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Is the E-Factor diet legitimate?

In my e-factor diet review you can expect to learn all about my own personal experience with this diet and whether or not the e-factor diet can help you lose weight.

I hope that by the end of my review you will have an idea of not only what this plan is all about but also whether it can work for you. If you would like to go to the official E-Factor diet website  Click Here

What’s The E-Factor diet all about?

Well, when I first heard of this plan I was excited to find more information about it; but couldn’t find any sort of e-factor diet reviews that answered the questions I had about the e-factor plan.

So, I decided to try it myself and provide some real, thoughtful insight into this plan so that you’re not in the same position I was in myself.

Our e-factor diet review will look at both the positives and negatives of the e-factor diet plan. That’s right there are some drawbacks to this plan so if you would rather see some other review that sugar coats everything; please be my guest and look elsewhere.

Author of the E-Factor diet

John Rowley e-factor diet review scam buy it now here

John Rowley author of “the E-Factor diet”

The author and man behind the e-factor diet is John Rowley. He is a very well-known nutritionist, has studied kinesiology and is a world renowned fitness expert. John has been featured in countless prominent articles and appearances from: ELLE, FOX, CBS, and NBC to name only a few.

John has struggled with weight loss himself; so he understands our frustrations and can relate. He has helped a great many people to achieve great weight loss results and keep the weight off through healthy lifestyle changes.

E-Factor diet details

The e-factor diet is nothing like traditional diets; in fact, you may as well throw out everything you’ve learned about dieting up until now and be prepared to accept the brilliance of what makes this plan so unique.

Through our e-factor diet review, we came to the conclusion that it is hinged on the body’s natural histamine response to certain foods and our ability to manipulate that response by consuming certain foods in the right timing.

This can help super-charge the metabolism and create the right condition for sustained fat loss so you will feel energized, younger and end up spending less time exercising.

The 4 factors

  • Energetic foods factor
  • Enzymatic foods factor
  • Endothermic foods factor
  • Enjoy Meals factor

Just to clear things up, there’s no restrictions on how much you can eat, no calorie-counting,  and cheat days are mandatory.

What’s included

is the e-factor diet any good our ratings and review

The E-Factor diet collection click the image above for the best deal on this plan,

  • The E-Factor diet Guidebook To start you have access to the exclusive e-factor diet eBook. This is the main reference guide and is packed full of information, over 100 pages of everything you need to get started.
  • The E-Factor Grocery Guide The grocery guide makes it so simple to easily reference the foods you’ll need and will make the whole process simple.
  • The Weight Loss Handbook A simple, yet comprehensive handbook that you can use to quickly reference
  • Meal Planning Guidebook The meal planning guidebook has easy suggestions for every meal throughout the day. Very well laid out and easy to follow; takes zero prior cooking experience and meals take very little time to prepare.
  • Cheat Meal Guidebook As cheat meals are a mandatory part of the e-factor plan, John included detailed information about this principal and how to maximize metabolism boosting foods for sustained fat loss.

Bonuses you get with this plan

Right now John is also offering 4 free bonus eBooks and webinars that combined have a price tag of over $239.00. This is an excellent value right here, get it while it lasts!

  • Bonus 1 – John’s Fast food Guide John included this guide which has 10 of the most popular fast-food restaurants listed; and healthy menu choices from each.
  • Bonus 2 – Smoothie Shop This is alone worth the entire price of the plan in my opinion. Preparation time for these smoothies are less than three minutes and they are so tasty and healthy.
  • Bonus 3 – Secrets to All Day Energy John’s nutrition background shines through on this one; he gives you the secrets that you’d have to pay big money for if you were to see a nutritionist in person. In this guide you will learn the foods that give you lots of energy so you can feel youthful and energized.
  • Bonus 4 – Joint Recovery workshop

Positives of the E-Factor diet

  • Great value and backed by a 60-day rock solid guarantee. Easy to follow and simple step by step instructions through the whole process. No calorie-counting and I loved the mandatory cheat day. Results of 10-25+ pounds within 21 days are possible; I personally lost 12 pounds in 14 days
  • Love all the bonus material especially the smoothie shop and fast food guide. Not overly complicated like some other diets out there

The E-Factor diet negatives

  • Though our e-factor diet review, the truth is; I had a hard time finding negatives for the e-factor plan. There is some prep time involved but the meal plans make it simple and if time is that much of an issue you can use the smoothie shop 3 minute prep smoothie to supplement meals.
  • Like any diet or exercise plan you will need to follow the plan as much as possible for the best results. Make sure to speak with a doctor to ensure you are healthy enough to be dieting in general.

E-Factor diet overview

Overall I give the e-factor diet plan a rating of 9/10 (score breakdown below). I have to say that in my opinion John Rowley got this plan 100% perfect.

I had a very hard time finding any real negatives about this plan and my personal experiences have been great. If you are looking to lose 20 pounds or more then I would have to recommend the e-factor diet for you.

The incredible value of just the bonuses alone, really sets this plan apart from the others.  Think about it for less than a monthly gym membership or a family dinner outing; you can have results like I did for literally pennies a day!

Click Here for the official website. I hope you enjoyed our e-factor diet review and remember if you are looking for the best price on this plan click the link above and you can literally get started today.

  • Value – 10/10
  • Ease of Use – 9/10
  • Results – 9/10
  • Time Investment – 10/10

For the official E-Factor website click here

e factor diet review download now best price

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  1. I LOVED this plan. John Rowley laid it out, it was easy for someone like me to understand. I give this diet a thumbs up. 12 pounds down in the first month and I;m going to keep going 😀

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