Clean Eating Slow Cooked Tender Chicken With Artichokes

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Slow Cooker Recipes – Tender Chicken With Artichokes

Slow Cooker Tender Chicken and Artichokes is a delicious Mediterranean meal that couldn’t be easier to make with just a few simple ingredients and a few hours cooking time. They do not get much tastier either. The secret ingredient to the crowd-pleasing meal would be to utilize Annie’s Lite Goddess Dressing–it is just as luscious and creamy as the first, but has only half the calories and fat. I really like the creamy tahini-lemon taste the dressing table adds to this very simple recipe. If, perchance, you can not locate Annie’s Lite Goddess Dressing, you may try a different brand or substitute some other mild creamy Italian or Caesar dressing you could locate. The taste might vary a little, however you’ll still end up having a tender and yummy meal which comes together in moments.

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I am a huge fan of slow cooked foods. My afternoons and evenings have a tendency to get quite busy, so I’m always grateful when I took the time from the morning to throw something into the cooker. Throw this yummy and crowd-pleasing meal in your own meal plan; you will be amazed by exactly how fast you’re able to throw it collectively, and thrilled by how wonderful it tastes. Then toss together a simple green salad and you’ll be ready to go! Paleo recipes at your fingertips: 1000 Paleo Recipes Review 

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