February 4, 2018
how to avoid mistakes when dieting

Avoid this common mistake that causes so many to go off their diets

Diets aren’t easy. They take a lot of commitment and even those of us with strong willpower often end up cheating. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the biggest mistakes dieters make while on a diet – a mistake that leads many to cheat on their diet and many others to go off their diet completely. So what is this big mistake that so many make? Well, it’s actually something that most probably don’t even […]
February 4, 2018
top 7 weight loss hacks

The 7 most unconventional eating tips to help you lose weight for good

Top 7 most unconventional diet tips There are a lot of weight loss articles out there that delve into complex issues like calorie counting and complex carbs versus simple carbs and after a while all the detailed, and often conflicting, information can leave your head spinning. These articles can make the whole weight loss process seem so difficult and overwhelming that many people just give up and don’t even try to lose weight. But having excess weight is bad for […]
February 4, 2018
how to lose weight with carbs

How to eat carbs and still lose weight fast – All about the “right” carbs

You can lose weight eating carbs Carbs have gotten a lot of bad press in the past but the truth is you need to eat carbs to maintain good health. The trick is eating the right carbs and avoiding the ones that add unwanted fat around your midsection and on other areas of your body. Here’s what you need to know: First, you must understand that carbohydrates deliver essential fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants that your body needs to […]
January 7, 2018

How to cure sugar addiction naturally and safely with these simple tips

How to cure sugar addiction naturally Sugar addiction is seriously no joke. There are many different medical afflictions that could become a scary reality if sugar addiction is not brought under control. If you are addicted to sugar, you are not alone, there is a reason that obesity is an epidemic in the United States and sugar definitely plays a dark role in this. So we will examine how to cure sugar addiction naturally and safely to ensure that you […]
December 31, 2017
new year new you

New Year and new you – Be the change you want and make it happen

You have the choice: be the change Here we are at the beginning of a new year and however you have spent the past, the future is here now. You have a choice to make and this choice is yours, you can be the change you want to see or you can continue down the same path. Whether it’s by choice or something more nefarious like addiction, you really have the power to change, you can make this choice and […]
November 18, 2017
how to be optimistic

Optimistic people live healthier and longer lives – Don’t worry be happy

Be optimistic and live longer Have you wanted to live healthier and have a fuller more rewarding life? Welcome to the club. I think we all do deep down inside us all is this want for more. So how do we going from want to reality? Bear with me and come along for this ride where we will explore how this is possible. The most amazing thing is that we all have this within us, as we can really make […]