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Rebuilding healthier foundations

With every New Year it seems, comes a mass awakening of people that are willing to objectively look at themselves and try to find a means for positive change. This phenomenon is just absolutely amazing and I’m sure there are others who feel the same way. This one time in the year where we are willing to seek to better ourselves, whether it be breaking away from a bad habit or behavior. We see it as an issue, we recognize the need to change, and we give it an honest effort.

The difficulty lies in the fact that we are creatures of habit, we get used to routines and these can be very difficult to break. This is why to simplify this difficulty, I like to look to reinforcing behaviors, it helps to simplify why it seems so hard to change. The main point is that every time we partake in a habit, vice or even something positive, we reinforce that behavior.

It’s almost as if we’re building something from the ground-up, and each “brick” from the bottom, holds the most weight. Every brick from that point on works to reinforce the whole structure, which once build is hard to demolish without the proper know how and experiences.

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Breaking the habits that bind so well

So my major focus in breaking a habit would be the need to deconstruct from the top, ultimately all the way back down to the first heaviest bricks of the foundation, holding the most weight. This is how I look at change and it makes the most sense to view it this way. It will take a lot of motivation to get right back to the foundation of your bad behaviors, but it is entirely possible.

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Embrace the New Year and realize that it is totally possible to change; it just takes real work and dedication. Think of all the years you may have spent reinforcing that certain bad behavior, or habit and make a plan that takes this into account.

Know that every single time you feed that habit you are building on a routine that is stopping you from getting to where you want to be. You literally have an uphill battle to “starve” that habit and positively rebuild from the ground up!

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You just might be your own worst enemy

It’s going to be hard, you are going to be your own worst enemy, and this is almost certainly going to be the case. You fight and fight and it will seem worse before it gets better. Remember it’s easier to accept defeat and give into habit, than it is to build that new foundation. Not many make it to be totally honest.

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You will likely fail many times before you have built that foundation strong enough to support the stress of all the other bricks around it. Something amazing happens out of all of this; you are finally able to break free and the sudden burst of confidence will have you flying high, ready to rise up to whatever challenge comes next.

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