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10 ways to make your diet work for you

You can actually make your diet more effectively work for you with this collection of ten healthy tips. Following these tips will ensure that you are making the best of your dieting aspirations an making the largest effort as possible to reach your goals. Without further adieu here are the top 10 ways to make your diet work for you. Enjoy and good luck!

1) Cut out the processed food

This one is an obviously one that doesn’t need much explaining. Processed food puts a stress on the body, makes you eat more of it, poisons you etc. It really is simple for most people…cutting out processed food = flat stomach, six pack abs and fat loss.

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2) Cook smarter with coconut oil

Coconut oil is saturated fat (note – saturated fat is not bad for you) so it can be heated to a very high temperature before it goes rancid.

You can heat coconut oil up to 190 degrees whereas olive oil can only be heated up to 163 degrees and a vegetable oil like sunflower oil is only good up to 100 degrees.

When you pass these heat thresholds the oil will start to produce free radicals which do things like speed up ageing and cause diseases.

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3) Add a pinch of sea salt to water

You never thought you would be told to eat more salt for a flat stomach and six pack abs but read on to find out why. There is a big difference between the refined salt that you might use as table salt and natural sea salt.

Apart from the fact that there are often things added to table salt which do damage to the body, it also stays within the body long after its done its job, causing joints to swell and kidney problems to develop.

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Unprocessed sea salt contain magnesium, calcium carbonate and many other trace minerals that have benefits to your body, serving many important regulatory and nutritional functions.

Adding a small pinch of sea salt to your water will replace the trace minerals that you have lost through exercise and the flushing out of them by drinking more water. It will also stop you needing to go to the loo so often now that you are drinking more water.

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4) Don’t purposefully cut calories

Cutting calories will cause your metabolism to drop which will cause you to store more body fat. It will also make your body eat away at your muscle because it needs to break it down to use the protein in the muscle for a more important uses.

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Along with this you will also be making yourself deficient in nutrients as your not feeding your body the correct amount. Starving yourself may result in a flat stomach, but not the kind of flat stomach you’re after. It will make you weak, emaciated, ill looking and this is not what you’re after.

cutting the calories

5) Correcting your posture

Having bad posture puts a strain on your system that affects many different organs and glands. This can lead to illness and disease which ultimately will lead to fat gain.

Also posture being in bad posture will result in your mood changing as your in constant stress, this can be a time where you’re most likely to cheat on your diet. Just standing up straight instantly makes it look like you have a flat stomach, so for instant results just stand up straight!

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6) Go to bed early at 10:00pm

Going to bed at the correct time will obviously make you feel so much better in the morning and for the rest of the day. With regards to fat loss, not going to bed on time will result in your hormone levels being all over the place which will reduce your muscle and store fat.

From about 10 pm – 2.00am your body is going through physical repair and from around 2.00am onwards the immune repair energies are more focused on psychogenic (mental) repair which lasts until waking.

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This can be, and often is the one and only thing that is holding people back from achieving their health and fitness goals. You can have a fantastic diet and exercise really well but not be able to shed that fat you so badly want to get rid of. Just bringing your bedtime back 2 hours can send you in the right direction again.

early bedtime weight loss benefits

7) Eliminate the stress for good

This is sort of related to the point above. Stress comes in many forms (physical, chemical, electromagnetic, psychic or mental, nutritional, thermal) and each stress can be good or bed. However today we are bombarded with way more stress than the body can cope with.

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This leads to our stress hormones being elevated for long periods of time along with many other hormones imbalances which leads to lots of problems, one being (and the one you want to know about!) fat gain and muscle loss.

Stress is one of the other biggest reasons why people are having trouble achieving that flat stomach and six pack abs.

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8) Get way more active

Simply try to stop being so lazy! Where you could have walked or cycled rather than taking the car do it. Take the stairs rather than standing and waiting for the lift. If you have an office job, take regular breaks to walk around and get some fresh air.

This will not only de stress your system but increase your energy output for the day. Think of ways that you could make your day a more active day.

fitbit helps you get active

9) Avoid carbs like the plague

Avoiding wheat is one of the most important things to do when looking at carbohydrates. It has the same influence on blood sugar levels as plain table sugar.

The Gliadin family such as oats, wheat and spelt are the most common allergen. Besides raising insulin levels in the body and their rapid carbohydrate uptake, grains also release cortisol which is a stress hormone. This raised cortisol will lead to fat gain among other things.

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10) Only eat carbs with fat and protein

Consuming carbohydrates with fat and protein will slow down the release of the carbohydrates into the system. This will lead to a steadier supply of energy and reduce the chances of a carbohydrate energy crash later on. As this will reduce the amount of insulin reduced it will specifically reduce the amount of fat around your love handles further sending you towards your flat stomach and six pack abs goals.

There you have it, follow these 10 steps to success and you should have no problem losing weight and keeping it off for good. Best of luck and stay motivated!

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