July 22, 2016
our review of eat stop eat is eat stop eat a scam

Eat Stop Eat Review — Does Fasting Really Make The Difference?

Discover the Diet Secrets That Have Been “Hiding in Plain Sight” for 91 Years! Power-Up Your Metabolism With New Breakthrough Diet That Stops Food Cravings. Discover How the Right Foods Can Help You Lose Weight and Safeguard Your Family’s Health Eat Satisfying Food, Never Feel Hungry, […]
June 25, 2016
beginner weight loss exercises

Workout for Beginners – Weight Loss Exercises For Just Starting Out

Beginner Exercises – Starting Your Weight Loss Journey So here we have some great beginner weight loss exercises that can be printed out and easily used as a reference through your weight loss journey. Jumping Jacks  They are a great addition to this beginner weight […]
May 31, 2016
endurance training cardio

Endurance For Cardiovascular Health And Losing Weight

Endurance Training Benefits So the question becomes, can we use endurance training to combat the effects of old age? This question has motivated me to find research supporting, or, not supporting this claim. I not only want to fight aging but I also want the best […]