June 18, 2015
metabolism boosting superfoods

The top 12 metabolism boosting superfoods that you should be eating

12 fat burning super-foods for dieting You can start losing weight now; just by adding some of these great metabolism boosting foods to your diet. Sure half the battle is what we eat; but the other half is exercise, motivation and self-discipline. So undoubtedly it should hold true that as long as you are eating healthy, practicing the self-discipline to help keep you motivated and exercising. Through doing this, you are helping to empower yourself to not only be the […]
May 29, 2015
three week diet cure obesity

The ultimate flat tummy guide — The 12 steps for losing belly fat fast

The 12 steps to lose belly fat fast So you want to lose belly fat fast, well I’m here to officially welcome you to the club. We all are looking to lose belly fat fast and this guide can help you in your journey to getting there. The following 12 steps for losing belly fat have been tried, tested and are as true as can be. Without further adieu I bring you the top 12 strategies for tackling belly fat […]