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January 2, 2017
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January 5, 2017

Learn how to better manage diabetes

Here is the good news…there is plenty of information and support to help you live a healthy, active life in spite of your type 2 diabetes diagnosis. The bottom line in management of this condition is to keep your blood sugar levels in the normal range. Possibly one of the better ways to keep organized is to create your own game plan to better manage this disease. Let us look at how you can do this.

Home blood monitoring

Take charge of your condition you will need to monitor how well your new regimen of diet, medications and exercise are working from day to day. Blood testing with a home blood glucose monitor is an essential part of your life.

Monitoring your blood sugar could potentially save your life in the right circumstance, so take blood sugar testing very serious and make sure you test regularly and often. If you are operating a vehicle, or your occupation frequently could potentially put you in the line of danger, it is absolutely essential.

check your blood sugar

Become a fat burning machine…

Diet is the cornerstone of your diabetes control. Without a healthy eating plan, your medications, if they have been prescribed, will not work properly and you will not have the energy to build muscle through exercising regularly or continue to lose weight.

Breakfast is undoubtedly one of the most important meals especially when dealing with diabetes. Choosing what to eat is equally important, fiber is key to success and several small meals throughout the day are typically better than three big meals. Larger meals can cause blood sugar to surge and the smaller meals help to control sugar.

Try to make several small changes and don’t get overloaded with attempting too much change to quickly. This should help to motivate you and help with not getting overly stressed out by having unreasonable expectations. Try to find other people with like minded goals and surround yourself with others who can offer you support in your journey.

become a fat burning machine

Keep active and you will in turn lose weight

Almost every study shows that following a regular exercise program is helpful for people with type 2 diabetes. It also attacks the visceral fat around your abdominal area and helps reduce your blood lipid levels. This visceral fit is by far the most dangerous fat to have especially with type 2 diabetes. You can better manage your symptoms by working diligently with a good fitness plan to reduce abdominal fat.

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Also dieting without exercise, especially in mature people, causes a loss of muscle mass. Your exercise program does not need to be ambitious, but it does require commitment. So keep dedicated and remember don’t overextend yourself but just keep consistent, with respect to diabetes slow and steady can win the race. Many experts may suggest that you should do situps and directly target abdominal fat but this is mostly false, it doesn’t matter what you target the point is to do whatever exercise you are most comfortable with.

keep active for burning fat

Change – There’s no better time than now

Lifestyle change is a critical step for control of your type 2 diabetes. Lifestyle changes has been proven, over and over, to be one of the best ways to reducing both your weight and blood sugar levels. An improved lifestyle will help you control your genetic roadblock and risks you were born with.

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It can also be the most difficult part… even small changes will help, and will lead to larger ones. Trying to do too much at one time will defeat your whole effort. So focus on those small changes and continue little by little to reach your goals and increase your quality of life with type 2 diabetes.

embrace life change

Medications: Are they always needed?

Is it possible for you to keep your type 2 diabetes under control and avoid any more weight gain? Yes… but you will need to stay focused. The state of your type 2 diabetes is really in your hands.

Discuss all your health issues with your healthcare provider… he may suggest there are benefits for you to take a specific anti-diabetic medication in the initial period, plus you may need treatment for high blood pressure. Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong condition that requires constant vigilance and commitment to manage it properly.

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