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Cure cellulite with these strategies

Women especially are susceptible and it is thought that about 90% of women have cellulite, which is caused by the accumulation of pockets of fat under the skin which give an ‘orange peel’ or ‘cottage cheese’ appearance and can look quite ugly. The ‘curse’ part of cellulite is obvious and affects mainly the thighs, stomach and buttocks and in some cases, the upper arms.  Many people, especially those who are overweight, become lethargic, suffer from tiredness and therefore take very little exercise and so it becomes a vicious circle and it isn’t easy to break it.

What can be done about curing cellulite skin damage?

Well, first of all it indicates poor circulation and poor eating and drinking habits and yes, lots of things can be done about it and in dealing with it you will become healthier, fitter and consequently a lot happier. Have a look at your eating and drinking habits and your general lifestyle.

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Try to cut down on your intake of caffeine and alcohol.  In fact if you can cut them out altogether, even for a short time, you will notice the benefits.  Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, make sure you have plenty of fibre, which helps lower fat and cholesterol levels in the body; cut down on red meat and fatty foods, salt and sugar; drink lots and lots of water – at least two litres a day; this will flush out the system and help to get rid of the toxins which accumulate in the body; have a glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning and get into the habit of taking regular exercise.

There are many creams, such as This Cellulite Removal Guide, which you can apply yourself to the affected areas of the body and which are very useful in the reduction of cellulite, especially if used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.  Massaging with Revitol stimulates the blood flow, increases the skin’s elasticity and reduces the appearance of cellulite and it will make you feel good too. There are also some oral products on the market but these can be dangerous if taken in conjunction with other medicines and they do not appear to be as effective as the cream since the cream goes directly to the source of the problem.

So, there you are – lots of blessings for just a little sacrifice – and a cellulite free body can be yours!

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