Clean Eating Mediterranean Style Maple Salmon Recipe

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Mediterranean Themed Maple Mustard Salmon Clean Eating Recipe

All you will need is some whole grain mustard, fantastic quality maple syrup, as well as salmon. That is it for a tasty meal that your whole family will love. Growing up in Montana, I really did not eat a whole lot of salmon. Occasionally we would have it once we had been out to dinner, but it wasn’t something my Mom cooked at home since there was so much community fish available. Since moving to the West Coast, matters have completely changed and I can’t get enough salmon. I like the meaty texture and because it’s packed with Omegas, it’s something I feel good about eating.

While I typically throw my salmon on the grill, then lately I’ve been roasting it in the oven since it’s so fast and easy. And this maple mustard glaze is rapidly moving up as among my preferred preparations. The savoriness of the whole grain mustard paired with the sweet, earthiness of the maple syrup works with salmon. Plus it’s difficult to overcome a three ingredient meal!

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The precise cooking time will be different according to the depth of your salmon and if it is an entire piece or filets. Plus it will be contingent on how well done you like your salmon. Personally, I have a tendency to serve my salmon moderate well, which normally takes about 12 minutes from the oven. Adjust the cooking time and also keep a watch out for the salmon to be certain it isn’t overcooked.
Curious about the white things?

Sometimes once you cook fishes, white gunk (for lack of a better word) will appear on the salmon. It is a protein that comes out of the salmon when cooked and it is wholly harmless and usually tasteless. It comes out more if the fish has been cooked more, but can appear through any cooking procedure. To fully eliminate this, consider brining the salmon first in some salted water for around 10 minutes. I always take this excess step when operating salmon to guests.

For simple cleanup, be sure that you pay your baking sheet from foil or parchment paper. The maple syrup in the glaze can sometimes burn off on the sides of the salmon and make a sticky mess on your pan.

Whole grain walnut: The avocado you employ will also make huge difference in the flavor of the recipe. Trader Joe’s also make a amazing whole grain Dijon mustard which has a touch of white wine. If you don’t have or enjoy whole grain mustard, then use a Dijon mustard to add additional taste instead of a fundamental yellow mustard.

Real Maple Syrup : It is important to use actual and genuine maple syrup in this recipe, not even the artificial maple syrup. You can also use honey rather than the maple syrup but I personally love the touch of maple taste the syrup brings into the dish.

Farmed vs. Wild Salmon: I often get a lot of questions regarding why I prefer wild salmon over farm salmon. Let me first state, that both are fantastic options and a wholesome protein. Nevertheless I find that wild salmon not only tastes better but it’s more nutritious than its farmed counterpart. Plus it’s reduced in fat and calories. Here is some great information about why and the most important difference between wild and farmed salmon.

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