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How to cure sugar addiction naturally

Sugar addiction is seriously no joke. There are many different medical afflictions that could become a scary reality if sugar addiction is not brought under control.

If you are addicted to sugar, you are not alone, there is a reason that obesity is an epidemic in the United States and sugar definitely plays a dark role in this.

So we will examine how to cure sugar addiction naturally and safely to ensure that you are no longer a risk to developing devastating diseases.

1) Know your labels and check twice

If you really want to learn how to cure sugar addiction naturally, then you have more tools then you probably realize.

The odds are that your sugar addiction can be eliminated just by looking at the labels on the food that you are putting into your body.

Check the labels and choose the alternatives which contain the lowest amount of sugar, in this way you can reduce your sugar addiction in a natural way.

how to cure sugar addiction naturally

2) Don’t substitute sugar for sweeteners

In order to really cure sugar addiction, you should not replace it with chemically processed sweeteners; you must instead remove the sugars from your diet completely.

Using substitutes will just keep you addicted to sugar and with any addictive substance you will be more likely to use sugar again if you are substituting it with artificial sweeteners.

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The jury is still out, but it looks like some artificial sweeteners may actually be dangerous to your health.

They are made from chemicals that are not well known and as such, we are not entirely sure if they are safe for long term human consumption at this point.

avoid sweeteners to cure sugar addiction

3) Drink water for sugar cravings

You can control and cure sugar addiction by drinking water when you get a craving. Water is very healthy and can distract you from the sugar cravings.

This is beneficial because you should be drinking the recommended full 8 glasses of water each day.

Depending on more if you are more active, keeping hydrated can help your body to detox from sugar addiction and leave you feeling great.

how to cure sugar addiction with water

4) If you must have a sugar fix eat fruit

One of the best methods if you are serious about learning how to cure sugar addiction naturally is simply to get sugar from natural sources.

This can be your natural sugars from foods like fruits and even if you must honey.

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Honey is not the best choice because it can raise blood sugars and contains many calories, but if you must get a fix to hold you over, honey has a lower GI value than sugar.

This means that it doesn’t spike your blood sugar like traditional sugar but rather, raises levels of blood sugar slowly over time.

In this sense it is healthier than regular sugars, however we want to get over the addiction so this may not be your best bet. Better to avoid it altogether because you may be more inclined to use it again.

how to cure sugar addiction naturally with fruit

5) Be careful not to drink your sugar

You have to be very careful with not only what you eat but also what you drink. Sugar is hiding, likely in your favorite drinks. So is high fructose corn syrup another dangerous form of sugar.

If you are serious about learning how to cure sugar addiction naturally, then you have to avoid drinking these sugary drinks. There can be 40 or more grams of sugar in just one 355 ML can of soda.

Fruit juices are also notorious for sugar content, replace these drinks with water and you have solved a major part of sugar addiction.

how to cure sugar addiction with juice

Sugar addiction is a major problem in today’s world and as such we should take this addiction just as serious as any other. If you know your enemy you can avoid it, in the case of sugar.

Make note of the sugars in the foods you eat and always seek foods that are low in sugars and high fructose corn syrup. This is how we cure sugar addiction naturally, we learn to avoid those foods and only take in sugar in its natural form.

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