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May 14, 2017
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The Mediterranean diet – You won’t starve yourself on this diet!
May 26, 2017

Mediterranean diet – So many options

This weight loss method teaches dieters to adopt the eating habits of folks that call the area around the Mediterranean Sea home. They tend to be lean and beautiful people. To achieve the same look, give this eating plan a chance.

The Mediterranean diet is based on the thought that eating food is more than just munching and crunching. The total experience of food involves taking time to prepare the meal and taking time to eat it as well. Food that is eaten slowly is enjoyed more than gobbling it down.

There are no restrictions on this diet. The plan emphasizes that high calorie and fried foods are to be avoided. Other than that, the choices are pretty wide open. As long as portion control is heeded, most foods are not bad for you.

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Bread is a staple of the Mediterranean diet, in particular, pita bread. Pita bread also comes in whole wheat varieties, which adds to the healthy choice. Pita bread is light enough to complement any meal and provide the starch that we crave without adding a lot of calories. For instance, try dipping a Pita bread triangle in a bit of olive oil and herbs to add flavor and pizzazz to almost any meal.

Mediterranean Diet plan benefits

While on the Mediterranean diet, participants get to eat fruits, veggies, low calorie pasta, cheeses and yogurt. Vegetables are sautéed in olive oil for a lighter taste. Whole wheat pasta is an alternative to those made with white flour.

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People living in the Mediterranean region of the world get most of their daily protein requirements from plant sources, but meat is eaten also. Fish and seafood are the usual choices, but lean meats are eaten in small portions as well. Plant sources provide proteins that are lower in cholesterol and fat. This fact improves the overall health of the dieter.

This diet plan is based on the enjoyment of food. Exercise enhances any healthy eating plan, but this particular diet does not stress that point. The choice of foods will lead to weight loss on this plan and adding exercise to the mix can increase weight loss over time.

Start off with thirty minutes of activity three days a week and increase when you feel comfortable. Eating several small meals a day is better than three big ones. Dieters can enjoy a wide variety of foods and not feel deprived. Eat like you were vacationing in southern Spain or the Greek Isles and lose weight at the same time.

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