Clean Eating Slow Cooked Tender Chicken With Artichokes

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Slow Cooker Recipes – Tender Chicken With Artichokes

Slow Cooker Tender Chicken and Artichokes is a delicious Mediterranean meal that couldn’t be easier to make with just a few simple ingredients and a few hours cooking time. They do not get much tastier either. The secret ingredient to the crowd-pleasing meal would be to utilize Annie’s Lite Goddess Dressing–it is just as luscious and creamy as the first, but has only half the calories and fat. I really like the creamy tahini-lemon taste the dressing table adds to this very simple recipe. If, perchance, you can not locate Annie’s Lite Goddess Dressing, you may try a different brand or substitute some other mild creamy Italian or Caesar dressing you could locate. The taste might vary a little, however you’ll still end up having a tender and yummy meal which comes together in moments.

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A delicious saucer. Not only: it’s a simple recipe, quick to prepare and chic. Chicken in cocotte with artichokes and bacon, enclosed in a crisp puff pastry casket. I made this recipe because, you asked me a chicken for Christmas, which was nice to see, easy to make and in terms of purses, then low-cost. I then decided to reconsider a recipe that my grandmother made a contemporary use as a cover advanced bread dough. Puff pastry is more well flavored, fresh and nice to look at. And the little cake always makes her figure! Try it, you will not regret it!

Ingredients for 4 people:

250 g puff pastry
800 grams of chicken breast cut fairly thick
6 artichokes
2 spring onions
120 grams of bacon rolled
vegetable stock as needed
150 ml cream
1 glass of dry white wine
a teaspoon of corn flour or corn starch
extra virgin olive oil as needed
30 grams of butter
chopped parsley as needed
salt and pepper
one egg yolk, brush the puff pastry
a tablespoon of whole milk

Oven 200 degrees. Cut the chicken breast into pieces about 2 cm long. Thin cut the onion. Clean the artichokes from the outer leaves and stems, delete the most difficult parts, cut in half and remove the internal barbette, then soak them in water with lemon juice for 15 minutes sour. Meanwhile, Sauté the onion in a pan with a dash of olive oil and, When it will become transparent, Add the artichokes, cut into thin slices. Season with salt, pepper and cook for 10 minutes, adding a little stock only if necessary. The artichokes must remain crisp: When cooked, add the chopped parsley and set aside.

Coarsely chop bacon and fry for two minutes in a hot pan and a high heat, no other fats to make it crispy. Set aside.

Add the butter to the pan and a little oil, Then add the diced chicken, season with salt, pepper and brown over high heat until golden brown, then deglaze with white wine and gradually add vegetable broth, What is necessary to cook the meat. Dissolve the cornstarch in the cream, Cook the chicken for 5 minutes and, When become soft, Combine the cream and cornstarch. Mix well and cook until creamy soft and dense enough. Adjust with salt and pepper if necessary and remove from heat. Combine the chicken, artichokes and bacon.

Roll out the puff pastry to a height of about half an inch (use that you do not need to roll it out ready). Cut size puff pastry slices of the cocotte or the pan that you decided to use. Pour the chicken and vegetable portions in cocotte or in baking dish, then brush lightly with egg yolk on the edge of the container. Cover with puff pastry slices, so that they also adhere to the edges. Brush the surface of the dough with beaten egg yolk with a little milk and, in the center of each slice of dough, make a hole about half a centimeter in diameter with a knife. Bake for 15 minutes, or until the dough is not swollen and golden and serve immediately. Bon appétit!

THE PAIRING: For this recipe, of juicy character a little’ surprise, suggest you pull over a rosé wine. The choice fell on Macchiatonda, a Provençal Igt Toscana, product in Maremma, in Orbetello, from agricultural society “The Ride”. And’ a blend of Sangiovese (80%) and Teroldego (20%), of delicate pink (thanks to maceration on skins only three days), scent of wild berries and pomegranate, with a fresh taste, pleasantly acidic and persistent. Fermentation and take place in stainless steel tanks, which are accompanied by three months in bottle. We recommend serving at about 10 degrees.

I am a huge fan of slow cooked foods. My afternoons and evenings have a tendency to get quite busy, so I’m always grateful when I took the time from the morning to throw something into the cooker. Throw this yummy and crowd-pleasing meal in your own meal plan; you will be amazed by exactly how fast you’re able to throw it collectively, and thrilled by how wonderful it tastes. Then toss together a simple green salad and you’ll be ready to go! Paleo recipes at your fingertips: 1000 Paleo Recipes Review 

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Clean Eating Slow Cooked Tender Chicken With Artichokes
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