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June 10, 2019
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August 11, 2019

We’ve all had things in our lives that we are especially not proud of, but how we decide to use them to our advantage or disadvantage is ultimately up to us. Some may have had a bad childhood; others needed escape from the painful, bitter, and equally harsh aspects of reality we wish we could change. Are we going to use this as a means for positive change, or will we become trapped in the cycle that binds us all to a life that is less than what we wish it could be? The decision is yours and mine to make, and the road is tough to navigate. But, this is what is for sure.

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I’ve seen the best people get the worst outcome in this reality; conversely, I’ve seen the worst become the best. It’s really how you use it, not what it is. But that stigma will always be there; people will always judge you on your past, no matter how you feel you’ve changed or grown as a person; this is the harsh and albeit brutal truth of existence. Are you going to make it right and do your best, or are you going to fall back into what so many would like to see, and then they can say, “See, I told you.” Nope. The best thing would be to never give those around you the satisfaction. You see, it’s impossible to run from a less than ideal past. It will always be there, but how we define our future is within our control. It’s harsh, it’s horrible, but it’s the truth. Can you make it right? Probably not. Can you live like you want to do the right things? Yes, you absolutely can. You can never change what you’ve done, but you can change what you do in the future. It’s bittersweet, but then this whole experience is just that as well. There is no changing the past because it’s just that, the past. We define our future matters so much more than anything because it is what we can define and build on today.

Think Big. What Are You Going to Do and How are You Going to Get There

Thinking big can help us define the road leading to where we see ourselves. Even if gone unreciprocated or unnoticed, being positive can make a difference in how you see yourself. This, my friends, is the path to self-confidence. If you know deep inside that, you are doing all you can to exact positive change and get where you want to be. So don’t set small insignificant goals. Think big and realize your full potential. The power is within us to not settle and demand respect through how we treat others and how hard we work towards our goals.

So instead of living in the past, you need to ask yourself what you can do today, real actionable things, to make for a better tomorrow. Nothing will be handed to us, and we must fight, but not with our fists, with our minds. So I challenge you to get what you want out of life, put your past behind you but learn those valuable lessons that have molded us into what we are.

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