How To Make Clean Eating and Delicious Grilled Vegetables

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Easy Clean Eating Deconstructed Chicken Burrito
October 30, 2017
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November 30, 2018

How To Make The Best Grilled Vegetables

Clean Eating Grilled Vegetables are located on our plates nearly all year long, but especially during summertime once we spend all our time outdoors. This easy recipe could be made with almost any combination of vegetables and comes together in approximately 15 minutes.

I’m always shocked when I meet somebody who hasn’t attempted cooking vegetables on the grill because in my humble view, it’s hands down one of the most effective strategies to earn any vegetable. It’s also my favorite way to change a person’s mind about a veggie that they do not believe that they like.

He adamantly maintained that asparagus simply were not his thing. He moved back for another helping and asked them again a couple of nights later. I’m telling you.

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Now in regards to this recipe, then consider it much more as a “work in progress” and a “base” than a particular recipe. You are able to change the veggies out for anything you’ve got available or seems great at the marketplace.

You might even add in whatever spices or herbs you need to blend up the taste combination and you may always complete with citrus, fresh herbs, a spoonful of vinegar, or even a dab of your favorite cheese.

You could even cook it because the recipe suggests at a grill basket or choose to cook them straight on the grill. The advantage of a barbecue basket is that you don’t shed any veggies but the two approaches work great.

Grilled vegetables are a hit at any barbecue, but of course the recipe can also be prepared in a home pan.


1 pc zucchini
1 pc yellow zucchini
2 pcs peppers, red
1 bunch spring onions
0.5 pcs melanzani
8 tbsp olive oil
1 pc onion, large
2 sprigs rosemary
1 sprig thyme
0.5 tsp sea salt
1 pinch of pepper


First, dice the vegetables into larger pieces and chop the herbs. Marinate the vegetables with oil and spices and let them marinate for about 30 minutes.

Now grill the vegetables for approx. 15 min. while stirring or sear them in a pan.

the best way to prepare clean eating vegetables

Here are some items to Remember when creating these Easy Grilled Vegetables:

  • Mix it up with all your favorite spices, veggies, and herbs to make delicious grilled vegetables for all your summertime meals.
  • In my view, grilled veggies create great leftovers for sandwiches, wraps, and quesadillas. In addition, I make a double batch so that I could munch on them throughout the week.
  • You can grill your veggies either at a grill basket or straight onto the grill.
  • I favor a basket because it implies you won’t shed any veggies throughout the grates of the grill however they also come out yummy straight on the grill also.

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