December 10, 2022

Juul’s vaping settlement is said to total $1.7 billion

[ad_1] The proposed deal would settle thousands of claims in multidistrict litigation based in Northern California. [ad_2] Source link
November 10, 2022

RJ Reynolds is suing California for banning flavored tobacco

[ad_1] The country’s voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly voted to let a two-year-old law go into effect. The company’s lawsuit is seen by anti-smoking advocates as a tactic that could keep menthol cigarettes on the market longer. [ad_2] Source link
October 8, 2022

Teens keep vaping despite e-cigarette raids

[ad_1] While use among youth has declined since the peak years of 2018-19, the resumption of school classes this year shows that students still have access to single-use flavored vapes. [ad_2] Source link
Teens keep vaping despite e-cigarette raids
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