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Juicing 101 – The ultimate guide

Many people “juice” in an attempt to slim down their waistlines but how good can juicing be for your overall health and well-being? Nevertheless, many people are left to wonder, is juicing effective for losing weight, and what does “juicing” mean? Read on and learn how to juice effectively to ensure that you get all the benefits of juicing.

As a fan of healthy juices, you’ve probably experienced it on your own body: after drinking these fresh beverages, you feel more energetic and focused. And if you may have had a headache or felt weak and feverish – the juice has helped you feel healthier and stronger.

how to start juicing for weight loss

How to get started with juicing

Healthy juices: nature in a glass – for more freshness and taste.
With juices, you squeeze yourself using a centrifugal juicer or slow juicer. You know exactly what’s in it. You drink only the pure ingredients in fruit, vegetables, or green leaves – free of industrial sugar or other harmful additives. And there’s no need for them because naturalness is key with homemade juice. What’s more, its natural freshness means that juice offers the best taste and the most nutrients. You can also store your freshly squeezed juice in the refrigerator for about two days. Do this please in well-sealed glass containers – then most of the valuable remains.

These nutrients go directly into our system at a swift pace, enabling the entire body to work at its maximum efficacy. In addition, health studies have shown that juicing is more efficient than eating whole vegetables and fruits. This is because eating vegetables and fruits require our body to digest them, and on the flip side, juicing lets our digestive system “have a break” and allows the body to concentrate on the healing process.

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You can also mix the varieties presented in the same way or add ingredients of your choice to the respective juices. You can get ideas for flavor enhancement in our FAQs. So now, let’s take a look at the best freshly squeezed juices for your health.

Why is juicing so popular?

Green juices
Green leaves convince, among other things, chlorophyll, which makes a valuable contribution to the purification of the blood. The numerous minerals ensure, among other things, a functioning metabolism, strengthen the immune system, bring the acid-base balance into balance and regulate our movement processes. Antioxidants fight harmful free radicals, responsible for many diseases and accelerated aging. The bitter compounds in green juices both strengthen healthy digestion, and support the liver’s detoxification work. For a milder taste, you can juice with some orange and/or other sweet fruits. Gentle slow juicers are ideal for preparing green juices.

juicing detox benefits

Spinach juice
Spinach contains large amounts of vitamins A, C, E, and K and folic acid. It is also rich in calcium and iron. Its consumption provides a quick energy boost and makes you “strong as Popeye”. This comes from the nitrate present in spinach. It supports muscle growth and optimizes oxygen transport in the blood. The phytonutrients of spinach have an antioxidant effect, so they prevent many diseases and premature aging. The ingredients of spinach also nourish your body cells and support weight loss. Spinach tastes mild and goes well with almost all tastes in juice – sweet, fruity or spicy.

Turning to organic and natural is the best solution to achieve and keep a disease-free lifestyle. So if juicing for losing weight seems convincing to you, convenient, and more palatable, then prepare yourself to take another step closer to becoming a shapelier and happier you!

complete juicing weight loss guide

Benefits of juicing for weight loss

While consuming vegetables and fruits will not automatically cause you to lose weight, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says there could be a link between fruit and vegetable consumption and weight loss.

The CDC describes that fresh fruit and vegetable juices have fewer calories, make you feel fuller, and even help prevent higher-calorie choices like junk food and chips. The idea of juicing with weight loss in mind is currently becoming very popular as it provides so many benefits. Below are the many advantages of juicing:

  • Fresh veggies and fruit juices that are chocked full of vitamins and minerals, which makes it a perfect replacement to your multivitamins pill.
  • You get all assortments of carbs and complex vitamins in the fresh juice.
  • You’re able to utilize a wider variety of nutritional choices when compared to a strict carb diet and can feel fuller like you consumed meat protein.
  • This fresh juice may help prevent colon cancer while cleaning up your intestine and aiding digestion.
  • There aren’t any pesticides or other potentially dangerous substances if you use only organic ingredients in your juices.
  • Mixing juices from vegetables and different fruits can allow for your “custom recipe” to become more palatable and appetizing.
  • Juices also make for a quick “snack,” which won’t leave you overly full, and it can add that variety that you can look forward to in your diet.
  • There are many excellent and flavorful recipes of fruit and fresh veggie juices that you can try out, which may be better for your health and more affordable than some of the costlier ingredients.
  • Fresh juices worked for me as an ideal breakfast if you don’t have an appetite early.
  • Fresh juice is the most robust approach to lowering cholesterol since it doesn’t have any added sodium or saturated fats.
  • Preparing your juices lets you pick the combinations you enjoy without the added preservatives of store-bought ready-made juices.
  • Unlike the commercial juice that contains preservatives that could severely impact your well-being, fresh beverages have the most significant nutritional worth.
  • Consuming fresh juice supplies a means for you to possibly overcome carb, fat, alcohol, and caffeine dependence.

The potential downsides of juicing

Without a doubt, juicing for losing weight is the most effective way to live more, healthier, and fitter. Nevertheless, it isn’t all great news. Therefore, here are some of its disadvantages.

  • There’s a chance your blood sugar may spike upward when drinking an excessive amount of juice. This is because of the reality that vegetables and fruits do contain some natural sugars that are present. Ensure that you consult your physician before going through the juice diet for those who have an actual problem utilizing your blood glucose.
  • Though juicing can allow you to slim down quickly, you’ll readily recover weight once your body is reintroduced to a solid food diet. But after juicing, if you are going to preserve a wholesome diet, you’ll undoubtedly keep a healthy weight.
  • Those with diabetes and heart ailments may be in danger should they go through juicing. For those with existing health problems, it’s always wise to consult with your doctor before going through any fat loss strategy.
  • Juice diets are typically low in calories. Therefore, if juicing is done, the body will have problems with calorie deficiency, which might cause various health problems. Consequently, it is necessary to ensure that you get the calorie-required consumption that is whole when juicing.

Just as with other fat loss programs, juicing comes with pros and cons. It may not be successful for everybody, but it might be successful for you. However, with the advantages outweighing the disadvantages, it’s worth the effort, so let’s get started!

Apple juice
This popular classic among juices has a lot to offer for your health. In addition to various vitamins and minerals, it contains the antioxidant substance quercetin. This destroys free radicals and inhibits inflammation. The ingredients in the apple help your body detoxify and control weight and strengthen the immune system. In addition, the apple is one of the most helpful fruits for diarrhea and intestinal inflammation. This is due to the tannins it contains with their anti-inflammatory effects and the fruit acids that inhibit the growth of putrefactive bacteria in the intestines. Apples are ideal and varied ingredients for a juice. Depending on the variety, they taste fruity and sour or deliciously sweet.


juicing disadvantages

What you should do before juicing

If you intend to make the most of your weight loss efforts and avoid gaining weight, juicing for weight loss and health will require careful preparation.

If you’d like to attempt a juice fast, here are some of the basics that you should think about:

  • Consult your doctor first to assess your body condition.
  • Acquire a great juicer.
  • Research some juicing recipes from our juicing recipes page, internet, or books.
  • Purchase some all-natural, fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Depending on what your previous eating behaviors were like and two up to three days, you’re required to come after a strict pre-fasting diet.
  • You’ve got to avoid processed foods and juices, fatty cuts of meat, coffee and soda, and non-organic sugars during this period.
  • As often as possible, you should consume organic and natural foods.

Lean meats, legumes, nuts, vegetables, and fruits are excellent. This will make your body use healthful and natural foods and prevent you from having detox symptoms like headaches and fatigue. 

When you start juicing for weight reduction, make your diet as balanced as possible, and the essential things to note are to provide your body with a stable supply of energy. For instance, you can attempt juicing soybeans to accomplish your daily protein requirements. In addition, if you have a great juicer, you can try to juice nuts. All these are excellent sources of protein and healthy fat.

You may attempt a detox juice recipe that is easy to start with juice apples, cucumber, spinach, and celery. Pour these into the blender, and then add ice cubes and the combined green juice.

Should you want more fruit balance, you can attempt juicing ½ little pineapple and one apple. But should you want speedy and effective fat-burning results, you should try to limit the fruit to less than 20% of your total juice intake.

You’re losing most of the fiber but squeezing out all fructose when juicing fruits. As a result, in juice beverages, the fructose becomes reduced, and you will only wind up taking lots of sugar and calories.

You can have grapes or add a little bit of stevia powder, a safe and outstanding organic sweetener with no calories to add sweetness to your juice. You can quickly drink pure veggie juices without fruits when adding stevia powder.

In each serving, you may also add some leafy and dark green vegetables, such as kale, collard greens, and spinach. These veggies have a great nutrition concentration, including vitamins B, C, and E, magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium.

For a tremendous juicing experience, here are a few more tips.

  • Every time you have fruits and vegetables that you understand you won’t be consuming, juice them.
  • Drink your juice instantly, less than 30 minutes after you juice it. The fresher the juice is, the healthier it is for you. As fast as the juice comes out, it will be full of raw vitamins and nutrients. Remember, once it’s exposed to air, the juice will begin to get oxidized.
  • Many recipes have pulps, such as putting them in cookies and muffins.
  • A portion can make a perfect thick smoothie of low-fat yogurt.
  • Immediately rinse the juicer components after juicing. This will decrease any risk of bacteria or mold growth on the parts.

It is necessary to have a variety when juicing. Rather than drinking the same juice every single day, try testing on different vegetable and fruit juice blends.

It is generally recommended to consume more vegetables than fruits when creating the blends of fruit or vegetable fixings for juice recipes. This is because vegetables are understood to have higher rates of nutrients than fruits.

Also, it is essential to take note that when making fruit juices, retain the fruit’s skin as much as possible where the nutrients are being stored as it’s. As they contain cyanide substances that might damage your well-being, pits and the seeds from fruits like peaches, apricots, and apples must be lost.

Lastly, for overweight people, due to a disorder known as under-active thyroid, juicing vegetables and fruits like watercress, sprouts, apples, grapes, celery, and carrots are highly recommended.

Juicing for weight loss could be carefully done for just two weeks without a break. However, consult your doctor before beginning a juice fasting diet is recommended if you want to have a more quick diet or have any medical condition.

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