Clinical research reveals startling news about dramatic weight loss

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Korean Doctor shares fascinating information regarding the way this single and all too common kitchen ingredient is literally the secret to losing up to 7 to 10 pounds in one week.

You have tried cutting out carbohydrates… you have followed Atkins, Southbeach and the TLC diet… you have worn off the heels of your running shoes… and yet, you have seen no substantial weight loss or maybe you’ve noticed the weight come back again once you take a rest.

The reasons that you have struggled with your weight like a lot people is because like most people, you have been subjected to fitness and weight loss myths, rather than truth. Taking into consideration the weight loss industry generates more than $70 billion in america alone, its big business and they are not in a rush to get rid of their client base.

Combining ancient Asian wisdom and modern medical research, a former marine Special Forces trainer and Korean physician have produced an easy, accurate and effective weight loss program named Fat Decimator. This system peels back the veil on weight reduction by dispelling the myths and showing you the science behind how the body functions and how to operate in harmony with your body’s natural fat burning abilities to quickly, safely and permanently discard unsightly and unhealthy pounds.

And what is among the main keys that lies in the center of Fat Decimator and in the core of your weight loss trouble — salt!

Ultimately, independent clinical study clearly illustrates how cutting salt from the diet is in fact counterproductive to weight loss and may even cause long term health dangers.

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Doctor Sam Pak, an expert on internal medicine and human biochemistry in addition to being among those co-founders of Kyle Cooper’s Fat Decimator system clarifies the real connection between salt and weight reduction.

“Your body uses salt for many different reasons. By robbing your body of salt, you do not just reduce the number of nutrients your lower GI is consuming, you are also preventing the body from breaking down certain acids which are harmful to the rest of the body.”

Doctor Pak continues, “When you do not break down these acids, your body starts to make and store more fat as a shield against these harmful acids. Your entire body enters a state called metabolic acidosis. With time, the food starts to rot. This is just what happens in the human body as a consequence of too little salt. No matter how hard you work, you will simply generate more fat deposits and erode muscle tissue.”

Eating the perfect amount of salt is only one critical component in your weight loss journey. In their program, Fat Decimator, Doctor Pak and Kyle Cooper clarify exactly how this works and how particular fruits and veggies thought to be healthy also contain dangerous amino acids which are damaging your body. The program also discusses the need for carbohydrates, how to exercise correctly and an assortment of other methods which have delivered remarkable results to over 50,000 regular individuals exactly like you.

In his presentation, Kyle talks about how he met Doctor Pak and the way they worked to produce the system. In addition, he explains how that very system literally saved the lives of a female in her early 40’s who was confronting her own demise from cardiovascular disease. My chance meeting with her and watching her turn her life completely around in a matter of a month showed me sharing this information was exactly what the great lord actually wanted me to do.”

Everything in The Fat Decimator System is backed by hard science. Even Sharon Monroe’s miraculous shift was analyzed by experts at John’s Hopkins who affirmed that her health had really improved and that she had actually turned back the clock.

The Fat Decimator System gives you the ability to enhance your body’s own metabolic processes, improve your digestion, improve your ability to resist disease all while providing astonishing weight loss benefits. While nobody can guarantee another’s results, testimonials from thousands have clearly demonstrated that losing 7 pounds each week is a moderate target if the system is followed to the letter.

David W. of Clarksville, Maryland attempted the Fat Decimator system as a last resort. He reported that after losing 5 pounds his first week, he went on to get rid of a total of 47 and hasn’t felt better in his life.

Susan G. of Houston, TX dropped a total of 34 pounds in one month. She was thrilled to say that none of her clothes would fit and that she was once unable to fit in the size 8’s she had been saving for decades.
Fat Decimator is a easy step by step procedure that does not need starving yourself, grueling workouts, crazy pills or supplements or expensive exercise gadgets that don’t work. It is a natural, scientifically proven program that provides amazing results to people who follow it.

He will show you how Fat Decimator came about, How it works and gives you tips you can put into practice straight away.

Unlike so many weight loss programs, Fat Decimator does not cost an arm and a leg. Click here and learn the facts about Your body, about weight loss and about ways to radically and permanently Shed those nasty pounds and rejuvenate your body for a longer, healthier and happier life.

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