Americans Rave About Scientifically Tested And Newly Released Weight Loss System Delivering Trackable Results Within Days.

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Former Marine and Korean physician combine ancient wisdom with modern science to make a safe and effective weight loss system that delivers remarkable results within the first 72 hours.

You have tried every diet… you have tried every exercise routine… you have ground yourself to the dust with gut wrenching cardio… and the pounds do not appear to come off or come right back the minute you take a breather. It is an epidemic in the U.S. and across the world and it impacts over 90 percent of the populace.

The system dispels the fitness and weight loss myths which have taken root in western civilization and continue to push the data on cardiovascular disease, cancer, joint pain, digestive problems, premature aging, low energy and a host of other health problems associated with being overweight.

At last, modern science is beginning to test and demonstrate what most people today think about exercise and weight loss is in fact counterproductive and even harmful. Specifically, heavy cardio cardiovascular exercise has been demonstrated to be ineffective in addition to harmful to your health.

Doctor Sam Pak, an expert on internal medicine and human bio-chemistry in addition to being among those co-founders of Kyle Cooper’s Fat Decimator system, says that the approach works much better even than he anticipated. As an example, eliminating sodium, engaging in longterm heavy cardio exercise, starvation diets, restricting carbohydrates and even certain foods thought to be healthy proceed directly against the body’s natural metabolic processes, biological cycles and capability to eliminate unsightly fat in addition to fight off disease.”

“Let us examine cardio exercise. Running, running, biking and the like done over long intervals. Hundreds of clinical studies have clearly demonstrated that a person being burns an average of 5 calories per minute. Consider that in the event you run for an hour, you burn about 300 to 400 calories. Consider also that one slice of banana bread contains over 450 calories. You can see, then in order to have any real impact, long and slow cardio has to be done for hours every day, which can be impractical.”

“Further,” Doctor Pak says, “more extreme interval cardio does triple the impact, yet it also needs more recovery time. It is therefore no more successful than long low-intensity cardio. If overdone, in actuality, pushing your body too hard with heavy running and other aerobic exercises damaging the joints and assembles scar tissue on the heart resulting in the onset of cardiovascular disease. Like this were not’ bad enough, your body starts to go into what is called a catabolic state. This implies that all this hard running, as an instance, puts your body into survival mode and it starts to absorb muscle tissue for energy rather fat, as muscle contains more energy.”

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Than this is just 1 example of how weight loss myths adversely impact those looking for weight loss alternatives. In their Fat Decimator program, Doctor Pak and Gunnery Sergeant Cooper expose these myths and use independent scientific research to clearly illustrate why it is very important that you avoid them. Further, they describe how your body functions and how to function in harmony with it to bring about truly amazing weight loss success.

Even more striking is the narrative Kyle shares about a woman in his home town of St. Louis, Missouri whose weight state had led to a serious decline in her health. So much so, in actuality, that she had been literally facing the frighteningly real possibility of an impending death due to heart disease.

Her turnaround both physically and emotionally is astonishing and a huge part of why I’ve made sharing Fat Decimator my life’s mission.”

In actuality, if Sharon Monroe lost over 40 lbs in one month, she could not even think her own body. She drove to John’s Hopkins in Baltimore and had a complete medical workup done, including physical in addition to genetic testing.

The Fat Decimator offers you the ability to enhance your body’s metabolic processes, improve your digestion, improve your ability to resist disease all while providing astonishing weight loss benefits. An average of 5 to 7 pounds weekly over the duration of this 30 day program isn’t unreasonable — and higher results are measured.

Rebecca S. of Wilmington, NC reported that in the end of her first week, she’d dropped 9 lbs and went on to lose 18 more at the end of the month.

Angela L. of Cincinnati, Ohio reports that not only did she shed 31 pounds on her first attempt with Fat Decimator, she also has more energy than she has had in her romantic life with her husband has never been better.

Fat Decimator is a easy step by step procedure that does not need starving yourself, grueling workouts, crazy pills or supplements or expensive exercise gadgets that don’t work. It is a natural, scientifically proven program that provides amazing results to people who follow it.

Try Fat Decimator yourself with no danger!

To find out more about this remarkable program, click here and see Kyle’s free Fat Decimator demonstration and find out the true secrets about weight loss and how you can finally attain the outcomes that have eluded you for so long.

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