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Disclaimer: This article is in no way attacking one’s personal freedom to enjoy marijuana responsibly, it is a guide for those thinking that habitual use is a good way to solve issues which I believe it is not. Responsible and non-habitual use should be one’s own choice and I am supportive of this position in so much as one is not dependent on a substance to regulate their happiness.

Marijuana may seem like a harmless way to de-stress and bring yourself a relief from the stresses of life, but it can be an issue and we will examine in detail what those issues are. You’ve likely heard it all before, marijuana is harmless and there are no issues with using the substance for a wide range of physical and psychological ailments. While it has many positive health benefits, there also are some pretty significant downsides to using this drug. Marijuana rewires the brain and may stimulate creativity in some individuals however this comes at a cost and it all comes down to dopamine production in the brain. Dopamine when released into the brain creates a temporary happy feeling and although this feels great in the short term, it can also cause a period of sustained down feelings because once it wears off you are searching for more to get back to this happy place. This is especially troublesome because it trains the user to continue to use the substance to keep feeling good or else they feel down and only want to seek that good feeling again. The more that is used the more often the less of an effect it has and the more the body realizes a tolerance to the substance.

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Without a doubt this can cause issues, and the more use of this substance, the less a person gets from this substance.

Once you quit daily habitual use of this substance, you must be prepared for what comes next: A literal rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, you will feel unbelievably good and horribly bad, it’s just what happens especially in my own experience. It may vary depending on the individual and how much of this substance they used, but mostly you can expect to feel really down or depressed as your brain cannot find the dopamine it has become used to. The longer you use marijuana the harder it will be to fully give up this substance, but there is good news to come from all of this. It’s not extremely physically addictive, so there’s hope that you can easily give this substance up and move on with your life.

You will have ups and downs in life and be sure that the chronic use of marijuana can exacerbate this, so be prepared. Just be aware that this is the compound leaving your system and be ready for it.

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