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foods to fight menopause

The menopause fighting foods here may not only help you lose weight but they can provide some nutrients that help your body combat the onset of the aging process. You goal is to attain as many nutrients to help alleviate the symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, bloating, irritability and tiredness as well being packed with calcium to help prevent osteoporosis.

Foods for fighting menopause

  • Oily fish, nuts and seeds for essential omega oils; good for general body and brain condition.
  • Whole grains, lean red meat, pulses-rich in B vitamins.
  • Nuts, seeds, white fish, leafy greens, white cabbage, low-fat dairy produce rich in calcium.
  • Pulses, including soy beans, lentils, and chickpeas; contain natural hormones (isoflavones) which may help menopausal symptoms and are also rich in nutrients. Linseeds contain lignans, which may also help menopausal symptoms.
  • Vegetables, including yams, bean sprouts, seaweed, dark leafy greens contain natural hormones, plant chemicals, vitamin C and minerals which help menopausal health.
  • Fruits most are rich in potassium which can help alleviate fluid retention.

What to do and what to avoid doing

  • Have 450 ml skimmed milk or calcium enriched soya milk a day, preferably as a drink on its own.
  • Avoid coffee, alcohol and highly spiced foods, which may make hot flashes worse. Weak tea is fine, and so are herbal teas, redbush tea, green tea and water. Drink 2l of fluid each day. Caffeine hinders calcium absorption.
  • Avoid added salt in foods, which can make bloating worse. Use fresh and dried herbs instead, or use salt substitute (e.g. Losalt).
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and salad.
  • Have 2 small daily snacks between meals.
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Weight gain inevitable with menopause?

Experts have said that a lower level of estrogen in the body tends to redistribute body fat, increasing deposits around the waistline, whilst legs and arms may get thinner. So dress size increases and for those on synthetic progesterone as part of HRT will also have to cope with fluid retention. For some women, tiredness during menopause is very common, so it makes it difficult to motivate themselves to a regular exercise routine and comfort eating may also become a contributing factor. Evidence suggests that plumper women tend to produce more estrogen after menopause and some experts believe this may encourage weight gain.

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Does HRT cause weight gain?

Evidence suggests there is no direct link between gaining weight whilst on HRT. In fact studies show that the women on HRT during and after the menopause maintained a slightly lower weight than those not taking it.  However the side effects of taking HRT is that it causes fluid retention, which can make the body look larger. However fluid does not mean fat!  To counteract fluid retention whilst on HRT combines a low-salt diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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