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Herbs that promote weight loss

Herbs that promote weight loss are natural approaches to solve health related issues and weight loss problems. The main reason is that the barrage of pills and other chemical alternatives to losing weight have resulted in harmful side effects and medical issues. As we all know, there is no such thing as a miracle weight loss cure, and going natural is the most one of the safest ways to lose weight. Metabolism boosting herbs and spices are a great way to supercharge your diet and make the most of any plan to lose weight. Add as many of these herbs that promote weight loss into your diet and turn your body into a metabolic powerhouse. Read on for the top 15 best herbs.

Here are some of the best herbs and spices for weight loss and home remedies:

  • Cinnamon – A great aid in helping diabetics regulate blood sugars, cinnamon works well for weight loss for the same reason. Slowing down the breakdown of blood sugars helps you feel full longer while decreasing hunger.
  • Ginger – One of the best cleansers, ginger helps clear the digestive track which can store a good amount of excess weight.
  • Cardamom – A spice that provides a boost to the metabolism which promotes faster fat burning.
  • Turmeric – Helps to prevent fat tissue formation. Great example of those herbs that promote weight loss.
  • Nettle Leaf – This little known herb is packed with antioxidants like vitamins A & C, which help purify the blood and promote fat burning.
  • Cayenne Pepper – Includes a compound that helps suppress hunger pangs and helps boost your metabolism allowing faster burning of fat. A great example of one of those herbs that shrink fat cells.
  • Cumin – A great digestive track aid that provides a nice boost to your immune system.
  • Ginseng – Has been used for years in weight loss because it provides great energy boosts to help you in workouts.
  • Black Pepper – A great aid to your digestive track and metabolism booster.
  • Dandelion – A flower that works as a great body cleanser and slows down digestion helping you feel fuller longer.
  • Fennel Seeds – Help promote a healthy digestion system, as well as making you feel full longer. Good for cleansing the body.
  • Phylum – A very safe weight loss agent that makes you feel full longer and slows down the absorption of simple carbs.

Herbs for metabolism and herbs that promote weight loss

What is in dandelion?

  • Bitter substances
  • vitamin E
  • calcium
  • iron

Why is dandelion one of the herbs that promote weight loss?

Dandelion promotes detoxification, drains and strengthens the liver and gall bladder it is one of the herbs that shrink fat cells.
What does the dandelion go with?

Dandelion tastes slightly bitter and is ideal as a cooked vegetable garnish or as an ingredient in salads and vegetable pans.

What is in chervil?

  • tannins
  • flavonoids
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • zinc

Why is chervil one of the herbs that promote weight loss?

Even a tiny amount of chervil calms detoxifies the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates cell metabolism, circulation, kidney activity, and fat burning.
What does chervil go with?

Chervil goes well with fine soups, egg, and poultry dishes with its spring aroma.

What is in rosemary?

  • essential oils
  • tannins
  • bitter substances
  • resins

How out of all herbs that promote weight loss does rosemary help with weight loss?

Rosemary stabilizes blood sugar levels and thus reduces cravings; it also soothes the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates circulation, and promotes concentration. Making it one of the excellent herbs that promote weight loss.
What does rosemary go with?

Rosemary is a strong-tasting Mediterranean herb and harmonizes well with fish and seafood and vegetable dishes.

What is in purslane?

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • minerals
  • vitamins A, B, C and E

Why does purslane help with weight loss?

Purslane stimulates metabolism and digestion.
What does purslane go with?

Purslane tastes juicy, salty, and slightly nutty, making it ideal as an ingredient in salads and soups.

What is in tarragon?

  • vitamin C
  • potassium
  • tarragon
  • bitter substances
  • phytosterol

Why does tarragon help with weight loss?

Tarragon is one of those herbs that shrink fat cells. It has a digestive effect due to its bitter substances and activates the metabolism. In addition, the herb stimulates kidney activity, bringing the detoxifying effect.
What does tarragon go with?

The high content of essential oils is responsible for the bitter-tart taste of tarragon. However, the aromatic herb goes well with sauces, salads, fish, and vegetables.

What is in juniper?

  • bitter substances
  • essential oils

Why does juniper help with weight loss?

Juniper berries soothe the gastrointestinal tract and promote metabolism. They also keep blood sugar levels in balance and thus prevent cravings.
What does juniper go with?

Juniper has a sweet-spicy, slightly bitter taste and smells very strong. The dried berries go well with hearty game, beef, and pork dishes, sauerkraut, and red and white cabbage.

juinper herbs that promote weight loss

What is in thyme

  • essential oils
  • bitter substances
  • flavonoids

Why does thyme help to lose weight?

Thyme supports digestion, regulates appetite, counteracts cravings, and stimulates metabolism.
What does thyme go with?

Thyme has a spicy-sweet taste and develops its aroma when cooked. For example, thyme is a classic among Mediterranean spices and is ideal as an ingredient in meatballs or tomato sauce. This makes it one of those especially potent herbs that promote weight loss.

What is in borage?

  • silicic acid
  • tannins
  • fatty acids
  • essential oil

Why is borage one of the many herbs that promote weight loss?

Borage has a detoxifying effect, regulates gastrointestinal activity, and promotes digestion.
What does borage go with?

Borage has a taste reminiscent of cucumber and is a characteristic herb for Frankfurt Green Sauce.

Note: Essential oils should never be consumed excessively, as they are suspected of promoting cancer and affecting the menstrual cycle in women. Therefore, herbs with essential oils should not be consumed every day for several months.

Anyone who is dieting or trying to maintain their weight should use herbs to promote weight loss: There are plants that aid digestion, stimulate metabolism, or promote fat burning. You can enjoy the herbs as tea or as an ingredient in your meals. Take a one-week course of treatment with the herb of your choice, taking two tablespoons daily in food or the form of three cups of tea throughout the day.

Stimulating herbs for the metabolism

Stinging Nettle: Stinging nettle stimulates the metabolism, and its extract has long been used to purify the blood and drainage. In spring, the leaves do not yet have stinging hairs and can be eaten raw in salads. Alternatively, you can make tea from dried leaves.

What is in stinging nettle?

  • Potassium
  • calcium
  • iron
  • vitamin C

Why is stinging nettle one of the best herbs to promote weight loss?

Nettle stimulates the metabolism and has a strong detoxifying effect.

What does nettle go with?

Nettle is not used raw but is briefly scalded and tastes like spinach. Therefore, nettle is ideal as tea and as an ingredient in dumplings, for example. One thing is for sure, there are so many herbs that promote weight loss.

best herbs and spices for weight loss

Peppermint: All plant varieties contain fresh menthol, stimulating the liver and bile flow. It also takes away the desire for sweets, preventing cravings.

Rosemary: Rosemary curbs appetite and accesses our fat reserves. In addition, it boosts metabolism. Anyone who feels listless during a diet or suffers from circulatory problems should also turn to rosemary.

Basil: Thanks to its tannins, basil has a stimulating effect on metabolism. A tea infusion with basil is particularly suitable for this purpose. Basil also attacks our fat reserves and dissolves water retention.

What is in basil?

  • essential oils
  • tannins
  • flavonoids

Why does basil help with weight loss?

Basil is one of those herbs that promote weight loss, drains, and regulates digestion.
What does basil go with?

Basil is a classic herb of Italian cuisine and makes an ideal ingredient in Mediterranean sauces such as pesto. Basil is also popular with tomato and mozzarella anyway in tomato soup.

Fat burning herbs that promote weight loss

Parsley: Our popular kitchen herb has made it to our list of herbs that promote weight loss because of a positive influence on fat burning due to its high vitamin C content. In addition, parsley is rich in minerals, drains and tightens connective tissue.

What is in parsley?

  • vitamin C
  • vitamin A and B,
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus
  • iron
  • essential oils

Why does parsley help to lose weight?

Parsley has an invigorating effect, boosts the entire digestive tract, protects against vitamin deficiency, and promotes fat burning.
What does parsley go with?

Parsley is the most popular herb in America and can be combined with almost everything. Parsley gives dishes a strong, spicy, slightly salty flavor.

herbs that shrink fat cells

More examples of herbs that promote weight loss

Chives: The onion-like, spicy-fresh herb takes second place in American kitchens after parsley. Chives are also high in vitamin C, and mustard oils increase calorie consumption.

Mugwort: Mugwort is slightly bitter, and its smell is reminiscent of mint and juniper. Mugwort is said to boost fat burning and stimulate circulation.

What is in mugwort?

  • Bitter substances
  • essential oils

Why does mugwort help with weight loss?

Mugwort stimulates metabolism and bile flow, thus aiding fat digestion. The herb also helps with flatulence and water retention.
What does mugwort go with?

Mugwort is the ideal herb for fatty and greasy dishes such as a goose.

Cress: Cress specifically attacks our fat deposits and is optimal diet support. Cress also supports digestion through its mustard oils and loosens intestinal blockages. In addition, the herb is rich in vitamin C.

What is in cress?

  • chromium
  • mustard oils
  • B vitamins
  • vitamin C
  • iron
  • calcium

Why does cress help to lose weight?

Cress curbs appetite controls blood sugar and blood lipids.
What does cress go with?

Slightly reminiscent of radish in taste and goes well with dairy products, eggs, and chicken. Cress is ideal for processing in dips, risottos, or cheese and Schicken cold cuts.

garden cress is herbs that promote weight loss

Digestion supporting herbs

Oregano: This spice, especially popular in Italy, is exceptionally kind to the stomach and stimulates intestinal flora. The hot-spicy to bitter-tart leaves also support the liver.

Dill: Even the ancient Egyptians used this plant for seasoning. This very aromatic herb promotes digestion, and its essential oils have an antispasmodic effect.

Chervil: Chervil comes from southern Russia and is slightly sweet. The bitter compounds stimulate digestion, so the herb can also have a mild laxative effect as tea. Chervil also has a detoxifying effect on the body.

Thyme: Due to its essential oils and bitter substances, thyme has a beneficial effect on the digestive organs. Thyme tastes excellent as a tea or a spice, especially in Mediterranean cuisine.

Dandelion: One of the best herbs that promote weight loss, especially because of the high concentration of bitter substances stimulates all digestive organs and the function of the liver and kidneys and leads to the elimination of old waste products. The high content of magnesium also has a calming effect on the nerves. The young, tender leaves are well suited for a tart salad.

There is a wealth of herbs that promote weight loss that you can use in your dieting efforts. A proper diet and exercise is the only tried and true way to lose weight and keep it off long term. Start introducing the items above into your diet and you will be well on your way to your weight loss goals. All these herbs are integrated into many great dishes that feature other healthy foods that promote a lean and healthy body for a long time to come. Hope you enjoyed my 15 best herbs that promote weight loss article.

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