well. Taking advice from a dietician will also help one understand the importance of eating right in a diet and not starving. Dieting helps in staying away from diseases and health problems but adding starving to it will only attract health problems. The immunity of a body is greatly affected by starving. So it is not recommended by anyone to starve while dieting.

The Mediterranean diet is versatile

The first step in this type of diet is the prohibition of foods which are considered artificial. This prohibition essentially translates to the fact that those foods which are hydrogenated and particularly those types of commodities which contain partly hydrogenated fats and other types of foods in the same manner are banned.

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They include the hazardous “trans fats” which are responsible for increasing the level of cholesterol and which is also suspected as an added factor to the development of cancer. Particularly in Mediterranean diet, it is essential as well as a precondition that the individual is highly aware of the food labels. In the United States, it is obligatory that the proportion of Trans fats ought to be clear particularly in the labels that come with it; however this is not the case for certain countries.

mediterranean dieting guide

The second step is that at the time of the weight loss period of this particular diet it is mandatory to discontinue the consumption of those drinks which are manufactured containing sweeteners or other sugar. What is essential in this form of diet is that the individual should be able to consume just as much water as he/she could consume, natural juices like that of orange juice and other related juices are also recommended. In this diet, one has to refrain from primarily from drinking beer or any other alcoholic beverages for the time being of the diet.

Although it’s not that bad to consume wine while having meals, however during the Mediterranean Diet, although it may possible, red wine would not help in reducing one’s weight. The third thing to remember in this case is that at the time of the diet, one should not eat or consume any kind of dessert particularly those that are manufactured with purified flour.

There are many available sweets for Mediterranean diet; however one should not essentially consume such. Another important thing to remember in this kind of diet is that you should be able to consume your daily share of breakfast. Primarily it should be composed of lots of fresh fruits like that of oranges and the likes. The breakfast should also be comprised of oat flakes which are natural, this particular type could be in the same kind as the ones used for porridge. However the oat flakes should only be accompanied by skimmed milk; there shouldn’t be any sugar in the mixture at all.

In the case of the Mediterranean diet, provided that you are able to consume a good solid breakfast, it is a given that you would not be able to feel any hunger at all, that is for the next few hours to come. Provided that you are going out, it is advisable to consume some raw vegetables, you could also have them inside your bag so that when you feel hungry at some point while you are out, you are able to stick with your diet plan.

After a couple of hours, you are then allowed to consume another meal which could be in the proportion and type of the breakfast that you have consumed earlier. Other tips for this type of diet are that before bedtime, you could either consume skimmed milk or a fresh fruit. Apart from this, exercise also helps in the weight loss process just like in the same manner as other diets.

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